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  1. Let me know if you find out. I too am stuck with "Chuck" or what ever his name is in the "special" department due to having to hire an attorney to deal with PRA and their false reporting. ALL I did was send notarized affidavits to all 3 CRAs that I had NEVER made the payments to PRA that they are reporting and I was told I landed there "because I hired an attorney." No other CRA did this to me. EX is run by Satan himself I am convinced.
  2. Michigan absolutely does have a borrowing statute. Two laws cover this: M.C.L. § 600.5861; M.S.A. § 27A.5861 There was an attempt to get the legislature to repeal it but it was not successful. A co-worker recently used it in her defense of a JDB lawsuit.
  3. It isn't just pop up ads these clowns are using. I have received no less than 6 emails purporting to be from court clerks in states I have NEVER lived in EVER saying I have a court case and to download the attached zip file to read about it. All of them claimed that I had an appearance in less than a week from the date of the email. I noticed right away the attached file was an .exe file which would be executable and malware or a trojan/virus. No official court name, always a generic court clerk name, no date, time etc. because you are supposed to panic and download the file so they can ha
  4. Given how close they are to the end of the 7 year reporting period I would try "obsolete" and they may disappear a few months early. The OC tradeline for Cap1 will be the hardest because they have a hard line stance of not deleting early, PFD, or good will.
  5. Your SOL situation is complicated because of moving around so much. Without knowing where you lived and for how long from 10/2008 until now it is impossible to say which SOL will apply. The reason you cannot just apply CA SOL is because of the moving around. If you want a reliable answer from a legal standpoint I would give a call to MI attorney and ask how to figure it out. Until you know for sure I would go with the plan that it is still active and you can be sued. Even if you move to CA tomorrow they can still apply the MI laws for suit until you have been back in CA for at least 6
  6. The SOL for written contracts in MI is 6 years so if your DOFD is 10/2008 then it would expire this year. Typically you need to reside in a state for 6-12 months for their SOL to then apply to your debts in existence at the time you take up residency. If you moved out of a shorter SOL state to MI prior to the SOL expiring then your SOL is still alive and viable. However, if the SOL expired in the state you were residing in prior to moving to MI it did not revive the SOL by moving to a state with a longer one. It is likely that apply for and getting new credit did trigger their new int
  7. This sounds like a perfect reason to call them back and have a laugh at their expense. That's what I was thinking. Racking up some FDCPA violations is an added bonus. Sure you will rack up the violations but if this IS a scammer then they are using a spoofed phone number and likely are not even in the USA. If they do have a USA address it is most likely a mail drop box where you can't serve them with a lawsuit. They make flagrant violations because they KNOW you can't do squat about it. Even consumer attorneys won't chase them because it is a waste of time.
  8. I would not call them back but WHEN they do call back and they will, THEN I would play with them. I got this scam call(s) in December and January and did just that until the last one where I finally told them they were wasting their time because I knew it was a scam and would NEVER pay them a dime. Silence since. To date despite the threats NO ONE has ever showed at my house to arrest me, serve me, or haul off my possessions for sale. My personal favorite is we will call your employer: great give it a go. I am self employed! I simply warn friends and family to utter a profanity fol
  9. There is a national law in the United States since 1986 known as the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. EMTALA for short. What the law states is that ANYONE who presents to a hospital emergency room and requests care must be evaluated and treated until medically stable or the baby is safely delivered if the woman is in labor without regard for their ability to pay. If the hospital lacks the capability to provide the treatment the patient needs they may legally transfer the patient to a facility that does possess those facilities. They may also transfer the patient at the pat
  10. Decades. While annoying when your tonsils bug you it isn't life threatening. One thing you can ask your primary care physician about is possible sleep apnea. If you are a mouth breather when you sleep and you snore that can lead to a very dry mouth and throat during the night until you wake up and hydrate. This can lead to the symptom you are experiencing. If you have a bedside humidifier you can sleep with that and see if making the air in the bedroom more moist helps. If it is sleep apnea and CPAP is the treatment recommended they have units that humidify the air as well.
  11. My father calls them "mall Harleys." LOL He REALLY needed one too and as I started to do the research on getting one for him he passed away. They are still very available. I started with a Craig's List search to see if someone was selling a good used one they no longer needed. Look under medical equipment. If you Google "motorized scooter for elderly" you will find pages of links to choose from. You can also look for a local durable medical equipment business and see if they will rent one monthly if the cost of purchase is daunting. When traveling many places (especially in Flo
  12. Would that law firm happen to be Dynia and Assoc? They are a bottom feeder and will stop at nothing including lying to you. DO NOT speak to them on the phone. I had JC on my CR for a card that I defaulted on during a layoff 6 years ago. After too many violating phone calls (that I did not realize I could sue for) I made a complaint to the BBB in MN where JC is headquartered. They folded and now NOTHING reports on my CR including the OC. Make a complaint to the BBB that they are fraudulently reporting a payment that was never made to re-age the debt and it should go away entirely.
  13. Convergent will fold if you DV them as they can't prove anything. Same with NCO. Enhanced Recovery will delete if you challenge them through the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. They have been trying to shut down ERS for some time and have an online complaint form that anyone can use not just Florida residents, Cap1 does NOT do PFD or goodwill for ANY reason. The rest I have no clue but it can't hurt to try.
  14. They actually stated that they were going to charge me for another month even though I didn't agree to it. I just wanted to cancel the service. What are the disadvantages of making a cc dispute. If their is a lot involved, I'll just cut the loss. It isn't a complicated process. You can simply send a letter to the CC company and dispute the charge. The big question is did you follow the repair agency's policy for cancelling the service? If you did enclose proof of that with the letter disputing the charge. It should be removed fairly easily. I had a charge on my MC from the Ta
  15. Jerry J. Jarzombek 2001 The Law Office of Jerry Jarzombek Fort Worth Texas T. Dean Malone 2003 Law Offices of Dean Malone, P.C. Dallas Texas Tom Thomas II 2005 Law Office of Tom M. Thomas II Dallas Texas Gary A. Armstrong 2007 Armstrong Kellett Bartholow P.C. Dallas Texas
  16. You DO NOT have to wait for the dentist to bill your insurance. You can take the itemized receipt and file your own claim for the work done. I would do this so that it gets processed. NO insurance contract requires the provider to bill the insurance directly most do it as a courtesy. The problem is if they don't do it and the window to file a claim expires the patient is the one who loses out on the coverage and has to pay anyway. Speak to the manager of the dental office and ask that it be removed from collections for their error. If they don't each state has a Dental Review board
  17. Can you withdraw the cash and put it on a pre-paid debit card until it gets straightened out so that you keep your payments on time?
  18. You can send one if it makes you feel better but I doubt they will care. If the creditor has a hard line policy of not doing PFD, GW or any other consumer friendly method they are unlikely to be deterred by one angry former customer. A FOAD letter will NOT prevent them from selling the debt.
  19. I haven't lived in Atlanta in two years but my brother and his wife still live there. His job involves driving all over the city and she works at the top end of the perimeter. She could not leave work and ended sleeping at the clinic she works at in an exam room. He left work at 1pm heading home to Woodstock and at 8pm was only to Town Lake Parkway. The Georgia weather and traffic made the news all the way up here in Michigan. Unfortunately they don't think about salting the roads BEFORE a storm is coming and then something like this happens. Like traffic isn't bad enough in Atl
  20. I have no trouble with TU but EX is the spawn of Satan as far as I am concerned.
  21. Simply dispute them. Both of them fold VERY quickly when challenged as they cannot prove anything. Convergent especially. If you REALLY want to hammer ER they are in Florida and one of the top 5 CA/JDBs that the Office of Financial Regulation has to deal with over their practices. The OFR has an online complaint form and responds VERY quickly even if you are not a FL resident. I used it when ER never sent me a letter and simply nailed all 3 CRs with their entry. I sent ALL my documentation that there was no debt and it disappeared in a day. The OFR called me the day after I made my comp
  22. I have NEVER signed the back of a card because someone once said if you lose it they can't copy your signature. The ONLY consequence I have ever had when a clerk has looked for a signature is that they ask for my ID. I would rather a lack of signature force them to ask for ID and catch a CC thief than to worry about any small inconvenience pulling out my license once in a while.
  23. they have permission since you applied for credit with them. they don't have to tell you. they can run it as many times as they want on as many bureaus as they want. and you can do nothing about it. since you were the one that applied for credit after all. If they were going to run my credit anyways, then what is the point of sending in a copy of my credit report? That doesn't make sense to me THIS^^. I went through the EXACT same thing with them. Denied: send new CR with issues fixed within 90 days and will reconsider. Cleaned up issues for original denial and
  24. Before you go mailing a bunch of new disputes do not forget that the SOL in MN is 6 years to sue on CC debt and MN courts are probably the MOST pro-creditor in the country. There are horror stories of people being arrested in MN over civil debts not being paid. If your last payment was in 11/2010 they have two more years to file suit. I had one of their cards and after a lay off in 2008 defaulted and by some miracle it is not reporting. They sold the debt to Portfolio Recovery who proceeded to make several FCRA and FCDPA violations giving me leverage to get an agreement to delete from a
  25. HSBC sold their accounts to Cap1. A dispute to HSBC will be met with a letter stating they no longer own the account and to contact Cap1. Cap1 has a hard line stance on not deleting correct trade lines. I have no idea about the other one.
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