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  1. Does anyone know if the Paypal Mastercard still offers the 0% financing offers? I have the SC right now, and I'm wondering if it will still do the no interest financing if I get the Mastercard upgrade.
  2. If scores are your main focus, I would recommend MyFico's 3 bureau credit/score monitoring. It's a bit costly, but it tells you how every change to your credit impacts your FICO score. If you're more interested in tracking your reports, AmEx's Credit Secure is really good. With this one, you can pull a new report each day, and I feel like the data is layed out a lot more clearly than on some other sites. The creditSecure is $28 a month, while the MyFico product is $29.99 (maybe less with a discount code).
  3. This is an interesting post. I opened a BCE for my grandmother a few weeks ago, trying to get the cash back offer as well as an intro BT offer. They offered her a $1k limit and we took the card for the welcome bonus ($150 cash back and 10% back on cell phones through 2016 via CardMatch). At the same time, I have been repairing her credit. She had a CO from 2012. About three weeks after she got the card, I got the CO removed from all the CRAs. I waited for them to SP EX, and then tried for the 3X CLI. They sent an email asking to call customer service. Haven't called yet, but I'm wondering if BlackKnight's post means that the request was denied due to the 61 day rule.
  4. I applied for a Citi Simplicity card for my grandmother a couple of weeks ago. It had 0% APR for 21 months AND they gave they option to print out a temporary account number for immediate use. I would highly recommend this card for the amazing into offer and the continued BT offers/cash advance checks they send.
  5. I have a data point to add for Discover. Recently, I was helping my grandmother with some of her credit card balances (consolidating, checking her credit, and trying to save her some cash). She has decent scores (low 700s, with a charge-off from 2012 reporting, long history, mortgages, no lates, etc). I applied for a CLI on her Discover card (opened in 2004, balance was $8,900 out of $9,900). and they denied it. So I did a BT to her Bank of America account, which basically paid off the Discover. Two weeks later, Discover sent a letter saying she had been given an auto CLI to $10,900. Her overall utilization was high (maybe 60%), so this came as a surprise.
  6. I logged into my Amex Credit secure the other day and found a collection reporting from Diversified Consultants for $811 that was an old T-Mobile bill. I have never had service with them, and I know someone has been using/attempting to use my credit for the past couple of years. I filed a police report regarding this and other incidents. My question is: how should I handle this collection? I contacted T-Mobile and they said to contact Diversified Consultants for a fraud packet. I called them (twice): the first time, they referred me to T-Mobile. When I called the second time, the guy took down my address and said he would mail it to me. The call was very brief, and I have not heard back from them yet. Has anyone else had an experience with Diversified Consultants or T-Mobile regarding a fraudulent account? I wish I could have prevented this when it happened, but they only made a soft pull on my credit, so I didn't get any notifications about it and the SP was buried at the bottom of my EX report. I have since placed fraud alerts and freezes on all my reports. TIA
  7. RBFCU can be generous to people who bank with them and have past credit issues, but they seem to be conservative once you reach a certain point with them. I don't think they issue a lot of high limit (above $30k) credit cards or large unsecured loans or credit lines. I like them for auto loans. I have financed several vehicles with them at reasonable rates (2.99% or less for used with not-so-great scores).
  8. Does anyone have experience with rental payments reporting on Experian? I moved into a new place a couple of months ago, and it showed up on my EX report, but not any of the others. Does it affect FICO scores earlier than FICO 9?
  9. They pulled Equifax for me when the iPhone 6s came out in 09/2015. I was denied. My EQ score was around 650 with high utilization, but an otherwise clean file.
  10. This is very much a YMMV situation. As my credit card debt/utilization went up over the past couple of years, I didn't see any adverse actions for a while. After about a year or so, I saw a CLD from Citi and Chase, which happened right around the same time. I was carrying balance on their cards (and quite a few other cards on my report), but I was not at the credit limits on the cards in question. They reduced my lines to just above the balances I was carrying at the time. I was also CLD'd by BBVA Compass. Keep in mind, I was never late and usually paid more than the minimum payments on these accounts. As of now, I have closed a few accounts because they had balances i wanted to pay down, and so that I would never be able to rack up the kind of debt I am in again. Current scores: EX: 647 EQ: 657 TU: 676 Current utilization: 100% plus (due to the closed accounts, but i'm also at the limits on my open ones) Current CC Debt: $79k In my experience, the lenders will likely CLD you, but not close your account. They still want to make money on you. I bet they would close your account if you stopped making payments to other creditors or have new negative info pop up in your file.
  11. I've steadily been getting increases since I opened my card with a $200 limit in January 2014. I posted about this on THE OTHER WEBSITE, but not here. So basically, I've been in about $60k of credit card debt over the past year or so, but I have been using my Target card for groceries and things and paying at least double the minimum on it each month. My card has been increased 4 times in two years, despite my credit scores ranging from 630-675 (depending on the CRA and month) and the level of debt I have had. As such, it is my contention that your overall credit quality is not as important as using the card frequently (even once a month). To make a long story short, my card started at $200 and is now at $1,300.
  12. So you all are saying that you need to wait until the item is 3 months away from deletion before calling EX to dispute? I have some late payments on a Cap1 account from late 2009. The account went paid as agreed afterwards and was closed a couple of years later. The lates would bee due to be deleted in 09/2016, with a new one being deleted each month until 01/2017. What happens if I don't dispute? Do the lates just disappear or does the account go away entirely? If I do want to dispute, should I wait until July, 2015 to call? Thanks for the clarification!
  13. I really like that Costco sells a lot of organic foods and healthy eats. Not to mention, their merch is a little bit more high end than Sam's. I am ready for Costco to start taking Visa! I max out my poor little Blue Cash Preferred ($1k) every time I go in there.
  14. Got my AmEx FICO score today (its too low to mention at the moment)! I've been a cardholder with them since October 2013. I have had several cards with them, but I only have the Blue Cash Preferred card right now.

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