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  1. hi guys, I pulled a credit report about 6 days ago through Experiean on one of the free sites, (i have a membership). My Score was a 640. Now On that report what was holding me down was a late 30/60/90 payment. Horrible i know. Now i disputed those about 45 days ago because i had already paid off the account, and apparently i was charged a fee for something, and never knew about it, yada yada, Im in afghanistan on deployment so long story short, i never knew about the lateness. So I pull a cred report today and my score bounced from 640 to 702. Thats awsome. However, there is conflicti
  2. Ok, I am really happy my friend referred me to this forum board. So far you guys are answering my questions quick and accuratly So heres my next question I read through a topic refferring to EXPEIRAN as the devil. lol. I think i agree In that board it was made known that inquiries were a sort of... larger issue with experian because it takes them longer? to drop off, i suppose a few weeks afer the 25 month time frame. Assuming this is a bigger deal than what i see it to be, does anyone know just how much an inquiry is worth to your credit score. I ask also because i have 2
  3. mr wang you have just made my 1 hour long argument with Experian Absolete. Do you think you can run a class for them. Maybe teach them how to do customer understanding or something
  4. Good to know, I basically made a large payment on an installment loan. So what you are saying is that my Credit to debt ratio will not change because installment loans are not included. ugh, no i have to pay more on my credit card
  5. Hello, I pulled my Experian report today... I know i know, experian is the lesser of the 3 right, well it was free with my membership and i just wanted an update. This is what i expected ( and to protect the innocent i am rounding off numbers here) Had a car loan Origional limit was 23,000 > recently i had it paid to 16000 > I made a large payment of 13000 So my current balance is about 3000 So this is the major beef im encountering: my credit report prior to this displayed my credit to debt ratio as 56% I had assumed that after a large payment it would drop my p
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