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  1. Then if not these cards, what card should we look into that has good value on hotel rewards. I was all set to get a HH this morning until I realized 40k points got me 1 night in Niagara. A few months ago there was a card that gave enough for 3 nights but I can't recall which card that was.
  2. Heg where is that graph from. I would live to do one of mine. CB has done amazing things for me. I wish I could pay the info forward but a new house and 2 small kids have severely limited my Internet activities. My goal this year is to be on here much more.
  3. Except you can decode an SSN to get the date of issue. It's a simple algorithm for any lender to include in their application process, to ensure that they're not approving the SSN of an 8-year old for a new credit card That is not true anynore. In 2011 they changed SSNs to be completely random. I also live in Pittsburgh. Your social should start with a 1 or 2. My kids were born in 2012 and 2014 and have a start of 7 and 6.
  4. I have done craigslist quite a few times but everyone on there wants a deal so you have to make sure there is money for profit.
  5. Is this a big chain store or just a local mom and pop? I would take it to whomever is above the manager and see what they say.
  6. My ck says 586 and my walmart fico is 731
  7. Well that stinks that it just appeared now. I had something similar happen. While cleaning I had one disappear then a few months later it showed back up under a new JDB. I was able to dispute the collection and get it off pretty quickly. You are about 11 months away from being able to get it off as obsolete so you will need to come up with another reason that it shouldon't be there.
  8. sounds like you need to do some more reading. There is more to a score dropping than what you posted. Maybe util changed, maybe rebucketed. Was this midland on your report before or did it just show up? If it was on your report before, what is different about how it is listed now compared to yesterday?
  9. I wonder quite often what happens to people who just disappear from forums. Another forum that I am on has a person who used to post 20-30 a day and had nearly 20k posts and just disappeared. Did they die, go to jail, or just lose interest in the subject.
  10. Thank you for posting this. We rent a car 3 times a year and each time I scour the Web for hours looking for good deals. In Jan we are flying into tampa on the 16th and flying out if ft laud on the 19th. Cheapest that I have found a midsized for has been $158. This app had it for $110. That makes me happy.
  11. If SOL started in 2010 then you are out of the woods as far as a lawsuit so I wouldn't settle for anything less than deletion. If you pay it it will drop your scores. However there is no way you are getting a mortgage with a 20k open c/o
  12. Ate all of your cards joint or are they in one persons name with the other authorized? If they are not joint I would remove the authed high util under one name and try to get new 0% by cards.
  13. Having the class action out may suck, but a one on one lawsuit will probably end quicker.
  14. Whenever you buy something it leaves your account but doesn't get to the store for 2-4 days. It is the same the other way around. When you get a refund it comes out of their account immediately but takes 2-4 days to hit yours.
  15. I have been away for awhile but I have time to come back now. I noticed BW has not posted since Feb. Did I miss something?
  16. So I got a letter in the mail yesterday from all three cards. It said they were lowering my limit because there was a rapid rise in my util and my util is to high. Util has not gone up in 5 months so not sure what they are unhappy about. I am going to call them tomorrow.
  17. Good luck, it seems like a never ending battle at first but the battle will be over sooner than you think.
  18. I haven't heard of a Chase FR. They have their eyes on you... Enjoy your day and update us when you know more. Hmm that's my luck. I wonder if it had something to do with 3 new chase cards for 20k, then 100k mortgage a month later. Then 10k charged on the cards in short time on my crappy income. I just checked all 3 reports even though I said I wouldnt. No negatives and chase has not even soft pulled me. I guess they just don't like me. I don't even think I screwed them in my bad credit days.
  19. I only have 1 other card with a balance and it is at 50% with 0% transfers. I did have a FR with chase about 3 months ago but the rep said everything was ok. Not sure what is going on. I guess I could call but I assume nothing would be done. Oh, and I have not checked reports I'm about a month but was at 721 last time I checked with no baddies. I will check tomorrow, we have plans today and don't want to be annoyed if something bad popped up.
  20. Well I just effed myself for the first time since repair. I have 3 chase cards. Limits are 12k, 8k, and 5k. I ave balances on all 3 which were due to 0% offers which worked out great when we bought the house for stuff we needed. Anyways, my 12k card has $1400 on it and I wanted to pay it off this month. I needed to wait for paycheck which was the 10th. My tracker had this card due on the 11th. I went in to make the payment on the 10th and it showed due on the 9th. Ok no biggy I PIF and move on. Today I log in to pay my other cards which are due next week and I see they balance chased me on all 3 cards. They took them to 5k, 2.5, and 3.1. I am so annoyed at myself that over being 1 day late by accident they killed 15k in available credit which shot my util up by 16%. Sigh.
  21. It is definitely a weird situation. My problem is the car is no longer registered and not insured. I am not even sure how to get it registered with out the title. Actualy without any paper work. I had a flood many years ago and I lost most all of my papers including anything that had to do with this loan.
  22. Hi there, yep still around just not daily. My reports are 100% clean, util is a little high but that was all planned and will be dealt with soon. I still have not done anything with this damn car. I think about it daily and are just afraid to do anything with it. My wife reminds me once a month that it would be nice to have the car on the road again since we only have 1. Did you ever buy a house? Amazing it's been a year since I posted on your thread. Hope all is well. Good luck. We did buy a house on 10/20/14. We didn't have 20% down so instead of having PMI we took out a loan through PHFA. The interest rate was 1 pull point higher but we don't have PMI at all. Since it is a state agency we also get a mortgage certificate which allows us to a refund of about half of the interest paid via taxes. If I add that back in I am not sure what it does to the actual interest rate.
  23. Hi there, yep still around just not daily. My reports are 100% clean, util is a little high but that was all planned and will be dealt with soon. I still have not done anything with this damn car. I think about it daily and are just afraid to do anything with it. My wife reminds me once a month that it would be nice to have the car on the road again since we only have 1.
  24. Good luck. It was hard work but very much worth it. We are going on a cruise next week and thanks to this rebuild I opened a southwest card with 50k miles. It was enough for 2 round trip tickets which saved us $700. Another great benefit to.good credit.
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