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  1. Transfer account listed as charge off I have a bon ton department store card (capital one) account that was sold off. There was a zero balance when transferred. The account was transferred in august of 2012. I just found an article on the internet stating" Alliance Data Systems will spend about $475 million to acquire the credit card portfolio of Bon-Ton Stores. The acquisition is targeted to close in the third quarter" The account was sold to alliance Experian and Trans-union have the account listed as a current or transferred. Equifax had reported the account as Transferred and current I had hired Lexington Law in late 2012 to help repair my credit and one of the things they were disputing were old lates, I did have two lates on the account in June and July in 2011, on the credit report. In January of 2013 Equifax had reported the account as Transferred and current. In March of 2013 Equifax had the account listed as collection/ charge off. I am not sure what Lexington Law had done, but I asked them to fix the problem and they said they would fix the problem and they did not change anything. I sent a letter on my own and received a letter back from the original creditor saying the account was sold to allianceand nothing else. Equifax sent me a letter and they said the account was charged off. also Equifax has a high balance of $605 on the credit report which was the credit limit and not the high balance the highest the balance ever was $169 (as reported by other bureaus) both Equifax and Capital one are acting annoyed that I amtrying to fix this problem it only dropped my score from 726 to 597 Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Thank you
  2. I sent the OC the HIPAA letter(HIPAA Compliance Office ( health care provider creditor( above letter) and it has been 14 days since they received the letter. I did not get a response within 10 days so what is my next action to take?
  3. I have followed all the steps and Experian did not change anything. The last step being and then re-dispute with this: http://whychat.5u.co...aa.html#DISPUTE should I send the oc the FORM LETTER TO ORIGINAL HEALTH CARE PROVIDER? Thank you for your help.
  4. I had used Lexington laws services to attempt to remove some late payments on my credit report. I used them for about 6 months I dropped them because they messed up my credit, but they were nice enough to charge me for one last month. Here is the situation: I had not been using an original creditor's,OC, department store card for 7 months. They were in the process of closing the card when I came into the store to use the card so instead ofreactivating the card they stared a new account. ( the new account is in good standing) The old account had all payments current and a zero balance. On my credit report the accounts show as paid or transferred (with one CRA) and current. 45 days ago that changed with Equifax it now shows as derogatory collection / charge off. There are late payments on that old account that are 21 months old, which Lexington law was attempting to remove but never removed them. Instead, they messed up the account turning it from positive account to derogatory collection / charge off. My score dropped 120 points. I contacted the OC via phone and they said the account was never charged off but they would not issue me a letter stating that fact, instead they said contact the CRA and have them contact us and we will verify with the CRA. Jst to verify I pulled a credit report directly from equifax and it is showing the account as closed and as a charge off. The account ha a zero balance and no late payments since 2011 Can anyone tell me What is the best fastest way to correct my credit to not show the derogatory collection/ charge off. Thanks
  5. What is medical DV? I could not find it on abbreviation list? I am getting electronic confirmation receipt for the CMRR for -- Alternate Medical DV for accounts that have been PAIDTO THE REPORTING CA AND ARE BEING REPORTED AS "PAID COLLECTIONS"- letter to the CA. I should have receipt in a few days then I can send the follow up dispute to Experian? Thanks
  6. I opted out and had no change in address The collection is only reporting to Experian, an attorney had it removed from the other two CRA The collection was opened Sept 2011 The medical service was around May 2011(not sure of date) The OC was paid in Aug 2012 my receipt shows Aug 2012 and the account with the CA on the credit shows paid Sept 2012 (assume they updated record 30 days latter) The OC was paid by check. Does any of this information change my next step? Do I send the letters you mentioned and do I need to send one and then wait say 3days or 7 days to send the other? Thanks
  7. Thank you for all your help so far. I Followed your directions and I received a report number and I mailed the-- PRE HIPAA MEDICAL DISPUTE LETTER TO CRA- letter to the CRA. I received a letter back from CRA and they stated "we have already investigated this information and the credit grantor has verified the information." The CRA did not remove the collection. Additional information: The collection is paid, but directly to the original creditor at the doctors office. I have a paid receipt with a zero balance. The OC had reported the item to the CA before I paid to the OC. Which letter do I use now and to whom do I send the letter? Thanks again
  8. I am in the process of buying a home. I started using Lexington law to get rid of lates on my credit report. However, in the great service of Lexington law they were trying to remove lates on an old transferred account which is a retail store credit card. Instead of removing the lates, the credit card company changed the transfer account to a collectioncharge off. This is the credit pictue. Last month: TransUnion said the account was paid and current, Experian said it was transferred and current and Equifax said it was transferred and current. This month: TransUnion said the account was paid and current, Experian said it was transferred and current and Equifax said it was derogatory and a collection/chargeoff. this dropped my Equifax score by 60 points. I contacted Lexington Law and told them what happened and Lexington Law sent a letter off to dispute the change and said I would here something in 3 days to 60 days. I think they disputing with Equifax about the change. I am dropping Lexington law. They messed up my credit. I want to get this derogatory and a collection/chargeoff of my account as soon as possible. Should I call the original creditor and ask them to send me a letter saying this was never a collection charge off and the account was transferred and current? Any other suggestions to get this derogatory and a collection/chargeoff off my credit as soon as possible?
  9. I got the report from Experian without the score. There is no report ID Number but the report has a date and I can sign into an account now with Experian and pull this individual report from their system. It looks like they have a record of the credit report so can I use "report as of this date" in place of "on my report # xxxxx" to identify the source?
  10. I tried calling annual credit report.com and I was unable to get a person on the phone and the computer system wanted to collect my information to order a report. I did not go through the entire process because it seemed similar to ordering the report online. Also, I will have to wait 15 days to get the report. I felt at the end they would just say I already received a free report and tell me I will have to buy the report. If I buy the report directly from Experian will it have the reportnumber I need ?
  11. I opted out. I went to pull credit from annual credit report.com and they said I already received a free credit report so they directed me to: Select "Next Step" if you want to purchase your report online using a credit card." I don't recall ordering one from annual credit report ever, but in the process of repairing my credit it is possible. I have been using Privacy matters to monitor my credit, but they do not have a file number -report number- attached to the credit reports just a date when looked at. I called privacy matter to ask about report number and they directed me to freescore.com saying they have number id for the report order one from them and I can cancel in 7 days easily. Will that work or should I just pay for the Experian report?
  12. What are the benefits of opt out? Do I need to opt out? Is my information getting to the CRA or to the collection agency from some other way then directly from the original creditor? 1 So if I need to opt out opt out 2 get a credit report from anual credit report becasue it is has a number assigned to the credit report 3 send PRE HIPAA MEDICAL DISPUTE LETTER TO CRA This should get the paid collection off my account? Thanks
  13. I have a medical collection that was paid to the original creditor. I have been using Lexington law to remove paid collection they have been unable to do so. Previous to Lexington law, I hired an attorney to remove this collection and another medical collection. The attorney removed the other collection and removed the current collection from one of the three bureaus. One bureau never reported the collection so the paid collection is only being reported by Experian showing a zero balance. I have a paid receipt with a zero balance from the OC original creditor. How do I remove the collection with the HIPAA rules? I have been looking at the letters on why chat and I am confused on what to do. Do I send a letter to the collection agency using the validation/ dispute letter? Do I send the HIPAA letter to the original health care provider? Could some please help and tell me what to do? once that is done do I then send a letter the credit? What Letter? Thanks
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