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  1. It's been forever since I posted on CB, but this caught my eye. I'm definitely the unsolicited advice giver. There's a smidge of scrooge in me, but a very tiny amount. I have a younger sister that had a foreclosure 15 months into owning a house and now lives in a trailer that's owned by my parents. Her husband quit his job without another lined up, they have a 3 year old, and my sister works odd jobs from home and definitely doesn't make enough to pay the bills. A couple years ago, I advised her to put $5 a week ($20/mo) into a savings account because it's at least something. I mentioned being "poor" and she got all offended because she doesn't think I'm poor (we make well over 6 figures, but put a lot back in savings every month, and have some larger expenses - luxury cars by choice, 15 year note on the house, etc). We are lucky enough to have worked hard to get where we're at and choose to be poor because I know Social Security won't be enough to survive on when I'm of retirement age, so I have to do what I can now to make sure I'm not homeless and starving when I'm elderly.
  2. TR Visa is great for earning reward credits (RCs) that are used like cash at CET properties. I've had the card since March 2014 and got 10,000 RCs after spending $750 on the card plus two free buffet of buffet passes (The current promo isn't the same - I think a High Roller pass, a night at an Atlantic City property, or a buffet pass at one of the lesser buffets). 10,000 RCs = $100. 5x RCs for purchases at any CET property, so you could charge a room at a Caesars property and get 5x. 3x credits on airfare and gasoline, 1x for everything else. They have been doing random promo deals like there was a 3 week time frame where they did 3x on all purchases outside of the CET properties, and I spent $4k during that time, earning $120 in RCs. I use this for my main card, but we also go to Vegas at least twice per year. Charge meals and drinks to your room and you can use the RCs to pay those charges. At Eiffel Tower Restaurant and Mon Ami Gabi, you have to visit the TR desk and get a voucher for what you plan to spend in the restaurant. If you get a voucher for more than you spend, you lose the overage, so estimate conservatively. I've used $25 at Hash House a Go Go and $200 at Mon Ami Gabi and currently have $471 in RCs to use in November over a 4 night stay. Of course, the card may not be good for everyone, but it works well for me.
  3. So after going through the whole process (opt out, delete addresses, etc.) and the last account I have (which was paid to OC) is now showing as a paid collection, I try the medical DV for Paid collections? Just trying to make sure I have this correct! Thanks
  4. EX finally got back with me about updating my information. I have some good news and bad news. Good news: They finally got my name right. Bad news: Former name #1 is still showing up -- the one tied to the medical collection I've been working to get removed. Also, the collection is showing as PAID on the report. More bad news: only a few of my accounts are showing up. I compared this information with all the information I have for every account I have and realize I still have a couple accounts in last name #2. I am 97% certain those accounts that are missing are tied to #2. I can only hope that once I get this changed with the creditors, it will be updated on my report. Back to the collection: Since this is showing up on both EQ and EX as "paid," do I file the complaint against the OC and the CA? If I am reading the site correctly, I send courtesy letters to the OC and CRA then file the complaint 10 days after the date of the letter? Thanks so much for all your help!
  5. I applied for this card after months of debating whether or not I should even try. I've been working on getting collections taken off my reports and have had a great deal of success, so I decided to take the risk... crappy interest rate, but I'll take it for the (limited) perks since we travel to Vegas often. Your application has been approved. Credit limit: $7,000 Annual percentage rate: 22.99% Your Total Rewards® Visa® credit card and welcome package will arrive by mail within 7-10 business days.
  6. TU deleted all accounts in question early on in this process and they are still not showing on the TU report. If only the other two could be so generous and get them off!!
  7. When I tried to get a copy of my EQ report, they are unable to verify my identity and needed a copy of my social security card. I have faxed that information to them (using my home phone number as my fax number so I don't confuse them further). According to the rep I spoke with, it could take up to 30 days for them to update my credit file. I am not exactly sure what is going on with my file, but I do think it may have something to do with checking my report daily during a several month span. They were unable to give much information other than stating once they received the social security card, they would be able to assist me further. EX has changed it to a paid collection.
  8. Thanks. I sent the copy to the OC and they promptly replied stating "2/27/14 - Please read the previously sent letter carefully. The Franklin Collection Agency has assured us once again that they have closed your account and erased all personal health information. The credit reporting agencies are beyond our reach. Hope you have success with them. - wg" How should I proceed?
  9. Regarding what is currently being reported on my credit file: EQ: I have been unable to verify what information is on my EQ report because my file has become all messed up. Best I can tell, all the checking I've been doing to see what progress has been made has split the file or something so when I try to check the backdoor, I get an error message to call them because they need more information (my SS card). I can fax this to them from my home phone, so there will be no new numbers added to my file to confuse them further. EX: I have verified that the Franklin Collection Services account has been updated to "closed" and "Paid, was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim or was terminated for default" and "Account in dispute-reported by subscriber." As a reminder, I followed the HIPAA program and paid the OC directly. I did NOT pay the CA.
  10. That's fabulous news! I'm still working on mine. Reading your progress gives me (and I'm sure the rest of CB) hope that we can achieve the same success!!! Congratulations!
  11. I got a reply back from EX which simply explains how they report medical collections. I think we all understand how they report these accounts. If we didn't we wouldn't be here. The information listed for FRANKLIN is the exact same information that has been listed as long as the collection has shown on my credit report. The only difference is under the comment section which states "Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act). This item was updated from our processing of your dispute in October 2013." As stated in a previous post, EQ can't seem to even find the account and has requested my SS#. Back when I paid, I received a letter from Physical Therapy Solutions about how they contacted their attorney and were within their rights to report the information to the collection agency and they even provided a copy of some information they found on the DHHS website about what is allowed. The only bit of positive information was that when they contacted Franklin, they stated they would make sure to delete all PHI from their files. I was hoping they would simply remove the account, but I can see that's not going to happen. Do I take their letter as a sign they will continue to report to the CRAs or do I send the letter to the HIPAA compliance department in hopes they will concede and stop reporting? I have a feeling they won't back down as they have provided literature to me stating they are within their rights and did not provide any more additional information than allowed by law?
  12. Okay, so the lady found the copy of my driver's license that I sent in, but somehow they managed to split my file because of discrepancies in the personal information they have... So now they are asking me to FAX a copy of my SS card to them as additional proof of identity. Since I have done everything by mail, should I also send this by mail even though they requested I fax it??
  13. Update: I got a letter back from EQ today stating that they had updated my address to my current one (Uh, it's was correct before I started this process, they just refused to delete my old addresses). It also said that FRANKLIN was not currently reporting to my credit file. Here's the kicker... they have changed my name back to my FIRST married name. So now I'm on the phone with a lady (who has been super helpful, I might add) trying to figure this mess out. She is currently searching through whatever it is they search through to find where I originally sent them the information to delete addresses and wrong names -- in March 2013. The entire time I've been disputing this information my personal information has been correct, and now that I dispute the last item, they screw it all up?? Doesn't make any sense!
  14. I had the monitoring from Equifax and Experian. I have no qualms with a good monitoring service, but Equifax has become a huge hassle. When looking at the "dashboard" and my credit report via the service, it shows one credit card. I continually got updates they call "alerts" with updates re: accounts I have, but they did not show up on the report they always provided. I suppose it is possible it's a split file, but that didn't necessarily make sense considering I was still getting email alerts about various other accounts I have. Until I filed the dispute regarding this last medical collection, I had been able to see all my accounts. Once I receive an answer to my follow up letter, I will get another hard copy of the report.
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