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  1. I inherited my house from my mother. The loan for the house was kept in her name after her death, the house is now in my name. I am self employed. This past year my business ran into troubles, and my income went to nearly nil. Credit to some big dings, and I am in low 600's across the board. I fell behind on the mortgage. I have the money to catch up ( 3000.00), which only came in this past week. I was planning on making that payment tomorrow, but today received notice from the USDA that they are opting to call in the loan on the house. I have until the 4th of January to pay the owed amount of $58,000 or they will foreclose on the house. I don't have 58k. Complicating the matter is the USDA will not talk to me. The estate was recently settled. My Aunt is executor. The USDA did tell me that there are extra papers we need to file to move the house into my management in order for me to talk to them. When my mother died, we sent her death certificate, and verification forms. They do know technically I own the house. I was unable to get ahold of my aunt today. In the letter, the only options for discussing this with the USDA is under the conditions that they made an error in what they are doing. They made no error. Factually I am behind on the mortgage. They offer 1: An informal reconsideration hearing to present "new evidence, new information, evidence, and/or possible alternatives, along with your request". Does that mean if I give them the funds to catch up the arrears, they will not foreclose? I don't want to lose the house. I certainly won't be able to get a mortgage for another one. The only other alternative I know is chapter 13, which seems a bit silly, since I literally only have student loans, and 3 nearly empty credit cards. No car loan, nothing else. Basically $3500 would pay off the cards, and catch the house up. Specifically I just want to know since I have the funds to catch up, will they likely opt to take the payment and stop the foreclosure, or are they probably going to force the foreclosure since I can't pay $58,000 for the entire mortgage.
  2. I haven't had a car loan for 18 years. I mainly wanted to know if a 30 day late payment that has only aged 3 months on my credit report would put me in a position of being declined for a loan. Thanks for your response!
  3. I am self employed. There was a change in how my particular business is done, so the business crashed, and I have been in the process of rebuilding it. That is going ok, it's taking longer than I thought it would. I expect things will be very good in a few months. I have been rebuilding credit for years, and recently have had perfectly clean scores across the board. No doubt there have been some extremely close calls, and this past week, I messed up. I was already late on my cap1 card payment, and expected to get both payments before the 30 day late would hit. I have a bank I have been with for about 6 months that I do business with. So in retrospect, I should have been more on the ball, but this is what happened: I called the bank to ask about a deposit that was coming into my account that day and if it would be credited *that day* to my checking account. They verified this was true, so I made my cap 1 payment. Cap 1 hits the the account the next day and bounces out, because the incoming deposited was not credited the same day it came in. For the first time in doing business at the bank, they did not apply the payment to the account right away. If I had been aware of this possibility, I would have shown up at the bank that day and deposited some funds I had in hand. This all bypassed me until I logged into my online banking and saw the funds had not been applied and the payment had bounced. So now it is the weekend, and I have no idea what status quo is. The cap one payment has disappeared from the online record of my checking account, no peep from Cap 1 as of yet, and I will call them Monday. Sorry for that wall of text, simply, I think I will get a 30 day late, and I was planning on purchasing a better car in about 3 months. Current scores a 780, 740, 755. I am guessing an 80 point drop. With a 30 day late in such recent history, what are my chances of getting a car loan.
  4. You are probably right. I simply wasn't aware that they could pull a payment without me initiating the pull.
  5. I have a small loan through a loan company. Usually I make the payment through my bank, with my checking account. A couple of weeks ago, I made a payment with my PayPal debit card. Yesterday I saw that the loan company, on their own, pulled the payment I was to make today, off of my PayPal debit card. My PayPal account didn't have enough for the payment, so PayPal pulled it out of my checking account. End result, is the current payment is made, and I am baffled and irritated they used my debit card to draw the payment. I did NOT authorize the company to use the card. What is this? I talked to PayPal, and they said the loan company had "permission" to use my debit card, since I had used it in the past to make the payment, so they could pull the payment now. Could someone give me more information about this? I have never heard of this before. PayPal did tell me the only way to stop the pull now was to cancel the debit card and request a new one with a new number. I will do that.
  6. What I am actually asking, is it likely Dell would have records of what was ordered on the credit card at this point, and who it went to?
  7. Simple question. Family member had a Dell card that defaulted. Collection agency eventually sued and lost. Twice. The card was closed about 7 years ago. The family member defaulted because a large charge, over 4 k appeared on the card, and since they didn't know what it was for, they refused to pay it. This was an elderly family member in their 70's. I am asking for a reason that is tediously detailed, and hitting the legal system in a civil case, so I won't go into the whole mess. Just need to know it Dell would have kept records of what was bought and who it was shipped to.
  8. This will probably not be helpful to the OP. However a couple of years ago I took a payoff offer from a collection agency. The collection had not hit my credit reports at that point. After I started to pay the offer, the person I was talking to started pestering me and shaming me for not offering to pay the full ( made up) amount they said was the original collection. I pointed out to them that I had accepted their offer to pay the lower ( original) amount. That is what I paid. A couple of days later, the collection showed up on my report, tanked my score about 30 points. It showed up as settled debt for lower amount. Boy was I ticked off. I filed a complaint with the BBB, as the agency was a member. Within a few days there was a response from the agency who said that in the interest of customer service, they would remove the paid off collection they inserted. It was removed.
  9. I had about a 30 point drop in my scores last winter. I couldn't find anything to account for it, until I realized I put my student loans under forbearance. I did a simulator on myfico, and it said as soon as I begin paying again, the score will go back up that 30 points. I realize that is a simulation, but it was the only thing I could find that had changed during that time.
  10. I had a state tax lien from another state who had filed a 2200.00 tax lien against me. I actually owed nothing at all. When I finally got it sorted, I thought, they released the lien instead of withdrawing it. So it had been sitting there going on 3 years, not updated, but showing as an open tax lien. I disputed it and Equifax removed it. It was the only CRA that had the lien still on it. Score on that report went up 24 points.
  11. TU refuses top remove a lien on mine. I disputed, they said verified. As the account is missing information, I have no idea how they verified it.
  12. I just checked all 3 of my reports, and scores. myFCIO. My scores were better than I thought they would be. I still have the same tax liens, as prior, transunion and equifax.
  13. To directly answer the question, we were told by our lender, USDA, that one year of clean credit was required. 12 months. If that is the only ding on your credit, maybe they will do sooner.
  14. oh, additionally, I saw experien offers on their site, free access to their credit report, so I signed up for that. You can look at it as much as you want. No credit card required, and it updates once a month.

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