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  1. FYI I know that , I was typing fast and on my cell phone . Either way FYI I am sure the OP knows what I was referring to so go find something else to critique.
  2. I would like to add this : make sure all old and current positive timelines have your current address. I skipped this step and I lost alot of positive timelines and really messed up my AAOA.
  3. It makes it easier when you start disputing timelines. Deleting old/ incorrect information from your personal information section makes it harder for the credit reporting agencies to verify information. Good luck to you
  4. I too have a First Premier CO, I am following this thread for advice. I did ask WhyChat and he advised using his SOL letter. I will try that soon . I am still working on a Hippa for my medical currently Good luck to you. .
  5. Just nosing around without reconing yet lol
  6. I recently apped for a few credit cards. For some I got the 7 to 10 day message. I recieved an alert from Credit Karma about these inquiries. Beside the lender it also has industry then date and status. For status do they have ADDED. Does added mean approved and added to file or do they mean added vs deleted?
  7. Great information everyone! Thank you all so much. I will call first thing in the morning!
  8. i have went from 23 baddies last November to today everything that was not removed is at least paid ( one old collection and a paid charge off ) . So I went and applied for Barclaycard and Discover IT , I got an immediate denial for Discover and a further processing for Barclaycard. I am sure that I know why I was denied :a quick look through the backdoor shows a new medical collection reporting. I will take care of the medical. My question is this: if the collection is removed in 30 days can I recon and ask for reconsideration?? If so, will they pull soft or hard??
  9. UPDATE : I disputed to EX and they verified. They told me to dispute to WF , and of course WF sent me back to dispute to EX. I am sick of everybody sending me in circles I am sending now another letter to EX to tell them I want a copy of what information they received to arrive at their decision. If they do not remove these unauthorized inquiries I am contacting the CFPB. Each of these pulls cost me 10 points . When you are rebuilding , 10 points is alot.
  10. Sandscrit does the 2 year sol start from the last payment made on a cell phone account or from the date it went into collection status. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
  11. Sands the debt is from 2011 , and I am in North Carolina.
  12. Yes I have received a letter from them saying I owe them for an old cell phone bill. I was alittle curious as to what they were because their letter did not have an account number just a reference number and also nowhere on the letter was it dated. Anyways I recently got a different CA deleted that was collecting on this supposed debt. Then a few days later these people softed my TU report and sent me this letter. Oh and even though they softed my report, which btw I opted out, got my new address but still sent it in my maiden name, not my current name. I do have an old cell account form this provider listed, but the amount seems about twice as high as it should be. I do not have a problem paying any old debts I incurred in my past but I do not want to be ripped off in the process. I am going to DV them this week. I have seen alot of variations of the DV letter and I cannot remember which one I used to get rid of the first CA. This alleged debt is within SOL so I am walking softly. I just wanted to know who I was up against before I start my battle, if you know what I mean. Thank you in advance for any assistance in my post sands
  13. It is nice to see those 2 words together : Santander and success! It gives me hope that one day I can get them to rectify their mistakes on my report as well ! Congratulations on your success!

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