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  1. We have limits as high as 37,000 on one card. We have loads of cards but all of our 0% deals are over. Chase is the only card I carry a balance with so I'd prefer someone other than Chase that tends to allow high limits for good profiles. We need big limits to preserve our utilization.
  2. Nope! That's over. Get her an Amex early so she can do that for herself as she gets more Amex cards in the future.
  3. Hi, We finally purchased a place and want to put part of our renovation on 0% credit cards. We thought of loans or lines of credit but 0%APR beats them all. We will pay them off with our bonuses before the interest kicks in. 12-15 months is good but 18 would be much better. What cards/issuers issue the highest limits AND feature 0%APR? The credit scores in question are 750-780 (thanks Credit Boards!). SG
  4. I'm a college educated and well read person, as well as a history buff.I know plenty about the awful atrocities committed against Native Americans in this country. I also know much about the 200 years of slavery that my African American husband's ancestors experienced, along with decades of Jim Crow, lynchings, the denial of the right to vote, etc. And I know that in many states of the U.S., interracial couples such as my husband and myself were barred from marriage, until 1967, and could be imprisoned for marrying. My husband and I have both experienced discrimination, him as a black man, and us together as a mixed race couple. However, as horrendous as all those things were, my husband doesn't feel any need to dwell on the past, and let it stop him from working hard and paying his taxes. He doesn't prejudge "whiteys" because of that history either. We're also not raising our two mixed race kids to act as victims. I personally think the OP's attitude is downright awful, and does other hardworking Native Americans no favors. RedhairedLady, How I and your husband choose to handle our history is still a choice. I happen to process the pain and frustration in a similar fashion (to your husband) however this does not give us the right to wag our fingers and tell others how they should react to it. I don't think we should agree with him, I just think he could use a bit of empathy and space. With that, the teachable moment (on credit) could have been possible. We sort of blew that and the thread went down the toilet. Just simply saying, "I understand how you feel and empathize but...... Here is how you could handle that...." May have brought out a different "him". Maybe it's just me, but I'm all for those moments. He was perhaps "dicky", but we did nothing to help him rise above that. And just for the record, I totally understand why you feel the way you feel and why others reacted that way as well, but that's just me. I try to understand people's motivations first, then I try to help if it's needed. Sometimes people hurting just need a little good vibe first. Few are hurting in America like many of our native brethren. I just want to start over, Carparts, be less "dicky" there are some great, knowledgable people in here that just want to help. And Creditboards brethren, let's be a bit more understanding with a little less "finger wagging" and a dose of appreciation for how we came to reside here. We all can do better than this thread shows. PS: Red haired lady, we have lots in common diagonally. My wife is White as well. Hope I didn't offend, just trying to help :-)
  5. I humbly and respectfully add..... anyone who does not understand CarParts general attitude about "American" culture and our government should read "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee" or a similar book by a Native American writer. Sure, his attitude on this forum was not necessary but some replies to him have disappointed me (because i love this forum mostly) and surely exacerbated the situation. What America did to his culture is horrendous and they are still paying the ultimate price for it. I wish we could start this whole thing over and burn this thread (except the car/coffee talk). No one is looking good on this one....
  6. I knew a guy with a 7MGTE it was a... what, 1992 Supra? Was the boxy one. Still NICE! It had some kind of issues with it, but, ... FAST. The JZ is from the newer, curvier Supras, right? (And I know Lexus is Toyota in North America lol) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I527 using Tapatalk 92 Supra was the Boxy lined one. The JZ came in Turbo and NA in the "curvy" Supra. The 2JZ also came in the Lexus Sc300 but it was NA.
  7. Wow, she sounds really unhappy, but on a lighter note.... you sound quite happy for a guy with serious motor and tranny problems ;-) That's GREAT! I have always had a soft spot for older Broncos and Blazers. I like them old as possible with soft tops. My project car is a Lexus Sc400 (2 door V8) that never came in manual, I am going to make it a manual with the V160 or R154. They all bolt right up to the V8 with a kit. I am pulling a perfectly good automatic out to swap to a manual for fun and track use. I also have a fully customized Turbo JZ motor for it that is going in likely this summer. Dunno why I am dismantling a car that runs perfectly, maybe it's too much time on Lexus forums ;-)
  8. Find me a clean R154 or V160 manual transmission and that will be more income for you CPD. I'd even take a clean W58 92' or newer. I would buy a low miles 4L60E from him but 1) He isn't real, therefore 2) He doesn't have it, and 3) Shipping charges would likely make me go local anyways. Heat kills transmissions, and I may elect for a complete re-build (if it needs it) as mine is mated to a VIN W 4.3 (262ci) Vortec They used that (4L60E) in zillions of vehicles. What are you putting it into, a Blazer? How much is a rebuild on those?
  9. Find me a clean R154 or V160 manual transmission and that will be more income for you CPD. I'd even take a clean W58 92' or newer.
  10. I've only had mine for a couple of weeks, so I don't have much to tell you other than everything is expensive. the dealer that sold it to me put $4k into it in for brakes, tires, oil before putting it on the floor. I have no idea what it would take to do the oil changes yourself, but I bet it can be done. I'm also sure you can get them done cheaper than $250. I've just gotten a quote from a specialized shop that does nothing but Porsches. they actually have a Porsche race team and build and re-build the cars all day long. so I know they know everything about the car and will do things right. not the cheapest way, but it's worth it to me. but you have to realize it's basically a sports car in every sense except it's got 4 doors and cargo room. but it runs through brakes and tires very quickly like any other sports car depending on how you drive. it also eats gas big time especially if you like to hit the gas. I bet I'm getting under 10 MPG around town the way I drive and premium ain't cheap these days. I really can't fill the tank on $100. but you'd probably get better in the V6 and you could easily get away with mid-grade or maybe even regular. but I've loved every minute of driving, so as long as you have a realistic sense of the cost, I would highly recommend one. Shifter, I am about 60% through my due diligence. I really want it so I am leaning that way. No other SUV turns me on to that degree. I have turned into a bit of a DIY guy so I'm sure I will save some money that way. Also, the V6 model shares a motor and other parts with the VW Taureg. Lots of the maintenance can be done there if you find a willing dealer. I take my Lexus to Toyota all the time as they are similarly connected. I am trying to find a copy of a Cayenne service manual as we speak. Enjoy it man! It's a marvelous beast in turbo form!
  11. I prefer my 2011 Cayenne Turbo personally. but it's damn expensive. $250 oil changes. $2100 for new tires. $3k+ for any sort of "upgrade" you might want to do. I can't even fill the tank at most gas stations because they cut you off at the island at $100. need high limits on your cards for sure. Shifter, I am looking at the Cayenne for my next purchase now. I am looking at the non turbo 6 cylinder models mostly to keep the price of purchase and maintenance down. Is there anything tricky about the oil changes to make them so expensive? how many quarts? is it the filter that is expensive? Any reason for the owner not to change the oil? How many gallon tank?What else can you tell me about maintenance on a NA model? I'd love the Turbo but it just isn't quite in the budget for me. How often have you had issues? how long have you had it? Thank You!
  12. Mine went down for one weekend, I called and it was reinstated that monday and has worked for 4-5 months since then. My card was compromised last month and they killed it and sent another, that card is now working fine.
  13. CV91915, what were your stats account wise when you got your CLI's from them? I started with marginal credit and got a card with the lowest limit in my collection $2500. I have been with them almost one year and I want a CLI but I don't want to hear the pyramiding excuse. I have 3 new accounts in the last 4 months. I'd like to know my chances of succeeding in getting a nice limit from them. I have PIF every month and rarely use it these days. My DCU Equifax FICO from the day prior to the CLI was 784. The original limit on the card was $20,000. I did a CLI request online and was conditionally approved for something like +$4,000 (pending the submission of pay stubs). I sent in the POI as requested and they bumped me to $35,000 with no further action on my part. I had opened three new cards in the 45 days prior. I keep pretty good records of when cards are approved, but not when they started reporting, so I can't say with certainty that all three new accounts were reporting when I got the CLI. When they approved me for the $20,000 six months earlier my Equifax FICO was right around 715, and I'd opened five new accounts in the prior 90 days. Wow! Thanks for the data points!
  14. CV91915, what were your stats account wise when you got your CLI's from them? I started with marginal credit and got a card with the lowest limit in my collection $2500. I have been with them almost one year and I want a CLI but I don't want to hear the pyramiding excuse. I have 3 new accounts in the last 4 months. I'd like to know my chances of succeeding in getting a nice limit from them. I have PIF every month and rarely use it these days.
  15. Just a reminder.... Dude, Snippy retorts just don't work when you are wrong. Comprehend?
  16. I think it is 24 hrs 1 minute. When that happens, you must wait 24 hrs one minute more, or call them and ask them to re-set your account. You usually get all three at that point. Yes, it is buggy and a PITA but cheap, especially for a couple at ~17.99 per month.
  17. Things are looking up for you Joe! A few small suggestions.. Don't give the manager a DIME! Put your money in the bank! PIF all the time, you have the cash! Don't put too much info about yourself on the net. Enjoy your CLI You are a good dude!
  18. Thanks SG and I appreciate where you're coming from, but I don't want their crap. I doubt that you get the same protections as you would through a regular credit card like AMEX or whomever. I just chaps my flowers that they do this. I rarely put anything on my credit cards that I can't pay off (especially consumer goods). They only thing I would put on a card that would linger would be emergency repairs or services. Not to be snooty but just to avoid interest, fees and getting my self in over my head. It's just not a service I would ever use or ever sign up for. They have not made a dime in interest off of me, and won't ever....... but I get the "over my head" thing. Good luck getting it all removed.
  19. Maybe it's just me, but I don't find it to be scary at all. It happened to me 3 times in 1 year as recently as last month. The bank has caught it early or immediately each time. The charges were voided and I got a new card via next day mail. Chip and pin will make it even easier to avoid. I totally don't loose a second of sleep over it. I use a different card for a day of two and go on with my life. Credit freaks like us have little or nothing to worry about as we check our accounts/credit constantly. Good luck tho!
  20. Funk, I totally can see why you are pissed.... However, If you can't get rid of it, depending on how you spend you may LOVE IT! I know I do. It is my favorite trade line to be honest. The invisibility is a godsend for me. Most of my larger purchases are made through them. I can spend heavily on it (up to 3.5K so far) for something big, get no interest for 6-12 months and pay no utilization penalty. I do this over and over for computers, electronics etc. Good luck getting it nuked, but if you have never had it, it's possible you may wind up loving it like I do. Hope all works out for you!
  21. I am going through the same thing for 3 months now. I persisted and got someone to address it on the spot. We called the CC companies via 3 way call and verified all info. Three days later, the reported but with tons of errors. The limits were reported as "high credit" instead. No balances shown. A USAA account was double reported as Amex with the same data as well. The file they sent to Myfico reported them all as closed. They were rude on the phone, they passed the buck at every opportunity, they don't return calls, I lost 15 points on EQ as a result. I have spent HOURS on the phone with them to no avail. I hate them now! Any guidance on the CFPB complaint process?
  22. Unless you're like me, and get even use the account. Every time I type in the information it is submitted as a new application and then declined because Equifax is frozen. It's gotten old and I don't understand why it happens or why they can't just have it as a regular payment option on PayPal. I'm not sure I totally understand your post. I do use the account. It started at $400 and every time I go over that number, it approves me and auto raises my limit. In 6 months it's grown to $2,700. It is set up as my preferred payment method on Paypal and works as such consistently.

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