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  1. Thought I'd update this thread. I decided to go right to the BBB as mentioned above. On 2/11/14 I entered a case regarding their reporting.The last status update is 'inform business of case' on 2/12/14. I pull MPM daily and just noticed the account was removed from TU some point after I pulled it last night at this time. It looks like my wording also had an unintended side effect; I also had an older Peoples Gas account with a 30- and 60-day late on TU from 2009. That account was also removed, and I'm pretty happy about that! I suppose there's always a chance that the accounts were just pu
  2. Thanks everyone, yea I have terrible service stories from them as well when I lived in the city. So glad I moved out to the burbs and have electric heat (although ComEd can be a beast too I've heard). I do think I'm gonna go straight to the BBB as funkiehouse suggested, it worked well for my issues with Portfolio. I'll update this thread with the outcome.
  3. I have a utility account from Peoples Gas showing on my TU, but incorrectly showing three things: a balance of $21, a single late payment in Feb '12, and a largest delinquency of 60 days (even though it is not in the payments at all). The account was paid directly to them after I found a CA reporting it in April '13, and they sent me a letter showing cutoff date for service was in October '11 and there was no further balance due on the account. I contacted them directly via phone today stating I have been recently denied credit due to incorrect reporting on their part. They state all I can
  4. codefreak13


    I've had MPM since 4/2013, and there was only one day where I didn't get a full report - it was EX missing last week. That was the only day I can recall where I checked backdoor BEFORE checking MPM 24 hrs + 1 min out. Probably still had it up in my browser too. Not conclusive or anything, but a data point to consider.
  5. PNC generally uses EWS now and it is ran after the account is opened. Thanks mca!
  6. Thanks, I have 1 NSF from Chase from 6/2010 that was verified through Chex when disputing using mca's methods. No EWS or Telecheck. See lots of info about PNC from a year or two ago being ok with a Chex mark, but nothing recent. I suppose I can give them a call to see if I can get any info out of them Thanks!
  7. Thanks Ron. How long ago was it? Did you have any negatives on your Chex report, and if so how old were they?
  8. Hello all, has anyone recently signed up for checking with PNC (say last 6 mos to a year or so)? Just curious if they pulled Chex, EWS, and/or credit for new checking accounts or if there was any account closings weeks in. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. The OpenSky is secured but the Abri card is unsecured, and actually has a lower APR than I'm seeing with the big boys. I will likely keep it in the stable long term. In your opinion when would be a good time to build other lines if I do somehow get the CO removed? After a full year of statements for these three accounts?
  10. The CO is $0 balance, listed as transferred/sold. Since Capital One took over their accounts unfortunately its not going to go away easily, maybe a BBB or CFPB complaint about reporting technicalities works (which I will still be doing anyways as there's a couple threads for another user with a similar account). Util is not a problem, I was honestly testing to see what score drop high balances would cause for my profile. I don't need new credit for anything at this point other than to build for down the road. One thing I'd add for those reading, I read a lot of advice about repair on this
  11. Looking for some opinions on where to go next in my credit repair journey. Currently have the following credit: Abri Credit Union CC $250 (opened 8/2013) Open Sky Secured CC $200 (opened 6/2013) GM Financial Auto Loan $21,000 (opened 8/2013) HSBC CO DOFD 4/2010 (opened 4/2009) 3 inquiries in last year; most recent on 9/5/2013 AAOA 18 mos Current EQ FICO is 624 with 78% utli; will be down to 1-2% by 2/1/2014 and should put me back to 635 - 645ish. Long term goal of a mortgage, but putting it off until 2017 after the CO falls off and have more history. I will have $1500 or so ca
  12. I had trouble getting my free EQ report awhile back, same thing with the questions. Didn't really need it at that point so I gave up. I went on just the other day to check backdoor and realized what it was - I have an auto loan through a car company, but it was worded differently in the verification question (the car company's name instead of the financing company name). Sure enough, that was it. The account is listed as the financing company everywhere on my reports, so I agree with IndyPoolPlayer - the data collection companies they use must have it wrong somewhere. Which is kinda distur
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