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  1. Tigz

    I miss Tee

    I think there was some sort of disagreement over something stupid like the site template changing. Or at least...the two events coincided. Plus a lot of folks got into FB. I prefer CB personally. I don't like having to deal with those two forbidden subjects that get people banned here. Matter of fact, I'm thinking of setting up a cot here and not come out until next January.
  2. No, not confusing them, just showing that something can survive in the wild and infect you later than what you thought. I think the biggest thing they need to decide is "when" someone becomes contagious. For example, with the common cold and the flu, you are contagious 24 hours prior to symptoms emerging. As of yet (at least according to WHO) they have not determined when, exactly, a person becomes contagious. It is hypothesized that same 24 hours prior to symptom onset. BUT from what I have read it is most contagious when you are the sickest (again, according to WHO), whereas with the Flu, you are most contagious from the day before symptoms are present, and the first 4 days. (which is arguably when you would be the sickest). However, with the flu, you can be contagious for another 3 weeks after symptoms have stopped. I'm not sure about COVID-19.
  3. yup, they are very Sirius about it.
  4. OK, this may have been mentioned before (sorry, couldn't make it all the way through all the arguments) but I did want to say something about the incubation time.... The 14 days is a "guess" going by previous similar viruses. However... Corona type viruses in animals, the virus can live on a hard surface for up to 28 days. If this is in anyway similar, the incubation might not be up to 14 days but rather getting infected by something that you touched that had been infected with the virus in that time period. For example, you buy a knickknack someplace that someone with the virus touched. You put it in your luggage but don't touch the area infected....fly home a week later. Put it on your curio touching the infected area, then touch your nose, eyes or whatever, and you get sick a day or two later. The incubation wasn't a week and a half (or however long) but just a few days. The only reason I mention this is I have had something similar happen to me when the DH and DD came down with a stomach bug. A week or so later I picked up soiled clothing that I had previously missed, then bam! Guess who got the pukey runny poos the next day?
  5. Tigz

    I miss Tee

    Or maybe some scotch......Definitely some scotch. Scotch with a shenanigan chaser.
  6. and OC, and IslandGirl. I need some shenanigans.
  7. Not to mention that they didn't own it, but rented it. And you are right, that is in no way a mansion. Something like that here just sold for $175K (granted we aren't in an affluent neighborhood in LA)
  8. Also have asbestos floor tiles. Covered it. (which they now suggest rather than removing)
  9. no more kids. Not planing on eating it.
  10. First off.... My house was built in 1950. My mother's house was built in 1956. The problem: Paint in the bathrooms and kitchen. The original paint is....might I say...resilient. Nothing will stick to it. I paint, it peals. I have painted my bathroom several times and it always ends up pealing. (granted, I need to install a exhaust fan). My mother's bathroom is having the same problem. Although she had hers professionally painted. Does anyone know what type of paint they used in the early 50s? It looks almost like some type of enamel....not a single brush stroke, completely solid and somewhat shiny (more than eggshell, but not really high gloss...except for the cabinets). It can be scrubbed with a brillo pad and I don't think the paint would come off. (haven't tried, but it's an idea) Anyway, what type of paint is this and how do I manage to paint over it without it ending up pealing?
  11. He'd have to be able to get it up to do that.
  12. as in "Soon To Be X" (ex) ? Yup Would have preferred to wait until after DD graduated (which was my plan), but he had to go and do it a year early and cause problems. But, meh. It is what it is.
  13. Gosh, don't even know where to start. 1st. Hubby moved to Miami in mid-July. (good riddance, but yet we are still married) 2nd. My mother (who lives in Jax) had a massive stroke at the end of July (but with the miraculous stroke medication she came out only somewhat worse for wear but still needs someone with her 24/7.) 3rd. My son (Echo) works weekends up here in GA, so someone has to be there with my mother overnight on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. That person is me. 4th. My Daughter is 17 and is a senior in high school. She has a good head on her shoulders and doesn't have a problem with staying by herself. (I also have emergency contacts for her, in addition, Echo is there if she needs him) Neither my daughter nor I are happy with the arrangement. She misses me and I miss her while I am gone. This is our last year together before she goes off to college. Since DH has moved, she feels free to come out of her room and has become downright sociable. (that is another story in and of itself so I won't go into it here) Well, she mentioned to her therapist that I have to go down just about every weekend to tend my mother. The therapist told her that I should just put her (my mother) in a nursing home and be done with it. Angel told her that my mother doesn't want to be in a nursing home. The therapist told her we should just force it on her through the courts. WTF????? It is good I wasn't there for that particular session. I would have seriously told the lady off. My mother is dying. She has end stage COPD, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and high (and low) blood pressure. Just before Thanksgiving, she became unresponsive (for over 6 hours) I headed down there and my sister flew out from Washington because all indicators would be that she wouldn't last another 24 hours. But...My mother being my mother and who has more lives than a darn cat came out of it. She is considerably weaker now and has more problems with speaking like she did right after her stroke. She is better and I think she will make it through the holidays, but her time is almost upon her. I WILL NOT force the woman leave her home of 50 years. At least not unless we can no longer take care of her. She has home health aides 4 hours each morning and 4 hours each night and we take care of the rest. She has a hospice nurse and respiratory therapist come out once or twice a week. (we put her in the hospice program after the event that happened just before Thanksgiving) I understand the therapist suggesting a nursing home. She really should be in one (or rather a hospice facility since she is now on hospice). But she doesn't want to go to one, She wants to be home in her comfortable surroundings where she can look at the pictures on the wall, pet her demon of a cat, and watch Family Feud all day long. No, what really set me off was when the therapist suggested that we should force her into a facility. She apparently has no concept of familial responsibilities to aged parents. I'm trying the very best I can to be there both for my daughter and my mother. But apparently that isn't good enough. I guess she thinks I should send dear old mom to the glue factory.
  14. Note: Not really a credit related question....more of a question on wording in a divorce. OK legal eagles (and even those that have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express) When a divorce decree says something to the effect of "The Husband shall be responsible for and pay to the satisfaction of each creditor the indebtedness owed on any credit card accounts held in his name." (same provision for the wife). To me, this means any credit card that he (or she) is the primary card holder of and includes debts made from a AU. In other words, I would be responsible for any credit cards I took out under my name and my credit history, and I would be responsible for any debts for people I put on the card as an authorized user. Someone else argued that if an AU has their name on a card, that they will be responsible for the debt made on that card even if they are not a co-owner of the account. To which I called BS. So what says the collective wisdom of the gen discussion board?

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