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  1. it just HAD to be you.... why not simply follow the rules? LOL, sometimes you have to be political anybody who's not rich who votes Republican needs to be smacked in the face!
  2. why do you gotta stir it? This should be a funny thread not closed because of nitwits who cant keep their mouths shut. If anyone dislikes Cheney its me but I havent said anything bad.. GET OVER IT!!! I like to stir the pot, the stew will taste better!
  4. it's really good, just watch it I saw part of an episode and it cracked me up. Those women are nuts. Hottie may be insane. new episode on tonite
  5. Sunday, February 12, 2006; Posted: 4:40 p.m. EST (21:40 GMT) story was already an hour old on CNN before I posted,
  6. she's a model for men's magazines
  7. i don't know anything about the law, but I'm sure that's what the experts will say that's the reason......for legal purposes but I think it's not good to yell at newbies "you must use certified mail!!!" because if the only time you need certified mail is if you're going to drag somebody into court........as active as all of the people are on CB it's probably less than 5% who ever go to court so it does seem kinda silly to tell a newbie "you'll need documentation for the court room!" even if you don't want to go to court.....I think it's more of a thing to just let the CA's know what you're doing and that you're playign hardball
  8. I know, but I dont know why. Why isn't Express Mail that has tracking and signature proof of delivery not as good. I understand these methods are tried and true, but the question is-what is it about cmrrr that is stronger than Express Mail w/ tracking & proof of delivery? I'm sure some will think, "Hey this is how it's done, if you dont want to take the advice then suffer the consequences" but I am trying to educate myself about this and simply following instructions without knowing WHY isn' the best way to learn. I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel. I just would like to know why cmrrr is better than the way i described above. the experts know why, but from what I gather Certified mail holds some kind of legal weight in a sense.....traditionally it's used in things like custody hearings for divorce cases,etc. you're right nowadays you can get tracking without using certified mail, I think it's more of the recognized legal precedence of using certified mail I mean I'm sure if you had proof of delivery for some priority mail it would work if you had to go to court..........but I think the legal people on here will tell you certified mail is best something like that*
  9. I asked about using one of the delivery or signature confirmations once and all the veterans said "no way", certified only
  10. all the experts will tell you use USPS CMRRR and nothing else
  11. I went into the laundromat to drop off some clothes today. I know most of the people who work there, and I didn't see anybody who I recognized on duty. So, I looked around and after a minute or two I saw somebody in the back bent down. I thought he was working on the plumbing or something under the desk, and I said "excuse me" and he just puts up a finger you know telling me to wait. I waited a couple minutes and he was still down there, so I started to walk over again and realized he was talking to himself with his eyes closed and his shoes off. I was really ready to walk out, but then I realized he was kneeling on a rug and praying. So, I said oh he's -Religious epithets not allowed by Admin- and has to pray 8 times a day. I was really ready to say something because I stood there like an salamander for 10 minutes but I couldn't say anything when I realized what he was doing so when the guy finally got done praying, put his shoes on, and rolled the carpet back up and came over to the register to work I handed him the stuff and made small talk and took my ticket and walked out. I could've taken the cash register out and a bunch of clothes or stolen anything else for that matter, it was very nosy in there and this guy was totally in a trance. I'm tolerant, but this is really pushing it..............would you have done/said anything?
  12. minor problems like this are usually cureable with a simple reboot....
  13. i saw a review saying this is an awful movie
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