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  1. A DV is a request for validation. Did you ask for verification instead? Is Cambece reporting? If so, they've now provided you with proof that they cannot verify the accuracy of that reporting. Be sure to dispute with the CRAs. To stop the third-party calls, send them a letter via CMRRR stating you know they have your correct address and that any calls to other people will be documented as FDCPA violations. You need to have something in writing proving they know how to find you to make such a lawsuit airtight.
  2. I'm surprised you haven't yet contacted the general counsel and/or the CEO at TU. Your next round of certified letters should be going to them.
  3. I got one of these calls today on my Verizon cell phone -- a number I give NO ONE unless I know them, and there isn't a single company I do business with that has it. I think they're just doing random phone bank calling and hoping they get a sucker.
  4. You were lucky, JB. I think you know that. In the years I've been here I can't tell you how many people have not been so fortunate and have found themselves with a federal suit they didn't count on having. State violations are always better to use in small claims, absolutely, but the OP was talking about federal violations -- which is why I advised against suing in SC. C1 keeps meticulous records, rarely sells its paper, and likely would have no qualms about moving a case to federal. Totally different than the situations you've posted about. OP, if your state has the type of protections Cali has, you can sue in SC using state laws. But bear in mind a SC judge cannot compel a company to do anything other than pay you money.
  5. How many CAs do I have now? None. How many have I played whack-a-mole with in the past six years? Dozens. How many have I ever paid? None. And easy there, skippy, on judging what debt is okay and what isn't. Your kids' medical debts don't put you on a higher ground or give you license to point fingers at people with other types of debt.
  6. Suing in small claims court for federal violations will likely get you nowhere. C1 would just have the case moved to federal court. However, it was their sloppy reporting that allowed me to get them off my reports (the story is in my sig). Keep in mind the VBFI is no longer their governing body, though. I can't remember who it is, sorry. You should be getting new paper copies every time you get dispute results back. Have you?
  7. Bolded part is my addition. The rest is good -- the grammar isn't perfect () but sometimes that's actually good. It shows you're a real person.
  8. Good find. I have that PFD saved on my harddrive but I haven't been able to find it for others, so well done!
  9. Hey, here I am. (sorry, this wedding planning has taken over my LIFE) Jen's right -- stick to the state code. Much more power there!
  10. Dear salamander CA, Thank you so much for providing me with proof this account is not mine! It sure will come in handy when I show it to my attorney and ask him to find out why the account is still on my credit reports. You could save me (and, really, yourself) some trouble by deleting the account from my reports immediately. Hugs and kisses, Me
  11. I really don't see the point in sending CA letters to the CRAs. The CRAs don't care whether the CAs validate or not -- it's not their business what goes on between a CA and a consumer. Theoretically, the CRAs are just third-party observers. My advice is two rounds of the 1-2 punch, and if that doesn't do the trick, then file a complaint with the MI AG.
  12. Wait for the response from your CRA disputes. Once you have that, round #1 is over and you can proceed to round #2 of DVs/disputes.
  13. Exactly how many TLs are we talking about here? There isn't any set limit to how many you can put in one letter, but I wouldn't do more than 4-6 at a time. Essentially you'd break them up into a few to dispute each month and rotate the list. But since you said you sent 14 (eep) DVs out, you may want to go ahead and dispute all those CA TLs during your first round so as not to waste a 1-2 punch opportunity. Are all those CAs reporting? What you DON'T want to do is send multiple letters to a CRA within the same month -- that's likely to get 15 days tacked onto your disputing period. So send ONE letter and let that dispute period finish before sending another one.
  14. Then you may have a tough time demanding payment. There's no non-PP here, the lines of when the 30d dispute period occured are fuzzy, and there's no law that says pulling a CR is continued collection (that comes from an FTC opinion letter). They're off your reports and they pulled a soft. If I were you? I'd leave it alone and just keep an eye on your reports. If they try to reinsert, use the dispute results letter you got when they were deleted to make them go away again.
  15. We'd need to know what kind of acct this is. Except in particular (rare) situations, making a payment does not restart the SOL clock. Please do heed the above advice about reading the newbie section.

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