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  1. Give them a little more time, they probably are just slower than the other CRAs.
  2. That is called a PFD. There are lots of threads on it.
  3. I assume that the one that was charged off was transferred to a collection agency? Or was it the other?
  4. DOFD is 30 days from the last payment you made, and did not make any subsequent payments to bring the account current. Even if each CRA has the same DOLA or DOFD, they all use a different formula to calculate the drop off date. Some drop off earlier than others, but none of them go beyond the 7-year mark.
  5. I don't even know if this is on my CR yet since I just got it today. This is to prevent them from reporting, if they have not already.
  6. Send them a PFD, modified to include their promise not to report to the CRAs going forward.
  7. If you can, start communicating with them in writing only (CMRRR), if you haven't already. Get them to document (admit in writing) that they did not file the claim in a timely manner, and that they have never sent you a bill. If you cannot get them to write it, then you can include that info in a CMRRR letter to them that they will hopefully respond to, either denying it or admitting it or not acknowledging it. You may need this in court if it comes to that point. If you can include the names of people you spoke with and dates of those conversations, as well as what was said during those discussions, that would show them (and the judge, if need be) that you are to be taken seriously because you are taking this matter seriously.
  8. What you are asking for is standard validation. There are numerous letters on the board you can use as an example. It sounds like you do not want to sound aggressive, in the least, so word it to your liking.
  9. Sounds like a coding issue, and that is definitely the fault of the doctors office. You need to speak with their coding specialist (to see how the bill should have been coded), and the office manager (to have them either rebill the insurance or consent eat the cost for their own mistakes).
  10. Offer to pay your attorney's attorney fees, plus the court filing fees. Heck, make a friend out of that attorney too and he might give you a break on his fees, LOL.

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