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  1. Got $500 bringing me to $8250...I entered my income and employer name thats it --- it said it'd notify me if there'd be a need to pull reports. That didnt happen here, did it?
  2. Well today I tried to replicate what I did yesterday and couldn't. I decided to just try to apply the $5700 from all offers as if I were accepting the gas/cash rewards card again. I progressed through the screens no problem, declining the insurance coverage - it then updated and said new limit is $12,700 however this popped up next to it and I couldn't get past this: MUST BE 'CHG' ACT TO UPDT CHIP (23933) I called...spoke to someone who said my offer is for $1900...I explained I'm doing this through all offers and told her what happened with the error. She put me on hold about five minutes to get with a loan officer, came back and said its done and reflects the new balance. Refreshed my page and sure enough it reflects $12.7 Hope this helps someone in the future
  3. You probably have no offers. My only offer in the past six months was for turbo tax. Some of us are just damn lucky I guess. I see a whole page full of offers (bunch of loans) when I click on "view all offers." Perhaps by "my offers" the OP was referring to clicking on the green buttons under "Your Offers"? I've never clicked through that way. I've always wanted to see all the offers available before accepting one. Here is what I was referring to...I can choose auto loan which shows used auto for $10k, or credit card which shows CLI of $1900 or accept promise at that limit, All offers shows me something better but I'm not certain it's any more of a pre-approval and hence I'd like to find out if it's more of a true app than acceptance.
  4. and if i were to just click my offers / accept cli to my current gas card haha yeah I do but since i planned on getting a used auto loan for 10-25000 later this year I dont want to mess around with them too much.
  5. cliffs: there's a chance that depending on how you accept pre-approval offers the amount may change So I received my a couple emails this past couple week from penfed on pre-approval offers. These came in the form of used auto loan up to $10,000 I logged in and see two things...my offers (of which show the used auto loan for $10k as well as credit card offers. For this it shows the "gas" platinum cash rewards visa card I currently have had since opening my account with them 8/14 -- says I can bump the limit by $1900 OR accept the promise card at that limit. In clicking on "all offers" I'm greeted with a whole lot more but it begins to confuse me...for instance, the used auto loan here shows $15,000. What's more is that it shows pre-approval for $5700 on the same gas card I already have - obviously I cannot apply twice so I called penfed yesterday. Now in the few times I've called, I've always gotten very good customer service albeit they don't seem to take jokes well...this rep had to have been brand new because she didn't understand what I was referring to when I asked what the difference was between "my" offers and "all" offers. I asked if it showing me the same card I already have for $5700 meant I could apply this to my CLI -- after putting me on hold a few times she came back and said that yes I could just accept the CLI of $1900 or take the new card. Then I asked if these "all" offers were the same as pre-approvals in that it's basically mine i just need to accept and she said yes to all. I asked what kind of pulls and she said the hard pull is done in the beginning good for 90 days...she didn't understand that I was obviously recently soft'd and I began to realize she didn't know much of what she was talking about at all. My questions to CB: Do you know if any of this is like putting through a new application? I do NOT want a hard pull and do not need a CLI although it'd be nice considering my recon only got me $500 from my $6500 start when I first applied. If it's not an application and is more along the lines of sure just accept then I'd like a PLOC. Also do you know if a) you go to accept and it counters with less than what was offered and if it IS an application, does it get reviewed/potentially denied. Well today I played around with the offers. If you click "my offers" and go to select the card you already have it basically tells you you're about to add to your current card whereas it otherwise tells you nothing and just has you select the box and continue to go through the process. Now I cannot speak to the effectiveness of this yet but it seems that if you open your CLI/new card offer but don't select any of the products, then go into all offers and open up the same card (gas) as if you were accepting it as new and then go back and click the card you already have for the CLI the amount changes from $1900 to the full $5700 -- again I haven't accepted anything yet but I thought you'd all appreciate this and I hope to continue to work on this as a data point. NOW of course if I could've just selected this $5700 same gas card as if I were applying/accepting it and it was gonna give the CLI of $5700 anyway then i suppose you can disregard all of this but still interesting that "my offers" update like it did.
  6. Are the preapprovals pretty much guaranteed to be a go or will it require a hard pull? I'm trying to stay off their radar until I'm ready for a used auto loan later this year but if I can pick up say a PLOC now even though I won't use it it'd be nice to add to my file. I've read you can add the offers to a current credit card as well, do they still do that?
  7. I will do just that, along with the initial Capitol one pull. I agreed to ONE motorcycle loan inquiry because I thought with a 750+ I'd qualify for tier one. I never even got any paperwork from Sync going over the terms, nothing and when I called later in May they had no record of the damn application. What does credco even do?
  8. I understand your frustration but A LOT of the info has been asked, answered and regurgitated over and over again which is why some might be so helpful. Some people here like any other forum are very clicky. I suggest just being polite but insistent in your inquiries and try to keep your diatribes to a minimum. There's still a ton I'm not familiar with that I'd love to just make a thread for because frankly the search can get awfully messy but have patience. This place helped me out a ton and I can't thank the contributing members enough because save for them looking for new info themselves, no one needs to respond.
  9. Been with them since Aug 2014 when I went on my first and only app spree. Previously had one card with $2200 limit with no baddies and seven year history. I have $25 in savings, $1300 in checking that I dont touch and I WAS doing direct deposit but I didn't like my options if I needed to take out a few K in a hurry. I stopped that but still got the 5% savings on the gas card I app'd for at the time of signing up. I've used their card since opening for about $1k and always paid in full but did put on $750 last month which will be paid off in under three months...my long term plan was to apply for a used auto loan later this year. I too got an email from them last week...it was for a 10k used auto loan, logged in and this is what I'm seeing now. I'd like to stack, do you know if there is a hard pull involved in ANY of these? I'm not ready for the car yet, I am have about 4k open out of 60k across seven cards, their limit is $7k... What sticks out to me is debt consolation (if I can put my girlfriends cards on there...yes I know and yes it'll be fine) or a line of credit. I have no real interest in opening any more cards yet...I soon will be looking to do CLI on what I've got but had no plans for new app. Basically I don't want to waste the opportunity if it's a freebee but also don't want to ruin anything for when i do go to apply for a car. BTW does anyone think the offers are a representation of what I would've received if I applied anyway? Happy to give any other info for data points... American Express $5,700.00 VISA Platinum Cash Rewards $5,700.00 PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card $5,700.00 Bill Consolidation Loan $12,200.00 New Boat Loan $25,100.00 New Motorcycle Loan $14,500.00 New Motor Home Loan $25,100.00 New Travel Trailer Loan $25,100.00 New Auto Loan $15,000.00 Personal Loan $12,200.00 Thrifty Credit Service $11,400.00 Personal Line Of Credit $11,400.00 Used Boat Loan $19,400.00 Used Motorcycle Loan $14,500.00 Used Motor Home Loan $19,400.00 Used Travel Trailer Loan $19,400.00 Used Auto Loan $15,000.00
  10. I pulled my reports in November and only equifax shows my current address reported 5/2015 as 2839 Kennewick in Kennewick Washington. This address comes back to a UPS store. I spoke to the store manager there who said without a subpoena they couldn't disclose much but she did try to help me out to say if someone were to send a letter there addressed to me that it would come back return to sender. I know UPS has boxes for rent but it doesn't make any mention of it in the report. Just that its first reported 5/2015 and last reported 6/1/2015. It does show my current address as former 1 with correct dates (1st reported February and last November) My primary concern is how did this happen in the first place, I have zero ties to anything outside of the NY/NJ area. Am I overthinking this or can I simply contact Equifax and dispute the address? Side note: Can I have previous addresses removed from my reports? Is this something I'd even want to do?
  11. Alright I've got an update for you....as I mentioned Capitol one executive offices ended up taking about eight weeks total but I am able to confirm that their hard pulls and card have been pulled off my 3 reports that I pulled in the beginning of November so great on them HOWEVER After running the reports I come to find out that there is a Credco Auto pull on each of my reports, from that date 5/12/15...I had never heard of them until these latest pulls. Save for calling them and telling them my story does anyone have any information on how to deal with unauthorized inquires? I never really got an apology from them but did come to find out the girl I spoke to in finance is the owners daughter so no real surprise there. Potentially unrelated, as of May 2015 equifax reported a new address out in Washington state...address comes back to a UPS store.
  12. Executive offices at capital one reached out to me the 21st...took a detailed report of what happened. Followed up this morning confirming this was not done with my permission and went on to state they will have the CRA (Equifax) remove the hard pull and trade line from my report. The rep was very, very polite and helpful. Wish I could say the same of Yamaha which thus far has overpromised and underdelivered.
  13. Called Yamaha corporate last night, they went on to say every dealer is independent and the credit is handled in house. Went on to defend my stance that they represent the company and how I would appreciate their assistance.
  14. Penfed is at 6.49...I've only seen USAA beat it at 5.99 both at 48 months since its under $10k No this is capital one...its a store card which is what really gets me upset. Another 10k card while poor timing would be fine enough but I'm not gonna use this. I just spoke to the dealer, they said they'd call capital one and see what can be done but I made it clear I want that rescinded, not sure it's a real viable option though.
  15. I might've made it sound more confusing. I app'd for a loan through a motorcycle dealer site after talking numbers all week. Approval came back, declined the loan through synchrony. Looks like they re-applied through another bank (capital one) but this time for their revolving card that can only be used to purchase a motorcycle or gear or accessories. I expected one pull, seems like I've got two now and a line of credit I do not want. How can I contest that and get the pull removed from inquiries? Is it too late really and I'm stuck with a line I wont use. Would it have any bearing on my profile or is it along the lines of a store card like express?

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