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  1. Jaspa2000


    Send them a DV, file a BBB complaint. Don't pay them a dime.
  2. I got them off with a simple DV. Glad to hear things worked out for you.
  3. Alright so a little update. WhyChat's repo method was successful in getting 1 CRA to delete(EQ) I took it all the way to a CFPB complaint to which they responded and it seems like they had most everything. So now I'm going to let it simmer until the middle of 2014 so its out of SOL then I'll try a new method of attack. Read about that drama here if you like. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=519571&do=findComment&comment=4923667 The 2 grand personal loan, the OC failed to respond to my request to investigate their reporting(623 request). I filed a complaint with the CFPB, and I will see what happens there. The phone bill collection was deleted of EQ, however another CA picked it up and it is reporting. I sent them a DV(cmrrr), they never responded but they started reporting on my CR. I'm going to 1-2 punch them after the holidays, and they will violate. Then I'll work up an ITS. The old school debt came off with a DV. The charge off I've done nothing with but PRA has violated a cease and desist at least 15 times, thats all been forwarded to my attorney. I haven't done anything about any of the late pays yet. The broken lease, they validated and my attorney advises me to settle with them. I'm currently living with family with all 4 of us in 1 tiny bedroom and this is preventing me from getting a place to live. Its looking like I will have to pay this. I did get myself a secured US bank CC to start building positive credit with. Its been pretty brutal. My family needs to find a place to live and no one will touch us with my credit. My income has doubled just this year, and quadrupled since I lost my job, picked up a part timer, and all this trouble happened.
  4. I got a response to my CFPB complaint against Santander. "Response advises that SCUSA reports all information accurately to the credit bureaus and that our records indicate on August 19, 2010 his account was being reprted as charged off with a balance due. Explained the vehicle was repossessed and sold at auction. Informed the customer there is remaining deficiency balance after the sale of the vehicle, which he is responsible for. We also explained that since the reporting was accurate to the agencies that SCUSA declined removing his tradeline from TransUnion and Experian. We also advised that SCUSA is merely a furnisher of credit and we have no control over the contents of the credit histories. (See attached)" They attached a letter that basically said the same thing. They included "Notice of our plan to sell property," which was dated and said "via cmrrr" and the original notice of default. Also included were original signed contracts, and a notice that citifinancial accounts were now going to be serviced by Santander. Not sure what to do now.
  5. Pretty much. I've been at this stuff all year. Dealing with these people is wearing on me.
  6. Thank you! I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I was turned down for a BOA secured. Not sure how capital one will look at me since I burned them before. I'm trying to stay away from fee harvester cards. I know store cards are frowned upon here somewhat, but my wife and I spend a lot of money at target so I might consider one of those. My struggle is getting negatives off. Especially since I was late on my student loan payment to sallie mae(I forgot to defer, and then I consolidated) and that one payment gets dispursed over 6 loans. Thats 6 derogs because I was late once. Dealing with the CRA's is a giant headache, and the CFPB is turning out to be worthless, but we'll see. I'd like to buy a house ASAP. The wife and I moved in with her parents to take care of this stuff, but its getting REALLY old having us and our 2 kids in one room. lol.
  7. TU responded to my complaint. Here is what they said. "Under the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we will not reinvestigate the item(s) unless you can provide new information such as court papers or a recent, authentic letter from the creditor(s) that explains what information should be updated. You may add a Consumer Statement of 100 words or less to your credit report or contact the creditor directly. Contact information for each creditor is provided on your credit report for review. If you provide a Consumer Statement that contains medical information, then you are giving consent to TransUnion to include this information in every credit report we issue about you. If you have any further questions, please call us at 1-800-916-8800, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM ET." "We have reviewed your complaint along with the information you previously provided regarding this issue. On xx/xx/xx and xx/xx/xx, Santander was notified of your disputes. In response to the investigations, the data furnisher verified your name and social security number, as well as the account information as being accurately reported. Results were forwarded to you on xx/xx/xx for review." Still waiting on the Santander and Experian complaint.
  8. Seems like you might be able to discharge or get them reduced if you go BK. Might be worth it to find an attorney to talk to. http://getoutofdebt.org/53143/a-look-at-sallie-mae-student-loans-discharged-in-bankruptcy-in-2012
  9. For a secured card;P Its not much, but its a start. I've cleaned up my reports some, though I still have some baddies reporting. I'll keep working on the baddies . Current positive TL's are two sallie mae student loans, and that card(300 limit). I also have a car loan through capital one I'm paying on, but it has 3 late pays on it =( FYI they pulled EQ. My fico on that is 555.
  10. I did my complaint with the CFPB on Santander, Experian, and TU. I got a response from Experian saying they would investigate and respond in 30 days(ugh) Nothing from TU or Santander. Should I send additional disputes to TU and Experian?
  11. Alright, will do. Thanks Why Chat. Scanning copies of letters and return receipts right now, also copies of the letters from the CRA so hopefully I have enough info to get these off.
  12. They ended up verifying, so I'm moving onto the next step.

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