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  1. I got back in Amex. this year. and it says member since 2007. I filed BKin 2012 but the BK was not fulfilled. Anyway. 2 years ago I paid Amex the 2000 I owed them from the 2 Delta Sky miles , personal and business. Personal Blue Skymiles is at 25%. and the gold business is at 20%. I will use very rarely. High fees.... I applied for the Blue everyday card and I was denied my Experian is at 642. And BK still shows on Experian. still shows BK dismissed. I will wait the 61 days to ask for lower fees etc. And hopefully that BK will leave all of my other reports are fairly clean. Discover 1000, Navy 25,000 Cap 1 1500. TU 673, EX 642, EQ 654
  2. I had judgements removed from TU and EX but EQ just updated as satisfied(:. Whychat letter worked but not on EQ. I hope someone has a suggestion. So close to a clean report!
  3. EX is driving me nuts BK Verified. Opted out of LN and sent letter from court.Frustrated. any suggestions?
  4. Thank you for making it easy for me to understand..... The 2300 is included in the 4000. and yes I am shaving alot of that down:) Also in your opinion which score that we pull from all these websites is the closest to an actual number? Is it my fico.? Experian. etc? I am tired of wasting money on space dreams. When I pull myfico I am at 658 641 653. I am working to get them higher. So I can have options?!!!!
  5. My current mortgage is 2300. at 9%.
  6. Thank You so much. My income for 2014 was 76,000 2015 Haven't decided yet:) My monthly debt is $4000
  7. How do I move forward... I have been in my home since 2007. Divorced etc loan modification life! Today my mortgage payment is 2400. I owe 240,000 it is valued at $295,000 My interest is 9.5 I want to lower it bad. I am self employed. My gross sales for 2013 were 340000 2014 420000 How much income should I show on my 2015 return to qualify? I am debating how much I should write off, but then I may not qualify... I filed an extension. My scores are 640. 680 692 per my fixo. I am working to get them higher. In advance I Thank you for responding.
  8. Thank you for CB. If you follow the steps and be patient it works. I got my BK removed from TU and EQ. but EX has just updated is as verified. IDK where I got this letter from. Ihad a BK from 2011 and 2012 both dismissed; I did follow all of WHYCHAT's steps........ Re: Dispute Request To Whom It May Concern : I am disturbed that you continue to list the dismissed bankruptcy as confirmed within my credit file. Although it is your policy to keep reporting bankruptcies that are filed, dismissed or adjudicated for ten years, the Fair credit Reporting Act mentions nothing in Section 1681c relating to bankruptcy about dismissals or filings. The law clearly states from "date of adjudication" or date of "order of relief". Any case, civil or otherwise, which is dismissed no longer exists in the eye of the law and a case filed may never have actually been adjudicated. Therefore, you have no right to maintain information which the government has deemed nonexistent. Therefore, pursuant to Section 1681(a)(5) of the FCRA, you must delete this information from my credit report and send me an updated copy when this action is completed. Considering that this does not require an investigation, In advance I would appreciate your response within 14 calendar days from receipt of this letter. Sincerely, Any suggestions on how I can get this removed from EX?!!!!! they are driving me nuts. S BKPT CT TX HOUSTO 08/2012 $0 Dismissed BankruptcyChapter13 US BKPT CT TX HOUSTO 03/2011 $0 Dismissed BankruptcyChapter13 HARRIS CO CLERK-HOUS 01/2010 $6,477 Released on 09/03/2014 TaxLienFederal
  9. detox

    Mini CLI Spree

    Ok I am back at it again. BK dismissed 2012. Secured Capital one card $300. 7/13 1/13 increased to $700. Wells Fargo Secured $300. January 1/14. Scores are still low but , Capital one sent pre appoved card no deposit $300.00 October 2014. I was approved Applied for the Angel card today using shopping cart trick. Got $250.00. I am waiting on a card from Navy Federal for secured card any day now. I am following all of the advise on this board! It works.. I was scared to try when my BK was first dismissed but I am glad I am back on the horse..... Stay patient. Thank you so much! EXP 551 Equifax 548 TU 567.

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