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  1. Thanks Shifter. I called Navy today with some questions, as several cards have good intro offers. Rep told me they pull TU mostly, with EQ as backup. She said if I freeze TU, it is auto decline instead of resorting to EQ. So how do I best control them to pull EQ? Also, if we don't wait and remove the BK, we are over 1 yr discharged now. Would we be able to start at the 1,000 cap, and then get a sizable CLI once we get past their 2 year seasoning do you think? I guess I'm wondering if once they've seen a BK if they treat you in that bucket for years to come, or once you are 2 years out, its like you never had it?
  2. Shifter, great progress with NFCU! I'm stuck at $2500 with Disco for me and DW. Its been 2 months since unsecuring but we always get Insufficient Experience at limit. We do have high Utilization. Any advice? Is it just a waiting game? As to NFCU we are 1 yr. post discharge, have not applied for any credit from them, but have had a checking account open with them for 3 years. Should we apply or wait the 2 yrs til they remove the cap?
  3. Great news you are making great progress! I did a little app spree and it didn't bode well. I'm going to sit on the Discover for now and the wayfair and give it more time and focus on report cleaning before trying for other unsecured. I was surprised I couldn't even get the Amazon Store card. I saw your Citi DC success as well, how long should I wait to try for that? Also, I do have open Penfed and NFCU checking/savings that are low balance and dormant. Should I seed them with some savings to show activity and interest before applying in a few months for a credit card do you think?
  4. This is awesome! I've been following. Nice work! I've opened Secured Discover It with max deposit, and got a Wayfair 1k Unsecured since Discharge 2 months ago. Considering NFCU Secured now (2 mos. since Discharge), or removing BK from EQ(via methods in these forums) and going for unsecured. Advice? I guess I'm wondering if I do secured now, and they see the BK. Will they be "blind" to it if I get it removed in a few months and apply for the Unsecured for a nice 20k credit line? Thanks!
  5. I have 2 accounts that the luv button has been giving weird denial reasons on so I called the EO. I had been getting you have not made at least 3 monthly payments in the last year, and use of the existing line has been too low. So for a month I used them both more, and made large charges and paid off in full. Luv button still did not change. It appears it takes more than a statement cycle for the luv button to catch up to your history, so be aware of your card usage if you plan to use that route. I got a 3k increase on my 3rd account a couple months ago with the luv button, and that account did not have much usage either. I suspect these new denial reasons are recently added to the luv button qualification process. My call to the EO was great as always, but I tried saying no to a partial increase on the 2 accounts this time around per some other success I saw in this thread. I put the call in last Thursday, and watched my accounts and checked my TU report yesterday. I saw no soft, and no change to accounts so I called back today. I was told my accounts were reviewed last Friday, and the amount I requested was too high, so it was declined. A letter is on the way. Since I said no, they are not allowed to counter. That's a bit backward don't ya think? Why not counter, then ask if we want it? I did not see a TU inquiry, so either they are not using TU, or they didn't bother since they saw the amount I wanted was out of line with what they would do? Anywho... I resubmitted saying that I would accept a partial. Will post back with the results.
  6. Just checked my 10 day letter online. It actually said my usage on the account has been too low recently. Funny enough, the last time I used the account that I did get the increase on was a month before the account that was denied. LOL. Guess I will use the account and pay it off and try again next month just to test them.
  7. Luv button success. 1750 to 4750. Had used luv button and EO on this account in past year and gotten $500 each time from both. This 3k was a big surprise from the Luv button, didn't know it had that kind of juice. My utilization is very low right now, and scores around 698. I tried on another account right after and got the 10 day letter. They probably wondered why I needed both increased at the same time. Been 7 months since last requests.
  8. I tested out the lending club and you can indeed get a free score with a soft inquiry even on approval. At least I did. It showed up as a promotional inquiry when I "checked my rate", and then as a periodic account review inquiry when I went further into the app, but did not finalize the loan. Both were softs. You have to go all the way to the end just before accepting the loan and DON'T check the box that says I accept the loan terms, lending disclosure, and credit report disclosure. Instead click on the highlighted credit score disclosure hyperlink in this same line where the check box is. A pop up will open up with the TU score. Copy and paste or record it otherwise, and cancel out of that baby!!! (Great find CB'ers!!!) I have a couple questions otherwise: 1. Is the NFCU Score Power a soft ? 2. I want to app for a home equity loan/refi/heloc. Still considering options. I already have one inquiry from my primary mortgage lender who is offering a refi to me. I'm wondering how the 45 day rule works for mortgages only counting as one inquiry. I'm looking at credit unions for the most part. My assumption is it is luck of the draw on how the credit puller codes it, but can you tell me your thoughts on this? I'm probably going to app at 3 or 4 places.
  9. How do you get the lending club score? Is it only on denial? I went to the site, and did an app since it said it was a soft pull, but no score comes up, just an offer for a high rate loan.
  10. Thanks Bob! We are not members of DCU yet. We joined 2 CU's last year and have been on pause. DCU is on our list, especially if they can refi our car loan. We both do get Barclay's Fico and are tracking that. Thanks for the info on Fico 04, we will look into that for sure.
  11. 1 Year After finding CB.....It's Update time! Highlights of the past year within the CB community helping each other where we can... The Good: 1. Total Credit limits up to 34k. That's a 27k (500%) increase in just one year! 2. Have more access to credit, better rewards cards, lots of credit options... etc... 3. Took a vacation with airline miles and rewards offered as sign up bonuses with Barclay cards. 4. Diligently used the Cap1 EO to remove all our annual fees permanently, and reduce rates, and raise CLs. 5. DW and I both got auto approvals from Cap 1 for two of our cards to change to the new Quicksilver with 1.5% rewards and no fee. 6. Merrick Bank came through with the auto credit line doubler after 6 months. 7. Barclay Rewards card came through with an auto card change to a WORLD Mastercard with no pre-set spending limit and raised the credit line from 7500 to 8700. 8. Barclay US Air Card just opened in October for 3,500 did an auto CLI last month to 5,500! 9. Have not heard any more from our lenders regarding our home, so for now, we live rent free until we can afford a new place. 10. Inquiries are dropping off, accounts are aging, slowly but surely. 11. Started a 401k again and put 20% per pay period in to catch up from when we couldn't. The Bad: 1. Just found out two days ago that the EVIL EX Empire is incorrectly reporting a tradeline that was included in our BK in a very, very, adverse way. Dispute started. 2. Our AAOA took a nice hit when we opened several accounts last year. Went from 4 to 5 years to just under 2 years. Expected, but still hurts. 3. We have some older positive accounts falling off our reports this year due to their age. Anybody want to add us as AU on an old goodie? (Sir Bob Wang, you know I'm talkin to you right? 4. Our utilization was high the last 3 months after the holidays and our vacation. Should be back down this month though, for a score bump of 15 points... The ongoing mission: 1. Just pulled all 3 reports again to tidy up what's out there. 2. Get back to only one card reporting under 3% util 3. Garden and prepare for the next mortgage app in the next 12 months or so 4. Get solidly above 700 Fico (fluctuate 660-700 now due to AAOA and Util) 5. Destroy the Evil EX Empire 6. Join the B* Game! 7. Refi car loan to DCU's attractive 1.24% Rate 8. Be a GP for Bob Wang! 9. Help educate my family and friends with all I've learned here at CB!!! 10. Catch up to my DW's higher limits, and begin to fully take advantage of higher limits beget higher limits for both of us. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, and continues to contribute to us and this community. We are truly blessed!
  12. Took a run at a couple more cards, to help us with some upcoming travel expenses. We both picked up US Airways cards and 40,000 miles each, and also one of us got a Barclay Arrival Card with a 40,000 mile sign on bonus. We've already used the US Air to book tickets, and the Arrival to pay for some hotel stays we had recently. Barclay only hit us for one hard inquiry each, so that wasn't too bad. We had to call the recon line, since they wanted to know why we wanted so many new cards this year. I got a favorable response on my recon and got the Arrival approved. They wouldn't approve my wife's arrival, as that would be 3 Barclay accounts in her name alone. Our scores are down 20 points this month, since our AAOA took a nice hit. Definitely have to be strict on gardening going forward. Hit our 6 month mark on several of our Cap1 cards, so we called our Cap1 EO contact, and got CLI's and annual fees waived permanently. The EO, and this forum have been a great resource. We started the year with about 7k in open CL. After following advice in the forums, and aggressively working the program, we are up to 30k in CL and have scores nearing the 700 range. Thanks CB! We have one negative to report, we did receive a notice of intent to foreclose on our home. We've been waiting for this shoe to drop. I found another site called Loansafe.org that has a lot of Foreclosure advice so I've been studying up. The site and forums seem similar to CB, a community helping each other. It appears that we can fight and prolong the process, hopefully staying in our home for 12 more months or longer. Settling the FC the best way is going to be our focus for 2014. Thanks again for all the support!
  13. We just got notified on the BarclayCard. We have US Airways, Arrival, and Barclay Platinum Rewards. All cards offered the free Fico the other day for me and DW. We have individual accounts, so luckily we both get to see the scores. The Barclay Scores are running 20 points lower than the most recent Merrick Bank scores we got. I realize they use a different model, just wanted to pass along that data.
  14. September Update: Mostly gardening last couple of months. Watching our score through the Merrick Visa Go Score. My score has gone to 692 from 681 in July. DW is at 684 from 681 in July. We've had some inquiries age and drop off, we have not done any B*. Our AAOA is probably our most significant negative that we can control right now, since we did open the car loan, and 2 new CC this year. The BK of course is still on there, but many of the other inaccuracies are fixed. The old car loan just paid off, and we got the title in the mail. So that's a hooray moment! We'll stop pursuing getting that TL added back to our reports since it seems a fruitless attempt now. We keep our utilization low, under 10%, usually 1 to 2% by statement printing date. (credit reporting date) Before year end we'll pull reports again to check for issues and any minor cleanup that's needed. Thanks again to the forum members for helping along the way. We achieved great results in short order through your help. Good luck to all!
  15. Things going smoothly so far. Both my wife and I got offers so we both opened cards. No fees. We wanted the montly Fico, which comes out between the 15th and 23rd of each month so far. I got an 1100 CL with an auto 7 month doubler. My DW got a $1500 cl with no doubler offer. So far we've both made one purchase and paid off the same month. Not looking to use the cards. Any ideas of how much activity prompts a good auto CLI?

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