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  1. Thank you all for your wonderful advice! I will be sitting down this evening to analyze what the best plan of attack is based on everyone's comments. I can always count on CB to give me honest feedback. You all ROCK!
  2. I do, indeed. I don't have any need for raising my scores right now because I am not applying for any new credit for a while. My husband lost his job in Feb. and we fell onto hard times, using our cards to stay afloat. He is actively looking for a new job but times have been pretty rough for me, busting my butt to make sure bills are paid on time. Fortunately, things have been going fairly well for me at work the last 2 months and this bonus check will help tremendously. I just wanted to lessen the burden on me.
  3. Thank you all for your help! The highest rates are on the Cap 1 cards which are the 750 and 500, and also a Victoria's Secret card (660). I'd really like to PIF those 3 for sure. I'm still concerned with raising my scores but right now I just want to get my util down. I didn't know if paying down the 3 higher cards (5k and both 1k) would help with that or not. They all have the lowest rates right now (all with NFCU).
  4. Quick question: I recently got my bonus check from work and I want to pay off or pay down my credit cards. My check is only for $3000 but my balances are below: 500 limit/497 bal 750 limit/738 bal 1000 limit/997 bal 500 limit/450 bal 660 limit/400 bal 5000 limit/3550 bal 1000 limit/960 bal I know that I can't pay them all but I want to pay the ones that will make the most impact. Should I pay a little on all of them or pay off certain ones and keep balances on a few? TIA
  5. I believe it's still within SOL. I'm in VA and from what I've read, SOL on written contracts would be 5 yrs. It wouldn't be 5 years until Sept. 2014.
  6. Hey CB! I have a question that I can't figure out the answer to, so I'm posing it to all of you wise folks on here in hopes that I can get this resolved. I have an outstanding c/o with University of PHX from 2009 that has been a thorn in my side for ages. I shouldn't have been charged because I never attended the classes but anyone who's familiar with U of P knows they are money-hungry asshats. Needless to say, every dispute I've sent in has come back verified. I've written their dispute management office asking for proof of the debt and they've given me the run around. I've written t
  7. I am so glad I found this post! I am currently an AU on my hub's NFCU nRewards card, Victoria's Secret and Belk card but none of them are reporting on my EQ, only on TU and EX. What should I do -- these are all cards that I garden for him...I'm tired of not getting credit for them LOL!
  8. Thanks guys! Of course I Googled them and came up empty too. I'll report them to the AG and the CFPB, just for poots and giggles. I'll keep you posted on what happens!
  9. I'm pretty sure they are, especially since he asked me if I still resided at an old address that I haven't resided at in years. My question is, since he stated they were looking to serve me with a summons over the phone, isn't this grounds to sue them over a possible FDCPA violation? And since this call was made at my job?
  10. Hey All! My place of employment recently received a fax from Weinstein & Associates LLC based out of Laguna Beach, CA asking for them to verify my employment. It was very generic but luckily my employer is small and knows that I have been working hard to repair my credit, so before they sent anything back to them, they gave the fax to me to look over. In very small print at the bottom of the verification form it states that "this is an attempt to collect the debt and any info obtained will be used for this purpose". The form only lists the last 4 of my SSN -- nothing more (no address,
  11. Dear Santa, While you are blowing up Midland (with no people inside), could you also make it rain reindeer poop over at administrative offices of Univ. of Phoenix. Those bastards are making my life miserable with this unjustifiable CO. I'll be good the rest of the year AND I'll make sure that instead of milk, you get a jack and coke on the rocks. And maybe a stripper in a Mrs. Claus suit (not me, of course). Love, Lakegro
  12. All of this info is extremely useful! I think that I am going to close this card the early part of next year because I am not really using it very much anyway. Thanks guys! edited to add: This is just my opinion, but while I am grateful for Cap 1 giving me an opportunity to rebuild, I think it's complete BS that they don't give CLIs or offer the option to unsecure. That pisses me off.
  13. Hey All! I've had my Cap 1 secured MC since April 2012 and the CL is the initial $300 that I secured the card with. I've read where they will do CLIs for secured cards after 6 -12 mos. of good pay. I have never been late and usually pay in full every month since I've had my card. Saturday, I chatted with one of their CSRs and asked for a CLI. She walked me through the process of asking for one online and told me that I would receive documentation in the mail in 7-10 days asking for proof of income. I received an online document in my inbox this morning that said that Cap 1 does not do CLI
  14. I've been checking out the love that Navy Federal has been spreading lately and figured I'd see if DH could get approved with them. His credit isn't as damaged as mine, therefore, my focus has been on cleaning up my own more than his. He has a Victoria's Secret ($660) that I use, Belk ($200) and is an AU on my Cap 1 Secured with a $300 limit. I have no idea what his score is but I know he is in the high 500s, maybe low 600s. Anyway, I pulled the trigger in the nRewards Visa this morning and BAM! $5k approval! I added myself as an AU because I could really use this to lower my own utili
  15. Yes, I dv'd with the CA regarding U of PHX and First Premier. I didn't get a response back from First Premier but rather received a letter from a CA several weeks later requesting that I pay the debt. However, they haven't shown up on my credit reports yet but I went ahead and sent them a DV too (no answer from them yet, either). I haven't heard a response from U of PHX yet either AND I haven't received the green card stating that they've received my DV...and this was sent over 2 weeks ago. Go figure. The AmGen is a paid charge off that I initially asked to be removed via GW and was denie
  16. I waited a couple of weeks after my BK deletion showed and then disputed 3 IIB accounts that were still showing up -- DELETED! Did you do this online? What reasoning did you choose? I didn't follow CB's advice and I disputed online as "Not mine". My reasoning was if I don't have a BK, then how could I have debts that were included in a BK? *poof* deleted! But in hindsight, I should have done it in writing, rather than online because that is what is best!
  17. I waited a couple of weeks after my BK deletion showed and then disputed 3 IIB accounts that were still showing up -- DELETED!
  18. I had a judgment that WASN'T paid off deleted using this method! Give it a shot...what do you have to lose?
  19. UPDATE!! Jefferson Capital has agreed to delete the tradeline...that fast!! I sent my complaint off that night (11/5) and it read as follows: Filed by : Lakegro Filed against : Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC Complaint: Jefferson Capital Systems has reported to my Equifax credit bureau incorrectly but has failed to validate the debt that I supposedly incurred. I sent them a letter asking them to prove that I owe them money and they replied with a letter asking me to provide them with more information because they could not find me in their system, which they should have been able to do.
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