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  1. so..... They want to unionize so that they can pay union dues that will be more than any increase that being part of a union will give them?
  2. opinions? My computer is inviting me to upgrade. what type of upgrade problems are common?
  3. I'm still waiting to see how she died.
  4. Tried the search button and....nothing. My (deceased) mother's phone is getting constant robocalls from these people. Although it is asking for me. However I am her personal representative so any debt notifications would be addressed to me. So, has anyone heard of them? I'm seeing online where a lot of people think it is a scam.
  5. My mother's phone....... OMG so many calls. Now that probate is listed, I get even more. Both on her phone and on mine. What I want (what I think everybody in this day and age of BS phone calls) is some sort of call assistant that will allow a ring-through of designated numbers while sending the others to voice mail....and have voicemail options for what the call is about. you know, "Please press "1" if you are calling about inquiring about buying the house" then send it to "Go AWAY" Then "Press 2 for estate issues and Press 3 for all other calls. and let them go to the designated voicemail. Is there such an animal out there? (you know, without having to actually hire an answering service with a real receptionist to take messages)
  6. I don't have the dishes, just the receivers. Or else I would.
  7. We have used Dish Network for quite a few years. I had been extremely pleased with the service. Last year I put the service on hold. I explained to them that I was moving to Florida and it would be a while before I could get the satellite hooked back up. Well, the 6 month time period had passed and they started charging me again. I can understand that. I still can't hook up satellite because I'm not sure if I will be living at my Jax house, or my mother's house. (which I am trying to buy) Anyway, I paid it for 2 months and then tried to cancel. (which is a pain in the ass - seriously!) So I finally got it cancelled and they sent me the box to send everything back. I pack everything up per there instructions and take it to UPS to send back. But the thing is, they are requesting some things from the dish itself, and something that attaches to the wall outside the house. When I asked about it back when I told them I was moving to Florida, they said to just take the receivers and remotes. Nothing else. I even asked. They said that no, they would have someone come out and hook me up to a new dish at the new house. Since I never had the new dish hooked up...the point is sort of moot. But the old dish is back in Georgia at my old house. So they are requesting things that I don't have. Direct TV, on the other hand..... My mother had Direct TV through AT&T. She passed away in January. When we cancelled with them, they said to take the receivers to the UPS store. That was it. I didn't have to box them or anything. (well, I did shove them in a box, but they do all the packaging there. easy-peasy.) Dish Network use some BS excuse that they try to recycle their stuff. No. Every time they gave us a new receiver, they refused to take the old one back. Up in the Dublin house, I have a stack of something like 10-12 different dish receivers. SOME still in the box because we never hooked them up at the time. Then we went to the Hopper thingy and again, they didn't take back the old receivers. So no, it isn't about recycling. It is about them getting a last bit of money out of you so they can charge you for non-returned equipment. Suffice to say, if I go back to satellite in the future, it won't be them. The term "Hoisted by their own petard" comes to mind.
  8. I had the virus back in January. They told me to wait 3 months before getting the vaccine. If you doctor thinks that you had virus, did he test you? The vaccines will not cause you to test positive for the virus as none of the vaccines actually use a weakened version of the virus. Yes, they use parts of the virus that trigger something in the cells (sorry, I'm not all that sure of how it works, other than it works differently that vaccines for other viruses in the past that used weakened or dead strains of the virus) Either which way, it will not cause you to test positive unless you actually have the virus. I think the first thing to do is to see if she actually has the virus. Then go from there.
  9. I used to as well, but some of the cc's have gone to a 25 day instead of 30....so it slowly rotates around to sometime it is in the same month, other times it is different months. That is actually why I am going to excel. I used to just use a checkable "sticky note" app on my desktop that lists all my cc's (by name, not number) that I would check off as I paid them...but it isn't really working out anymore because sometimes I get two statements in the same month. I still like the sticky note method because it is always on the desktop and all I have to do is glance over to see if I've made a payment or if one is coming up. But I figured that I still needed to do something that was a bit more detailed. Ergo, excel files.
  10. I'm setting up an excel workbook for my CC's. Let's say I get a statement in April that is due in May. Is that April's statement? or May's statement? I've always counted it towards April's payment (because I pay them as soon as I get them, and I got them in April) But when I was looking at the workbook I set up, I'm not so sure.
  11. Anything they could have would be at least 15 years past SOL.
  12. Looks to be a JDB. Has anyone dealt with them?
  13. Roboform. Been using it for years.
  14. No, I definitely won't say anything to her about it. She is going through a rough time emotionally as it is (due to other things) and I won't even consider letting her know about this. I do want them to have a good relationship at some point. I don't think it is going to happen, but I pray that it does. I'm still very angry about this, and embarrassingly, still feeling vindictive. (not really in my nature to be like that) Although it is on the behalf of my daughter that I feel this way...I really and truly couldn't care less about relationship with this other woman. She is actually doing me a favor by taking him off my hands. LOL, I was actually tempted to send her flowers and on the note say "he's your problem now" (obviously I didn't though...I do have a little more class than that)
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