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  1. Util will be negligible due to the enormous amount of credit available.
  2. So I took up an offer to do a 0% balance transfer with a major bank. They processed the transfer and then a few days later closed the account. Seems very, very odd... but... I can live with it... Question is - should I continue with the bal paydown as planned? Or would I be wise to rush pay off so that a closed account does not appear with a bal?
  3. Average age is about 2.2 years Oldest account is 23 years.
  4. Just checked Amex FICO. 807 .... WOOOO WHOOOOO Thanks CB!!!
  5. Not on CR... Um. Really? This is extra bad if this is true. I thought 10 years was the max. Not on CR
  6. If a tax lien was filed far more than ten years ago, does it automatically go away if they did not refile it? Or is there a certain discharge form that must be filed? Thanks for any input.
  7. How did you get this photo of my new car?!!?!
  8. Thank you for that. I don't like it... but it does seem to work for me. Yes, the $700 CL appears very low rent next to my growing stack of 5 digit CL's
  9. Sure... you buy gift cards and take them with you... But how much do you buy them for? That's the planning part. And because I PIF my accounts, I would not be able afford to leave dollars laying around on an unused GC That's really what I'm saying... I'm sure the savings would add up over time, if you have the resources to work it like that. Suppose I anticipate a $100 Target run. I buy a GC for $95.00 I earn points from the card I used to purchase it... got it. Now I have to pay the CC back immediately. Now let's say I go into Target that day with the GC - but o
  10. Point taken. Yet, however, I usually just stumble in there... Maybe one day I'm seeking eggs and milk.... But end up with much, much more... Purchasing gift cards requires some level of planning for anticipated purchases Then actually buying them - and what appears to be loading them onto a phone.... which they just lost me with that one. IDK - seems like a lot of planning just to get a few extra points And still run the risk of not buying enough - or worse yet - buying too much and having dollars tied up in gift cards. I very much appreciate the info that allo
  11. Mmmmmm.... I'm not so convinced that Target is a worthless turd. I'm pretty sure my purchases there contribute a significant portion towards their enormous overhead. And... 5% off the top has added up to quite a bit of dollars saved. Just my two cents...
  12. Yeah but is 60 with a 6 figure income? or 7+ figures... Is the 6 figure CL derived from a 7 or 8 figure income? Curious minds like to know
  13. I wonder if six figure income qualifies for 6 figure line... Eventually
  14. Have BOA co-branded and FIA fidAmex both at $21K Both started at 5K and CLI's pretty steady at 61 days Sometime the entire limit increase was not granted due to reason "you don't use enough of your current limit" - or something that rhymes with that. So I fixed that problem with HEAVY use and PIF Question becomes - just how high can / do these cards get with clean TU 750+
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