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  1. From BOA's Amtrak credit card application - "The value of this reward may constitute taxable income to you. You may be issued an Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 (or other appropriate form) that reflects the value of such reward." 20,000 bonus points for $1,000 spend
  2. Update: She called the insurance carrier and the amounts of the 2 medical collections are accurate. They will mail the EOMBs. She qualified for a hospital program and they paid what the insurance didn't cover. It just took time for the different departments to get updated/paid or whatever. She received confirmation in the mail yesterday that all the bills are paid. As previously mentioned, Transunion and Experian deleted the collections with the first medical dispute letter and sent deletion confirmation along with new credit reports. Equifax never responded and the collections are still listed. They received the medical dispute in November.
  3. Should I have her leave in the language about "per your instructions in your response" even though Eq never responded? I will have her send the follow-up to Eq and the medical dv to the agencies. She does not have her EOMBs from the insurance carriers. I will ask her to contact the carrier for them.
  4. Helping a friend with 2 small medical collections with 2 different companies. Both are under $150. The alleged debts are from 2015. Steps taken: No address deletion since she's lived at the same address for more than a decade. Sent initial medical dispute letters 43 days ago via USPS Priority Mail to Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. Transunion and Experian deleted the accounts and sent written confirmation. Equifax has not sent anything. Both collections are still listed. According to tracking, they received the dispute letters more than 30 days ago. One of the collection agencies has been calling her. She has not answered their calls. No written communication from the agencies. Should I advise her to wait longer, resend Equifax the letter, or file a complaint? Thanks.
  5. Got DH to hit the button.... $500 increase. He mad. LOL. Is there a Master Citibank increase thread?
  6. I filed a complaint with the OCC this morning. Initiating a credit card dispute seemed like a stupid idea. PNC tried blaming me for entering the incorrect routing and/or checking account number. I explained there was no account number to be entered. It was the opening account deposit. I didn't get an account number until the final receipt/account opening confirmation page.
  7. I opened a checking account with PNC Bank using a credit card to fund the account. Transaction posted to the credit card account several days ago. Now PNC has no record of the deposit. After much back and forth, their brilliant solution is to file a credit card dispute. Such incompetence.
  8. Call Chase application status line. If it's a 7-10 day message there, most likely a denial. DH got 7-10 day upon applying. 30-day email. 2 weeks status line. Approved 4 days later.
  9. Jefferson Capital might have been the easiest for me. It took one BBB complaint and they deleted all three accounts. Never heard from them again. (Helped a friend) Midland Funding was a bit more stubborn. DV, BBB and CFPB complaints, nothing. A nastier DV, nothing. A nutty DV with an ITS- bingo! Gone within a week or two. They also sent a closure/deletion confirmation letter.
  10. CRA: EX FICO: 803 Util: <1% Over 5/24: No, exactly 5/24 Chase Banking Relationship: Yes Chase Private Client: No App immediate outcome: Instant Approval Notes: Account added to profile within a few minutes
  11. No they aren't hard pulls, only soft pulls. I was thinking about seeing if the CFPB could get them to stop. The amount of pulls are excessive and unnecessary.
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