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  1. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have called! It's just that I'm impatient...anyway, I just finished filing that complaint with the BBB. I'll keep the jack attack in my back pocket in case it doesn't work. Thank for everyone's advice!
  2. I just spoke to Shirley Smith of Jefferson Capital's consumer relations staff and told her that I was faxing over proof of the incorrect information to her (nothing more, nothing less). I told her that I wanted it deleted from my reports immediately and that I would also be following up with a BBB complaint for their unsavory business practices. She seemed to become upset that I stated this and practically begged me not to file the BBB complaint -- that she would personally look at my information and get it taken care of ASAP. I am reluctant to trust this and am tempted to go ahead and file
  3. Thank you, Sandscrit! The FP does show transferred/sold with a $0 balance and luckily, the CA assigned to this isn't reporting on my credit -- at the moment. I am just trying any and everything possible to nip it in the bud before it does.
  4. JCS is doing the same thing to me! So rather than include them in my jack attack, should I dispute through BBB? I have another post where I explained that I recently received a letter from them stating that they can't locate my info in their system. This should be fairly easy with all of this in my arsenal now, right?
  5. One could have been the original account number and the second one an internal account number. Just a guess though. Very possible. I am going to send the info to Jeff Cap and also send the letter received from them to the CRAs with the hopes that it will be deleted. Thank you for your help!
  6. I'm getting ready to launch this good ol' jack attack on the few remaining baddies on my EQ. I was hoping someone would take a look and give it the CB stamp of approval before I do it. Here's my jack attack below: American General Finance (908XXXX): This account shows a scheduled payment amount of $160. This is incorrect. Please correct or delete. The account number does not match any original creditor’s file that I have. Please correct or delete. This account shows last payment date of 05/2012 but yet the payment history shows it was charged off as of 05/2010. Please correct or d
  7. Thanks so much Shokk and Gottahaveit609! I was actually thinking along the same lines as Gottahaveit609 and just sending it straight to the CRAs and asking them to delete also. The issue is that on the current EQ/TU/EX that I pulled AFTER 10/22, it shows a totally different account number. What's up with that?
  8. Hey All! I recently sent a DV to Jefferson Capital Systems (JDB). This debt is for an old Salute Visa that I had back in 2007. They responded to my letter yesterday with this: Dear Lakegro: We are in receipt of your correspondence concerning the account number referenced above. With the information provided, we are unable to locate the account in question. Please provide a copy of the letter you received or any change in name and address and a description of the debt. You can fax the documentation to my attention at 320-229-8595 or send to my attention at the address below. We lo
  9. Just found out that my Ch. 7 BK from 09/07 was deleted off of my EQ! I disputed about a week ago online using the "BK doesn't belong to me/belongs to family member with similar name" (sister-in-law ironically has similar name to mine and she also filed around the same time) and POOF! It's gone! Score bumped up about 33 pts. Thanks guys for your help! CB is awesome! Currently still showing 3 IIB's but they should fall off pretty soon anyway. Currently working on getting these med bills taken care of thanks to WhyChat. Barreling towards homeownership soon!
  10. Sorry it took me so long to respond back! There are no dates on the screen printouts for 11/10 or 2/11, however, it does have my daughter's personal info on it. (name, SSN, DOB and reason for visit) Does this make any difference? Shouldn't this be a HIPAA violation of some sort? There IS a date of 10/2/2013 on the itemized statement for 1/2009. This also has my personal info on it sans SSN. I am in the process of sending out the initial dispute letter after I finish this post. I will also check into the discounted services as the Dept. of Medical Assistance told me that there was
  11. What was the date of medical service?? 1st one: 11/20/10 2nd one: 2/4/11 3rd one: 1/15/2009 What was the date of the "screen print out" I am not sure. I have everything in a file in my desk at work. I will have to check in the morning. Were you insured?? I thought that I was until I checked with my insurance company this morning. I switched companies and had a lapse in coverage during the time of all three dates of service. If so, do you have copies of your EOMBs ( explanation of medical benefits) from your insurance?? If you were NOT insured, did you apply for and/or qualif
  12. Thank you SunnySideUp32! I know that WhyChat is the medical collections genius around here! I started this process before I found his link and realized that I should've sent the medical DV first. Now I'm stuck and I don't what to do next. Thanks for replying!
  13. I'm a long time lurker but new to posting here on CB. I have a question about medical collections that I hope someone can help me with. I have 3 unpaid bills from 2 different hospitals post on my credit. All three of the bills are with the same CA. I sent them a PFD letter offering to pay a percentage of each bill. They sent back a screen printout for all three bills, showing patient information, DOB, etc. and didn't budge from original amount due. My question is: What do I do next? Do I pay the original amount? Do I send another letter? Please help and thanks in advance!
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