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  1. It's been forever since I posted on CB, but this caught my eye. I'm definitely the unsolicited advice giver. There's a smidge of scrooge in me, but a very tiny amount. I have a younger sister that had a foreclosure 15 months into owning a house and now lives in a trailer that's owned by my parents. Her husband quit his job without another lined up, they have a 3 year old, and my sister works odd jobs from home and definitely doesn't make enough to pay the bills. A couple years ago, I advised her to put $5 a week ($20/mo) into a savings account because it's at least something. I mentioned being "poor" and she got all offended because she doesn't think I'm poor (we make well over 6 figures, but put a lot back in savings every month, and have some larger expenses - luxury cars by choice, 15 year note on the house, etc). We are lucky enough to have worked hard to get where we're at and choose to be poor because I know Social Security won't be enough to survive on when I'm of retirement age, so I have to do what I can now to make sure I'm not homeless and starving when I'm elderly.
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