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  1. MasterOfMyDomain

    Chase Freedom

  2. MasterOfMyDomain

    Cap 1 cut my CL by 20k

    Just got the email, too. They cut me from 31,750 to 10K. Their reasoning was correct-low utilization, low balances-but I always PIF. Not sure if it would be worth combining cards again in the future if they will just cut it later.
  3. MasterOfMyDomain

    Off the Amex Blacklist

    Did you still have the BK showing on EX? I'm assuming they pulled EX.
  4. MasterOfMyDomain

    The Five Best Credit Unions

    I have a membership with Suncoast. They are not bad, but I mostly joined for the 1.75% car loan that I got. I live in Tampa so they have some convenient locations around here. NFCU is also a co-op with them so I have more ATM locations if needed.
  5. MasterOfMyDomain

    best no AF gas and dining card?

    NFCU goRewards 3% Dining 2% Gas
  6. MasterOfMyDomain

    NFCU Go Rewards

  7. MasterOfMyDomain

    Lexis Nexis Freeze????

    I just did the opt-out that leedspaddy did and in the confirmation email it states this...
  8. MasterOfMyDomain


    APPROVING BANK Suncoast Credit Union BUREAU PULLED Experian CREDIT SCORE 734 They used Ex v2 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE Florida NEW/USED New YEAR OF VEHICLE 2016 MILEAGE 20 RETAIL/LEASE Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN $30,000 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE TERM CONTRACTED 72 APR/LEASE RATE 1.75% MONTHLY PAYMENT 444 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: This was for a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. Put down 16K+ to cover down payment, tax, tag, title and make the loan $30K, a payment that was manageable.
  9. MasterOfMyDomain

    Suncoast Credit Union

  10. MasterOfMyDomain

    Cap One CLI x 3

    Nice. They keep telling me that 'ive recently had an increase on this acct'...They're referring to when I combined accts to make a $20k QS. They consider that a CLI. Although I PC'd V1 to a QS, and then combined my Venture to that. Yup...always CLI before you combine. Before combining, which cards do you CLI? Donor, recipient, or both?
  11. MasterOfMyDomain

    Team Behind the Internet’s Most Infuriating Outdoor Retailer

    Lol Edit: Not quoting TampaDude, quoting the article. Error on my part.
  12. MasterOfMyDomain

    guide to Capital one & the 2fer deal is dead

    My Venture took until its second statement to report.
  13. MasterOfMyDomain

    I guess we aren't getting a DCU FICO this month?

    I thought they moved the FICO to the last business day of the month.
  14. MasterOfMyDomain

    Chase AARP

  15. MasterOfMyDomain

    Capital One Venture


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