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  1. Not really churning. Just interested in the Reserve and their 100k point bonus so I app'd for that. Didn't want the CSP if I have the Reserve so I switched that to the Freedom Unlimited since there's no AF. Yes, I moved my CL over. Also closed my Chase Amazon, after moving its $5k CL to my new Reserve, because I have the Amazon Prime 5% store card and haven't been using it. I'm going to be busting my butt to hit that $4k spend on the Reserve tho. Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm sure I could buy some Visa gift cards from the stores but don't know what I'd do with them after that.
  2. Just received my CSR in the mail yesterday. I didn't realize Visa Infinite was a thing but I do now. It came with a $10k limit but I took the $5k on my Chase Amazon card and moved it over since I'm using the Amazon Prime store card instead. So now my CSR has $15k. I also asked for my CSP to be switched over to a Freedom Unlimited because I didn't want to pay another annual fee. My question is... am I eligible for the $150 spending bonus if I moved to the Freedom Unlimited instead of opening it brand new.
  3. Haha yeah... the Synch cards I kind of went a little crazy with when I first started rebuilding. I think I did 9 in one day once! They help with utilization tho I suppose. And a few of them are useful (Sam's, Lowe's, PayPal). I had more but I cancelled them already.
  4. Hmm... if it were me, I wouldn't attempt PDF unless I had all the money up front. And PDF should be your very last option. In all the negatives I've disputed over the years (and yes, I had quite a few and helped others with theirs), I think only once I paid something because none of the other methods worked. I've also disputed before the SOL was up. To me, it was worth it to try instead of waiting. And it always worked in my favor. YYMV
  5. Here's what's in my wallet (and sock drawer): AMEX Gold NASA FCU Platinum Cash 28,000 Diner's Club Premier 20,000 Discover it 13,000 Chase Sapphire Reserve 10,000 Chase Sapphire Preferred 10,000 Capital One VentureOne #2 10,000 DCU Visa 10,000 Citi Thank You Preferred 10,000 Lowe's Charge Card 10,000 BofA Cash Rewards 10,000 AMEX Blue Cash Preferred 9,000 Sam's Club Mastercard 8,500 Barclay's Arrival Mastercard 7,500 PayPal Extras MC 7,500 Ebates Visa 7,500 Walmart Mastercard 7,500 Capital One VentureOne 6,000 Chase Southwest 5,400 Chase Freedom 5,000 Chase Marriott Premier 5,000 Chase Amazon.com Rewards 5,000 Susan Koman BofA Mastercard 5,000 Chevron/Texaco Visa 4,500 Amazon Store Card 2,200 Children's Place 1,750 Target REDcard 1,700 AMEX Gold Delta Skymiles 1,000 Old Navy 800 Capital One Platinum 750 Phillips 66 700 Kohl's Charge Card 700 I just got approved for the Sapphire Reserve the other day so I know I'll be getting rid of the Sapphire Preferred (after I transfer the $10k CL to another card) soon. I'm thinking I might get rid of the Chase Amazon as well since I mainly use the Amazon Prime Store Card. I am contemplating apping for a Chase Freedom Unlimited. I don't use the AMEX charge card or Delta card but since they have a 34 year old opening date on them they aren't going anywhere. The $750 Cap1 is just embarrassing and, for whatever reason, they won't budge on a CLI. I don't travel much and, if I do, it's with Southwest. Marriott is my preferred hotel brand. Should I get rid of any? Do you recommend any cards that aren't on here yet?
  6. The 100,000 bonus points that you get for spending $4k during the first 3 months... do they expire after a certain time? Do I need to use them within a year? I honestly don't do much travelling so I don't really know all the ins and outs but we do like to take the kids on vacation each summer. I was thinking Disney if somebody's going to just hand me $1,500!
  7. Oh no!!! How dare they! Well I guess I'm stuck with my 3 for forever then!
  8. Approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserved yesterday with a $10k limit. Pretty happy cause I've been pretty sloppy with my credit lately (not making sure I have balances reporting as zero).
  9. Hi everyone. Haven't been here much but I was thinking about getting a new AMEX card and someone told me they don't backdate new cards anymore to your Member Since date. Is that true?? I knew they quit backdating Authorized Users' Member Since date. I got in right before that fun ended so my Member Since date is 1982 (I was born in 1973). But I didn't know about the backdating of new cards.
  10. Thank you both. I figured she was probably out of luck since it was federal, kinda like with student loans. I passed on the information.
  11. A friend of mine has one negative item left on her reports and it's a federal debt from being overpaid while in the military. She's been out of the Army since 2007. The debt is for $7k (was originally $13k). She hasn't made any payments directly but each year they take half of her and her husband's tax return and put towards it so that shows as a payment. Is there any way to negotiate a settlement and get it removed? Or to dispute and remove? I don't have any experience with anything like this.
  12. My ex MIL is in her early 70s and has 1 Discover card that she's had forever and has been paying on for forever. She's legally still married but they haven't been together since around 2002. She owns her home (making payments) and is thinking about retirement. I didn't ask for exact figures but her Discover card she thinks has over a 20% APR and her monthly minimum is $200. She tries to pay $225 each month and can't afford much more than that. The problem is she won't be able to afford it once she retires. She got a call from someone about a federal program to erase credit card debt. They told her with the $225 a month she could pay off the debt in 3 years. I'm pretty skeptical but they're supposed to be mailing her paperwork on it. We live in Texas. Any advice? Would Discover work with her directly to help?
  13. Got an "invitation" in the mail today to apply for the First National Bank of Omaha for their AMEX card. It included the "prescreened" wording so I logged on to submit my information. Site said thanks for applying and they'd let me know the status in 2-3 weeks. Huh? I thought that wording meant you were preapproved.
  14. Reddit users are pretty tough when you mention CB on there. So much misinformation on credit repair! I try to point them here after explaining some things and usually get downvoted by everyone.
  15. $10k!!! Awesome! My other one is only $6k. I finally made it over $200k in LOC!
  16. From what I've read it's impossible to convert the secured Cap1 card to an unsecured one.
  17. Can you have 2 of the same cards? I have the Cap1 Venture One with a $5k limit and I've received 2 preapproval offers for another Venture One in the mail.
  18. I've tried in the past too! Even directed them here and always get downvoted.
  19. I pulled my reports the other day to find a new collection added on EQ and EX from Southwest Credit in Carrollton, TX. They're trying to collect $70 for Comcast. No clue what it could be so I sent them a DV letter and they wrote back yesterday and included copies of an old Comcast statement from 2/18/2012 showing an unpaid balance of $70.41 for service at an old address of mine. They also included another statement from 1/16/12 showing a balance of $137.50. The February bill doesn't show a payment so I don't follow how we went from $137.50 to $70.41. Anyway, I'm in Texas so I'm guessing the SOL on this is 4 years. So that's right about now... except we're a few days early. Suggestions on how to proceed?
  20. Thanks for the tip Tyra! Got another $500! $13k now
  21. I've had my Discover card since July 2014. Started off with $2k and I think the luv button a few months later got me a measly $500 more. So I've been stuck at $2500 for quite awhile. I used it a lot during Christmas because of the 5% for Amazon and it's currently sitting with zero balance. Got an unexpected email from them just now saying they've raised my limit up to $12,500! Sweet!! The crazy part is I have a random CA that popped up on EQ and EX recently that I'm working on removing.
  22. Bought a new car last month and they told me the financing was thru Kia Finance because they had a special on the interest rate and I was fine with that. My contract shows Kia Motors Finance. Today on my credit report I notice the account was added and it is listed as WFDS/WDS which seems to be Wells Fargo Dealer Services? I despise Wells Fargo because of dealings with them in the past. I'm confused. My first payment isn't due until the 16th of this month and I haven't received anything in the mail yet regarding it.
  23. When I was approved for my Chase Marriott cc it came with a free night at a category 1-4 hotel using Reward Code 34A. It expires on June 14th and I don't think I'll have the opportunity to use it before then. Am I allowed to let someone else use it? Would I have to book the hotel in my name and/or using my card? Also, has it now changed to categories 1-5? I see it listed on Chase's site for the card that you get a free night at a 1-5 hotel every year after my card anniversary.
  24. Still nothing today. Ugh! I thought it was odd that EQ was the first to update to zero. And now nothing on the other two. If I dispute the balance I know I risk losing the TL altogether.

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