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  1. I have a unsecured credit limit with a credit union,its reported to CB monthly, I have a few bad accounts either in collection or charged off, will settling these accounts help my score go up since I have a open unsecured credit line with the credit union?
  2. Update, I dispute with CB and CA, it was removed from my credit report, I made sure it was sent certified mail with all the factual information they would need, it took less then 2 weeks to be removed.
  3. Hi, I recently payed off a car loan it was less then $3000. I was never late on payments as it reflects on my credit report. 3 weeks ago it was paid off by me, the dealer mention it will be marked as paid in full, and closed will this hurt my score?
  4. Hi, I have a negative mark on my CR stating I owe golds gym, Long story sort golds gym General manger investigated this matter and it was a system error. I have a letter head from GG which I sent to Experian, but first it was sent to the CA, I got a call from the CA today, she has not received, the letter but I told here its own its way and I don't owe the money she told me the GG area manger is wrong even though he investigated it and found it to be a system error, she stated she would delete and remove the from my CR if I pay half of it any thoughts as to why she down playing the investigati
  5. Hi, blaknite, during them 8 years if you didnt get into any bad debt, and paid your bills on time, this would explain why your scores our good plus old bad account fall off in 7 years rasing your score.
  6. Hi, faccnator, you say its going to fall off your CR this July that's about 3 months from now you cant dispute it as obsolete unless its been on your CR longer then 7 years but in this case its unpaid and its yours and will fall off in 3 month from now if it was me I'll wait my friend and stack bacon for my new home, worst case it don't fall off the you start your dispute process with CRA.
  7. Welcome, 15sycamore there our a few outcomes, 1) depends on the state you live in, A foreclosure will cause a credit score to drop sharply, because it will be made public as a foreclosure 30 days late: 40 to 110 points, 90 days late: 70 to 135 points, Foreclosure, short sale or deed-in-lieu: 85 to 160, Bankruptcy: 130 to 240.
  8. Welcome, stinewil I must say your question to this situation will be in newbie section , but I'll try to answer, this account should fall of in 7 years since you have proof you paid it, if it matters to you that it show satisfied on your CR then write the land lord and mention this to them, other wise it going to drop off for good at the the end off the 7 year.
  9. Hi, bm12484 I no exactly what your intention our I think it says a lot about you, that capital one would give you a second chance, after a charge off. Now how do you get them to move it? well they may because they offered you another card, now all you do is make a few months of good payments, then write them telling them you thank them for giving you another shot with them your more responsible and want to build good credit with them and in the mean time since you have demonstrate good payment could they remove old account.
  10. Good morning, This my second day with CB, I love the newbie section tons of info, I already disputed old adresses, so, all newbie please go to that section, tons of info for us.
  11. Hi, Im Ken I found this site via google. I saw CB at the top of the search, by this time I was drained from searching ways to fixing my credit report. I keep hearing members state for newbies to look at the newbie section I will and, any post I do post my promise is I will start at newbie for all info related.
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