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  1. First of all - Hi everyone. I'm a newbie. I've been reading this forum nonstop for several days and I've found tons of great information. However, I can't seem to find anything in regards to my biggest obstacle in repairing my credit. Short background - An old landlord took me to court and now there is a judgement on my credit. The judgement has been paid in full. Actually, as soon as the judgement was made, he garnished both my bank account and my paycheck. Long story short, he was paid in full within a few months of the judgement. He never took the garnishment off my paycheck so each month the court would refund me what was garnished. But they won't consider the judgement satisfied because the landlord has to file a satisfaction of judgement. This happened 6.5 years ago. I can't even explain why I never took care of this before. It's a combination of thinking I had to hire a lawyer and not being able to afford that, plus laziness on my part. Now, my questions.... Will the judgement automatically fall off after 7 years, even if it's not classified as satisfied? If so, I think my best bet is to just wait it out. If not, then I need a different plan. If I can get the landlord to file a satisfaction of judgement, that will change the "date of last activity" to right now, correct? So if he files the satisfaction, does that mean the judgement stays on my credit for an additional 7 years? I don't want that! Should I deal with the court house directly? What steps do I need to take to get them to file the judgement as satisfied with the correct date? Should I contact the CRA directly and send them paperwork/receipts the courthouse sent me showing it was paid in full and they were refunding the garnishments? I read here to be very carefull about what you send CRA regarding judgements because it could be used against you.

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