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  1. So far my situation is a lot more difficult and delicate than I had anticipated. Appreciate the help and input so far, everyone.
  2. I understand about what it means to be judgment proof. I guess what I mean is that no one can collect anything from me now and the short term future, so I'm temporarily judgment proof although I do not plan to be poor forever. I was homeless until recently and have no other assets. So how does paying the little ones prevent trade lines? They are showing as delinquent accounts on my CR.
  3. Ok well, now I am thinking about how not to get sued yet pay for delete. I'm currently judgement proof for at least the next 2-3 years. I am in California. SOL is 4 years over here. Super summary of my situation: 1. $2000 Fedloan (student loan, OPEN) 2. $7000 eviction (held by OC or law firm representing OC, OPEN) 3. $4000 CA for CC (Portfolio, OPEN) 4. $4000 CA for CC (Portfolio, OPEN) 5. $200 CA for cable service (OPEN) 6. $200 CA for Utility bill (OPEN) 7. $15,000 closed CO for CC ( been over 2 years since account was closed) 8. $5000 closed CO for CC (been over 2 years since account was closed) 9. Family receiving calls/letters to their address from CA. Some of the addresses are listed on my CR but shouldn't be. 10. DOFD is approximately 2 years on all accounts. I haven't corresponded at all with anyone in about 2-2.25 years for any of the delinquent accounts. 11. Able to dedicate or save approximately $1000 a month for these debts. 12. SOL is 4 years in California. Haven't been sued by anyone yet. GOALS: 1. Want to pay off every account by one or a combination of disputing/settling/PFD. 2. Want to remove as many trade lines as possible from CR. 3. Don't want to be sued if I can avoid it 4. Want the CA's to stop calling and/or sending letters to family at addresses where I don't live 5. Need to settle accounts and avoid BK for job/career/credit over the next few years
  4. Gotcha. At the moment I am judgement proof in court. I was initially thinking about BK, but I want to avoid BK because I will have serious problems job wise if I have that on my record. How do I get these CA's to send information to a provided address via USPS only? I have not spoken to any CA or OC in over 2 years. I haven't updated my address with anyone since that time. I still get some calls on my cell, and some members of my family have received calls and letters from the CA's as well. I don't know how CA's got addresses of my family members to send letters. I don't want to put a target on my back, but I also don't want family members getting calls and letters.
  5. Welp, sorry that I am back here in need of help again. I posted here a number of years back when I was in a rut credit wise. I thought that I fixed things and updated as such on this site, but I screwed myself big time since then. I am trying to settle every account so either have them deleted (through dispute or PFD) or shown as paid or settled. I'm going to try to be as succinct as possible with my dual summary. Summary of my problems: 1. I have 6 negative open balance accounts out of 8. I have a 7th negative account not mentioned anywhere on the report. 2. 5 out of the 6 negative accounts are with CA. The 6th one shows as in collections, but it is a law firm that I believe was representing the OC. 3. Total owed from open balances (there are 2 closed, CO as well) is approximately $15,000. It's been 2 years since any payment on these accounts. 4. About $2000 is from Federal student loans, $7000 is from an eviction (I don't know if this is with the OC or the law offices that represented the OC), $6,000 from credit card, and a few miscellaneous about $100 each. 5. In addition, there are 2 closed, charged off accounts. One for $15,000, and the other for $5000. It has been approximately 2 years since these accounts have been closed and CO by the OC. Plan of Action Step 1: Purchase credit reports from the 3 bureaus Step 2: Dispute each negative account and hope that the negative accounts don't respond properly so that the account is removed from the credit reports? I didn't do this last time, so I'm guessing this is the reason for this step? Please inform me. Step 3: I want to settle every account preferably through dispute and then delete, or through PFD. Questions 1. Is 1-2 Punch still an effective strategy? Because I believe this is what I'm doing in my plan of action. 2. If an item is removed or deleted that is being reported by a CA, what happens to the previous monthly reports by the OC? 3. If an item is removed or deleted because of a dispute, is that account cleared from my CR going forward or can it pop up again? 4. Which accounts should I start paying first? Do PFD letters work when I can't pay the balance or agreed upon settlement in a lump sum? I'll need to be on a monthly plan for some of the larger debts. I'll be checking the forums and reading up. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hello all. My oh my, I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since I made my post. Back then, I had a gf, no credit card to my name, and a lot of despair as I saw no hope. I've decided to update you all on my credit situation. I have no gf, my life is still an F-up, but my credit situation had improved. 2 years ago my Fako from credit karma was at 555. I posted here, updated my credit reports, went to a credit union the next day, and was rejected for a secured credit card with said company. I called for a recon and was rejected again. Felt like a moron. I then sought to apply for secured cards online, I think Capital One was a popular choice at the time. Seeing as how one of my major baddies was with them; I was praying that I wasn't blacklisted with them. I agonized about the secured card as I really didn't want to have to pay a fee and have what would essentially be a useless card. I opted to apply instead for their Newcomers credit card with 1% rewards, which was on their lower end. Didn't think that I'd really have a shot at it, and agonized over applying with the online csr for about an hour. I submitted the application and got one of those, we need more time to process your application messages. So I figured, no dice for that one. I called 2 days later for the purpose of a recon and when connected with a csr, he checked to see if my application was updated, and BOOM, it had been approved. I was nearly moved to tears that first I was approved, and second that Capital One gave me another shot. I received my card and vowed that I would always pay on time no matter what. I've had this card nearly 2 years, and never one missed a payment (and I've had done miserable times when I could barely just scrape together the minimum payment), and for the first year and half paid my balance in full. Today, my credit score is at 680. My high was 710 a couple months ago. I'm not sure why it's gone down so much. 2 minor baddies have turned into positives. 2 major baddies, which now show pif will be off my report at the end of the year. Goodwill letter was useless at getting those removed. The remaining major baddie; I'm leaving alone as it doesn't seem to be reporting to the bureaus (knock on wood), and it is a very small amount. My Capital One credit card has been upgraded to the Quicksilver card. I've also been recently approved for a Chase Freedom Visa signature, Discover It, Citi Double Cash, and Sally Mae world MasterCard. I'm so thankful this board was around and got me motivated 2 years ago to fix at least one mess in my screwed up life. I am updating this to provide an ending of sorts to my post, to thank those that read and provided feedback, and to give hope to others in a similar predicament of great despair that things can get better with some time, patience, and the resolve to manage your debt.
  7. Hmm, interesting. I'm going to have to read into the MOV approach. Disputing kills any GW attempt correct cause I don't see how an OC would have GW towards an account that was recently disputed, lol? And I'm assuming a GW letter first followed by a dispute be detrimental to me as it is admission of valid debt? I'll definitely have everything in writing. Thanks
  8. Sears comes up as "Paid, Closed. $xxx written off" My hope for Crap 1 is a GW in the future with maybe one of their cc's on my account to help the cause. Doubtful no matter the case with Crap 1. I'll be sure to request the receipt. The firm working on the case seems to be very civil and business like as they are a law office. I'm sure that it shouldn't be an issue. My recon call with the CU earlier mentioned how the TR is being updated as CO until I pay the account off and that is hurting me a lot. It's basically been showing as CO for the last 3 years. Fail Collections and Outsourcing is one CA. It is well within SOL. 2 years left on SOL. 5 years left on CR. I have not received any letters from them. I don't think any calls either unless they left a message. They may have called; I really couldn't say. They don't seem to care about me as far as I can tell. According to some posts that I've read online, they don't even seem to care if they get paid. I have not DV'd them yet. I was trying to work with OC at first, but OC sent it off and can't do anything about it now according to them. I haven't found one successful PFD experience online regarding them even for large amounts. They don't seem to settle either for large amounts. The phrase 'they don't seem to care if they get paid' pops up around these times. Only minor success has come from disputes, I guess. Any successes have been real outliers.
  9. Hi Phoenix. The first CO for the Sears/Citi store card was paid without DV letter or anything. My fault on that; I didn't know what I was doing at the time. Outside of one of either: dispute/nutcase, goodwill. The second charge off was for Capital One cc for around 3k. I was more prepared for that one. It's a law firm that is a CA that worked on behalf of Cap 1 from what I can gather. They answered DV, declined PFD, offered to settle for 2/3 of the amount. Out of the options that I knew especially cause SOL, I agreed in writing to pay in full cause I wanted notation to say PIF vs. settlement. Add the collection with Fair Collections and Outsourcing and, well, all three of the really terribles on my report are hardasses that will compel me to drive old car and live with roommate cause no one would want me with my credit history. I'm just waiting for the SDFCU rejection tomorrow and the Cap 1 cc rejection in 7-10 business days.
  10. So San Diego County Credit Union got a hard pull using EX. I had a credit score of 660. The rep that I was working with could clearly see that I was doing the right steps. Said what the hell and applied for their regular credit card instead of Secured since they already hard pulled. Declined. Applied for their secured cc with 120% deposit. Had $600 cash in hand for a $500 secured card. Underwriter's reviewed and declined primarily due to a 2008 cc CO that I'm 2/3 of the way paying through. Called for recon and declined. F SDCCU & FML. At this rate, I fully expect nothing to work. Sears, which I need off my record seems notorious lately for being immune to GW letters, and the *Admin removes vulgarity* open CA well within SOL has for what I can see NEVER accepted a PFD. If anyone has the inside on Fair Collections and Outsourcing, please let me know before I waste my money and time firing off useless letters to them and the CRAs CMRRR. Looks like I'll just have to get used to being a spectator for the next 2-5 years while my peers and friends and family go about living a fun and productive life. Wonderful.
  11. DCU will have 2 hard inquiries on your CR. I was really interested but kind of gave up on them for that reason and whether I would be approved for membership in the first place due to my EQ being on the lower half of 580.
  12. Thanks. Argh, I miscounted on the open accounts. I have 2 open credit card accounts (Discover and Visa) with high limits but I am an authorized user for both.
  13. All right, Thanks a lot Chugs102! The CU's around me have a $20 annual fee although usually graduated to unsecured after timely payments. I do think that it would be good to join a CU for the reasons that you stated. Was interested in DCU but extremely wary of their 2 hard inquiries for membership/credit card as well as high denial rates. I read a post from someone who had 4 hard inquiries from there. Amazing how much time can go by learning information about credit and credit repair and taking action.
  14. Thanks guys and Chugs102, I'm going to send goodwill letters for the baddies. One of the charge-offs, was not paid to the OC but to the CA. Is it correct to send goodwill letter to the OC still? And for this headache of an open collection, I've confirmed that the OC does not seem to have control over the account anymore since they sent it to collections. The CA probably had the account for close to a year now, and I don't recall receiving any letter or phone call from them. They may have tried for all I know. Should I send a DV letter prior to the PFD? Am i still eligible to receive the benefits from DV? And if so, is this a case for a 1-2 punch letter? I'm almost certain the CA would have any document necessary to prove the debt.. Finally regarding the CU's as I don't have an individual credit card to my name any longer. There is a CU around me (in San Diego) that is highly regarded and a smaller CU that also serves those from my campus (UCSD). I'm a BOFA member, and would like to remain one as my principal bank. Is the main purpose of finding CU's to join in my situation for the no annual payment secured credit cards and hoping that it would lead to unsecured credit cards? Should my criteria for finding CU's to join making sure they offer free secured credit cards and no service fees? I'm trying to determine whether joining one of the bigger, well known CUs will be any more beneficial vs. me staying with the local CUs. Thanks again
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