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  1. Here is my credit at a glance. Credit Karma FAKO 736 Experian score: 702 Transunion: 704 Equifax: (Im putting a freeze on it since they cant seem to get my report accurate) Credit inquires: 8 Number of accounts: 11 (Macys doesnt report my card to Experian for some reason but I wish they did) Macy's: 3.4 yrs. $2,000 Walmart: 2.4 yrs $3,300 Capital One platinum: 2.1 yrs. $750 Target: 2 yrs $200 Sears: 1.6 yrs $2,600 Ashley's Furniture: 1.6 yrs $5,000 Best Buy: 1.6 yrs $3,300 Banana Republic: 1.6 yrs $1,100 Chase Freedom: 1.5 yrs $800 Capital One Visa" 1.4 yrs. $750 Utilization as of now: 0% Everything paid off. I had a US Bank account, but I closed it and my reserve line balance turned into a loan. The high balance during October was $2,600, but Its paid down to just $104. However, this month, my statement had my balance at $1,800, so my score might go up after the first of may when it shows that I paid $1700. I have a serious delenquency with Capital One from 2009 (about 120 days), but I paid it off as agreed and closed the account in early 2010. Then I got A First Premiere Bank Card and used it for a year, then I closed it when I got another Capital One Card. Im concerned about the delenquency because it still follows me. The last time that I had a late payment was 2.7 years ago. It was a random thing with capital one while I was paying the delequent account. Ive always paid all my bills on time and I made thousands of dollars in purchases with these cards and made some pretty big payments, especially recently. Credit Karma says that Ive made over 220 on-time payments since 2010 when they started to keep track. So, what are my chances?

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