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  1. It says they filed in Sep (I can't read the detail, just the date) but I was never notified by mail or served, etc Do I have legal recourse for that? In WA State you must be first notified of a bank garnishment. And thank you Whychat!
  2. Oh they drained it but fortunately right after I had shifted everything over to my savings, etc., in another bank. The banker said they would have to reissue another writ to get more, my account is not frozen. This bank does not allow anyone but the garnish dept to discuss or have access to anything garnish related so my relationship with the bank I have banked with for over 15 years means nothing. I'll be a former client by tomorrow anyway.
  3. Happened today, I am closing the account as soon as I get down there tomorrow morning. I will be reading up tonight on the pinned info but for now what do I need to do? They got about $150, it is a Synchrony Bank or Patenaude and Felix thing from 4 years ago, owing around $3000.00. I am in WA State and have not been notified in anyway about anything, how do I even find out what court they filed in? The bank said it was a court order, in WA State you are supposed to receive advance notice. This is the account I used to pay with so I am assuming that is how they found it- will they try to garnish daily or? I have a few other accounts, I am planning on moving everything elsewhere and paying everything through a prepaid debit card for the next however long it takes.
  4. Is it worth it to make the payments or should I just blow them off?
  5. I have a credit card in collections. The debt collector attorney filed for a summons, I called them earlier and offered to make $30 per month payments minimum and to pay off the entirety within 12 months. I work more in the summer (as a contractor/1099 employee) so I can easily pay off the $2000 debt by end of summer. The $30 is literally all I can do right now for a few months. They refused to make a payment arrangement, stating the minimum was $50 per month. They said I could pay them $30 per month "in good faith" but that it would not prevent further lawsuit action against me. I reminded them that I had opened a new account that they did not have info on (no way to garnish my account, the one they know I keep empty or close to) and they do not have my employer information. Should I even bother?
  6. Thanks for the insight folks. I have been encouraging her to look into bankruptcy but so far she thinks that her house and car will be taken if she does so. At the rate things are going, they will be anyway.
  7. My friend just called me, she has an unsecured credit card with Twin Star credit union that is late and they are taking her to court this coming Friday. She said that they are going to take her car and sell it to pay the card. She still owes on the car, only like $300 but Ford Motor credit is on the title. She says she spoke with THREE attorneys who all said that yes, the credit union can indeed take the car that is not in her name and sell it to pay off her debt. This is WA State Since when can something you don't own be confiscated to pay off debt? Anyone have any insight to this?? I think I am going to pay off Ford Motor and put the dang thing in my name.
  8. I think I will start calling and using my debit to pay from now on. I am also going to demand my "late fees" for the past two cycles from them, if not I have computer history, and also the conformation from at least the 4th of July to prove I did make a payment on time. I'm cranky enough to trot down and spend a few bucks in court. Besides the AG, anyone else I can raise a ruckus with?
  9. Me and a whole bunch of others, eh!? No, you get to the third screen and hit the button for confirm payment. Then it says pending under the due amount. I have had the card for some time now, I am not new to paying online
  10. They frickin did it AGAIN! I knew that last month I did not forget to pay it. I even looked at my computer history and sure enough, I logged into the Macys card acct to pay on June 5th. I just started getting calls from their creepy collections folks and popped on and my payment, made on the 4th of July (I kept notes this time!) no longer said pending and now says $75.00 due AUGUST 7th, 2014. Is this a scam? Are they just doing this to bilk people out of an extra $25 each month?? A Google search shows I am not alone in this happening. Of course, I can't call them because it only goes to their sh!thead collections people but Lord help them when I get ahold of them.
  11. I have a Macys card, I use it pretty infrequently, mostly for good deals. Anyway, it is due on the 7th of each month if there is a balance. I bought a few things on the card totaling less than $200, peeked at my bill the last week of May and made a mental note to pay it on the 7th or thereabouts. On the 8th of June, I received 3 calls from a number that turned out to be a collection agency demanding $75 for my Macys card. I assumed it was a scam so I hung up but I did check my account, sure enough it was showing $75 due on JULY 7th, 2014. Now, I know that the minimum due of JUNE 7th, 2014 was $25.00. So, they added a $25 late fee (my bad, I'll own that one) and also a demand for early payment for the next month. Is that legal? Can they double a payment like that? I went ahead and paid but the collection agency called my phone 4 times the next day, literally hounding me. The whole thing stinks to me? Thoughts?
  12. When I left my previous job I also left my health insurance provider, Group Health. I owed about $200 of the deductible and made arrangements to pay $30 a month until it was paid. Of course, I kept forgetting. So, after a few months (there was never more than 60 days without payment) I just called Group Health and paid it off fully. They mailed me a receipt. The very next day Evergreen Collections calls and leaves a message for me about the Group Health bill, well, I figured it out because I called them back and asked why they were calling me. The guy admitted it had been paid. I told him it was never in collections, it never was their debt, and I felt they were trying to collect fraudulently on a false debt. I told him I had better not see anything from them again and hung up. Today, a month later, I get a letter from Evergreen stating my Group Health collections account is paid in full. This irritates me. So far nothing on my credit but I think it is BS they would send me a letter stating I had a collections account that never existed. I never paid them anything, the only people getting any money was Group Health period. Any thoughts on this??
  13. I hate AMT. Well, I hated calculating AMT. Did I mention that I am not going for CPA but instead CMA (Certified Management Accountant) because it means no tax and actually focusing on the ins and outs, budgets, and real workings of a business. Tax is so wierd, legislation changes annually, tax courts decide things then appellates say the other way, the Code is too interpretive-no thanks!
  14. Yes, I had the same thing happen except they did not send me to collections-although I sent them to the AGs office among other things. Comcast has severe billing issues and most states AGs know this already. What state are you in? The first thing I did was blow up their Facebook, and had some help from my loudmouth friends. They HATE that and you will be contacted by one of their exec teams quickly. I also blew up companies they work with about them, for example, on Verizons page I tagged Comcast and spelled out their illegal billing practices, etc. Honestly I would be so beside myself I would contact a lawyer. Comcast is a big mess, take'em for all you can.
  15. jonson, I don't want to make you feel uninformed or anything like that! That is why I said everyone should take that Tax class, it is a crazy maze but once you get the gist of how the system goes it is much easier to understand And cashnocedit is right, audits aren't that big of a deal. The ones you see on TV with office raids and lives ruined only happen in the movies-or if you are a mob boss or CEO of Enron

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