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  1. Got the 2 -3 day message on my QS, but a $1k bump on my platinum from $500 to $1500. Thanks OP!
  2. I have the same errors (false late payments). I attribute it to the transition to Vantage and the integration of Equifax.
  3. I got my Experian disputed results yesterday and show the same thing; Social Security number shown as deleted. Like Breeze said, I did have a "not mine" dispute. Not sure what is going on with that.
  4. Konrad2012, the Chase Sapphire was recommended to me on Credit Karma. I followed the link from there to apply.
  5. I just closed my Walmart for the same reason. The wouldn't budge from $150 limit after a year and a half and I tried the luv button and the UW. My VS has gone from $250 to $1620 and J. Crew. $250 to $1850. Good riddance to Wally. Felt great to ditch it.
  6. I have been lurking for awhile as well and reading this board incessantly. I learned a lot and so far have gone from 560 to 636 in less than a year, but still working.

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