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  1. Well, to be honest here, I have worn underwear for more than a day. (Like weekends or whenever it is that I don't take a shower.) I also don't toss my underwear every 6 months. Americans tend to be hypersensitive to the concept of hygiene these days. Just think, less than 100 years ago, folks would be doing good to get a bath once a week. Clothing was worn until it was dirty (or smelly). Granted, underwear is a special case, and should be changed daily because...well...we tend to accumulate, er, bodily fluids, there (women, more so than men...unless the man is looking at skin mags or anything that makes them aroused.) You also tend to sweat more profusely there if it is hot or you are doing a lot of manual labor. All I am saying is that wearing your underwear more than a day isn't going to kill you. Yes, you should change it daily...but if you get off work Friday, change into your lounge wear, and just hang around the house all weekend, not taking a shower or changing your drawers....it ain't gonna kill ya.
  2. hmmm, that's a good idea. I was planning on shopping for a new card anyway.
  3. Thanks all. The issue wasn't "savings" per-se, (since it is 0% finance) the issue is more the lower monthly payment. A lot of changes going on in my life and I am trying to keep my recurring monthly payments down. I think I'll try to keep this one a little bit longer....a penny saved and all that.
  4. Of course it isn't in their FAQs. I might need a new phone before birthday or xmas rolls around. I don't have the dosh to pay for it outright....although I do have some I can put down on it. Does anyone know if they will take a down payment to lower the monthly bill? For example, I want the S10+ with 512 gb at $1250. (yes, I am groaning as well) But I want to put several hundred down on it to bring down my monthly amount due. Will they do that? I could just put it on a CC....but hey, that 0% interest is nice.
  5. When we had the house built, we installed a "built in" microwave (Dacor DMT2420s with trim kit). Well, ye ole microwave has bit the dust. I want to place another microwave there. I see the same microwave model is still available but it says counter top. so are these microwaves the same with just the addition of the trim kit which adds ventilation and seamless built in look? Or is there something different about them? If the microwave style is the same, could I find another (*cough*, *cough*, cheaper) microwave with the same dimensions and place it in the cabinet with the existing trim kit?
  6. Oh, In the end...they did take the power of attorney. (go figure) So now I am waiting on the check. (after the title clears from the bank) I wish it had been totally paid off. (There was $4k still owed on it) I could have sold it myself and gotten a few $K more. But truthfully, I didn't want the hassle.
  7. Got tired of having to drive (or tow ) 150 miles for maintenance/repairs. So a couple of years ago he went to the Chevy dealer to look at a TRUCK (used, at that) and drove away with a brand new Stingray.
  8. A week ago, my mother had a stroke. She is also in very bad health (COPD, high/low blood pressure, diabetes, etc) She lives in Jax and has a home health aide 7 days a week in the morning for 4 hours. (while my son sleeps) She also has an aide on Sat, Sun, and Mon nights because Echo has a job up here and drives up to work. (two 16 hour days and one 8 hour day) Miss Z tends to my mother during the evenings on the weekends. 2 weeks ago, I was there on a Monday night (had just driven idiot down to Miami to start his new job and was on my way back up to GA but stopped for the night at my moms house.) As Z was leaving that night, she said the strangest thing. She gave me a hug and said she hoped that she would see me again. It sort of sent a chill down my spine when she said it because she usually says things like "I'll see you the next time you are down" or something along those lines. Then 1 week later (exactly 1 week later) my mother had the stroke. Usually I would attribute such things as coincidence. But this time, it was just too weird to dismiss.
  9. I can understand that. But it seems to me with a verbal OK, and a fax with his drivers license and signature for proof, there shouldn't be a problem. The problem is. He is now down in Miami (because, of course, he couldn't take care of this before he transferred down there ) Plus, for some inexplicable reason...he seems to see me as his PA because he doesn't want to be bothered with doing this stuff. (don't ask why, I don't know...been dealing with it for 18 years now) I do the research. I do the deal on the vehicle (or whatever purchase). He waltzes in and signs and that is that. (same with the house) But that is a gripe for another day. LOL. As long as he picks up the phone tomorrow and signs off when they overnight the stuff, I will be happy. I have also researched and know what they should be offering me for it (well, ballpark figure) so I will know if they try to lowball me.
  10. I went on the MetroRail twice. Once during the week...it was awesome. When my daughter came down the weekend, We took her on Saturday. I knew she would love going through the Brickell (sp?) area and all the high rise apts/condos. (She did) Buuuuut. They only had one track open and were doing construction/maintenance and what should have taken 1 - 1.5 hours ended up taking 4 and a half. We saw the Metromover going around but didn't get on it.
  11. ....when places won't accept it? I have a full Durable Power of Attorney for my husband. Not one of those online ones, it was created by his lawyer plus all the witnesses, plus his accountant and the bank manager, and fully notarized. (with more witnesses and whatnot). This has been the second time I have had an issue with it. One was with adding a cell phone for my daughter at the cell phone place (they said he had to do it even though I had the POA in my possession. Today I went to talk to a car dealership about selling the Vette. I had a feeling that they would also say that I couldn't sell it even being my husband's Attorney-In-Fact. They said I could bring the car in to have it appraised, but everything else would have to be through my husband...and that they would fed ex him documents to sign and whatnot. (I was hoping they would just settle for a phone call and a fax saying I could do it...but no) So again I ask....what is the use of having one if people won't accept it? What if he were laid up in a hospital in a coma? Or was legally declared an idiot and I had to take over his finances?
  12. hold a second..... Cuban Coffee?????
  13. I'm in Miami right now....and O.M.G.! I'm dying from the heat! (well, actually more the humidity...but still) Ugh 85 at 3 am! seriously??? *whimpers* I want to go home.
  14. Well, not in West Va, but I constantly have to fight to get my weight under control. I had done so well, but then had to go off of my "diet" because I had to travel back and forth from florida a lot and it has been hard to get back on it. Mine is a very low sodium diet to try to combat my high blood pressure. (it had the added benefit of helping me lose 50 lbs.) But it is almost impossible to follow if you eat anything at a restaurant. Obesity is a real problem, but then you have the "I'm big and I'm proud" movement going on. For those...all I can say is Blood Pressure, Diabetes, heart problems....they are coming for you my friend, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but they are coming.
  15. wait....this didn't happen in Florida? I am relieved that other states have idiots too.

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