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  2. Daughter in college and I am a single parent (husband deceased). After my husband passed I filed bankruptcy. (10/03/15 discharge date). I want to apply for the Parent Plus loan, should I apply after 10/03/18 as they consider bankruptcy as adverse credit as my research seems to indicate they only look at the past 5 years, is this true?. credit perfect after bankruptcy. can anyone give their experience regarding the approval for this loan based on bankruptcy? Question 2: does my daughter have to take the subsidized and non subsidized loans before I get a parent plus loan? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. I agree with the above post. I was able to deposit the same check in my everyday checking acct with another credit union. However, with the check expiring today, I would call Penfed and find out if you can still use it.
  4. My daughter will be a freshman in September at Penn State and payment of her tuition will be paid in full by a family member who started a 529 plan for my daughter many years ago. My question is this? If I was to get a parent plus loan, would there be a maximum amount I could borrow?
  5. Does anyone know what lenders send student loan proceeds to the borrower directly?
  6. Eligible to combine all 4 of my accounts to 1, making it a $37,000 limit.
  7. kimcredit


    Congrats! I called right away and asked for $25,000. They approved it for me. the original approved amount was I think $7500.
  8. I am in with NFCU via San Diego council. when I joined the navy league I inadvertently entered my zip code for them to assign a council. I quickly called Navy league and asked they make my council the San Diego council which they did. In the original welcome email from Navy League, I crossed out my zip code and entered San Diego League. NFCU did not accept that. Therefore, I sent an email to Jay@navyleague-sd.com and asked that he send me a letter on the Council letterhead that I am a member. Sent that letter to NFCU and membership was updated via phone call with rep. Applied for a personal loan and checking line of credit and approved for both after sending proof of income for the amounts I requested.
  9. what was the rate for the ploc
  10. Thanks, this really helped a lot. I only have "other offers" for this quarter, I will be looking again next qtr.
  11. I was approved recently for an auto loan through them with BK discharged 3 years ago this August. Rate was under 5%. I was also approved with Penfed, Wells Fargo, Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Went with Volkswagon credit at 2.4%. Scores are in the low 700s.
  12. Walmart MasterCard - Instant Approval for $3,300 called 1-866-519-6441 and got it increased to $25,000 (what I asked for).

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