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  1. they are utilizing a loophole in the FCRA - they can ask you for more information..... and you have a std form letter in reply did you mention the FDCPA anywhere on this letter? they are a personal finance lender ( one step above payday or title loans ) so if they are reporting and collecting their own debts, they are not subject to the FDPCA. you should reply or they will use that loophole and the letter sent as an excuse. RE: Account # _________________ as listed on my credit reports Dear Security Finance Corporation, I am in receipt of your letter stating that you cannot locate any information on an account that is listed on my credit reports as you have insufficient information. I believe that this letter is a standard form letter your firm sends out on any and all reporting disputes and that your firm utilizes this letter to circumvent the reinvestigation requirements of the FCRA. I provided my full name including my last name, address and the account # as listed on my reports. if you cannot locate my name and the account # in your records, I suggest you delete it from my reports, as furnishing information to the Credit reporting agencies without any basis is violation of the FCRA. Sincerely, _________________ Thank you for this information. I figured they should be able to validate the debt with the information I provided them that directly came from my credit reports.
  2. Hello, I sent a request to this CL (Security Finance Corporation) requesting validation of a debt reporting on my credit report, and the response I received from them today was "they were unable to process my investigation due to insufficient information". Keep in mind the information I provided was the information reflecting on my credit report. They are requesting additional information such as "my social security or my last name (which they already have)" or "the number of the branch where the transaction was conducted". They have given me 30 days from 08/10/2017 to provide them with the requested information to complete their investigation or my request will be closed. Is this legal? Shouldn't this be their job to locate the branch and transaction? What should be my next move?
  3. Yes, paying off all of your cards except one and keeping that last one below 10% will increase your scores over what you would have with multiple cards above 10%. The $2 trick does not work on dirty reports, however, so unless your reports are clean you can't expect the same jump that others get. Without knowing specifics about your profile and where you plan to get the loan (and therefore what score will drive your rate), I cannot give anything more specific than a ballpark. Expect your scores to increase 20-80 points with your last card paid down to a few dollars versus having your cards all at somewhere over 50%. I'm planning on getting the loan from my credit union. I currently have my auto loan with the same credit union.
  4. Hi, I'm sort of going back to the basics but not necessarily starting back at square one. I have 3 credit cards which were all maxed out plus a holiday loan from my credit union. I also have my car note and my student loans and the good thing is I have not been late on any of them. I recently paid off 2 of the credit cards and as well as the holiday loan. I am gradually making payments on the other because I have a 0% APR until Feb 2018. I am interested in trading in my current vehicle and upgrading to an SUV because my babies getting big. My current TU score is a 633 and Equifax is 629. I'm wondering if my score will increase with me paying off everything with the exception of 1 credit card. I am holding off on trading right now for another 30 days with hopes of increasing my score to secure a better interest rate.
  5. Hodap.....what advice do you have for someone trying to get LP removed? Any sample goodwill letters and contact for both Sallie Mae and Navient? Both are still reporting to my EQ
  6. Student loans are the better option. Personal loans requires you to start repayment sooner than federal student loans and you federal loans will not pull your credit when private loans will.
  7. I know this thread is really old but would you happen to still have those contacts for Sallie Mae?
  8. They are with multiple lenders but sallie mae is definitely one of them
  9. Jl32 the better option to consider other than a forbearance or deferment is applying for a Income Based reduction payment. You go to studentloans.gov and you should see the option for IBR repayment. I have loans in the six figures and my payments were in the $500 range. I applied for the IBR and was able to get my payments reduced to $0 the first year and then it went up to $8 the next. Not many people are aware of this option and you can continue to apply for it each year without it affecting your deferment time. If you remain on the IBR plan for 25 years the lender will forgive the remaining debt you owe. Trust me on this.....I worked as a financial aid advisor before and learned a lot of things about lenders they will not tell you.
  10. Hi, I came across this website about two years as a struggling brother with a 400 credit score 20 collection accounts and no credit cards. After taking the time to educate myself and receiving the help of other members and reading similar situations I improved my credit score to the 700s with Experian, High 600's with Equifax and Transunion! I got my first credit card with capital one and opened a checking account with a credit union. I purchased a vehicle at 14% interest rate and followed the advice of others on here with the credit union. Well my first credit union was not able to refinance me because I had to pay a difference between what they offered and the value of my vehicle. I opened an account with Space coast here in Ft. Lauderdale today and was approved and got my interest rate reduced from 14.99 to 6.99 and was even offered another credit card! I still have some work to do with my report particularly getting the late payments removed from my student loans. This is really the only thing holding me back from being in the high 700's. If any of you have some tips or success can you please share what your strategy was I would be so grateful. Happy holidays!
  11. I'm battling two First Premier accounts. I was able to get one off TU but both are still reflecting on EX and EQ. HELP!!!!! The DOFD is reporting as 02/08/2008
  12. Which WhyChat method did you use?
  13. Lol thanks I overlooked my name on the report.
  14. I submitted a few obsolete letters to TU and EX. EX didn't show any love but TU is still pending and the investigation will reach 30 days on January 27th. If I do not receive a response from TU by the 27th what should my follow up letter entail?
  15. Honestly, I do not even remember my last payment.

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