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  1. In 06/2013 they tried to collect on a debt that is not mine. I sent them a DV, which they failed to do. After a long fight with SAG, BBB and several other agencys they finally removed. They sold off to ERC who tried the same BS and I had to fight to get it removed again. NOW Diversified is trying to collect on that same debt again, I am getting calls even though when they originally tried to collect and I sent the DV I said do not call that all communication must be in writing. I've received one letter so far. My question is since I've already Dv'd them and they failed to validate and they have already been warned they cannot collect until they validate and was made to remove, can they try to collect again since its been a little over a year. If not what do I need to do. They are notorious for saying that a DV is a dispute and reporting it as so and I just flat out don't want to go through all this BS again.
  2. As the title says, I think yes, brother thinks no, just need a yes or no answer. Thanks xx
  3. That still doesn't answer my question but thank you for the response.
  4. Chase won't raise the limit, I've tried and I absolutely will not be taking another hp to try again. Discover you have to have an invitation to apply. DCU has taken over two months to process my membership application, that is with me calling weekly and providing all documents. The only options I have available are the options I mentioned above, as I will not be apping only to probably be denied for any other loans/cards And I should clarify I want to cut down on the amount of payments I have to make (from 6 per month) not the amount paid in total. I hope that helps! Thoughts?
  5. I am looking for ideas on the best route of BT's to cut down on payments and the amount of payments, 6 is just too much a month. I asked elsewhere but of course was not helped, any opinions on my best bet? Cutting down on payments is very important. Thanks 2950/3500 - 22.9% - 520/1000 - 0% 575/700 - 0% 3700/10500 - 0% will be 20.99% starting june 1290/2500 - 22.9% 1940/2400 - 22.9% I have two cards available to do BT's to, a chase slate with $2k limit and Quicksilver with 3k limit that both offer 0% interest for 15 months. And no transfer fees. P.s. Please don't point out my util, I know what it is
  6. Newbie here to BT's haha. Im doing a BT from Sams club to Cap 1 (no interest, no fees) since I did it for the full amount I owe on my Sams and it cleared will I still need to make the minimum payment on Sams?
  7. I just called credit solutions again, got someone that clearly is not based in the US and frankly asked him why and he yelled at me to wait for the letter. Yelled! I again explained to him that I want to use it to holiday shop and can't do that with the stupid low limit and he wouldn't budge. Is there any way to get an english speaking US based person on the phone for credit solutions?
  8. Still a big fat no for me, so all GE cards have been sockdrawed until further notice.
  9. Congrats on the increase!! however that is a perfect example of what I meant LOL. You barely used it but had no problem getting the increase meanwhile I've run now close to 8k through a 900 card and they won't give me crap. Makes no sense!
  10. It almost seems like they like people with worse credit. I too can't get an increase for anything yet someone with multiple collections has no problem getting increases...massive increases at that. I'm stuck at $900 and run $1200 a month through the card and they won't budge.
  11. My (well my brothers) experience was nothing but horrible with them. Based on that I would NOT recommend them, he was ready to file suit against them for what they did to him. However it is good to hear others are having better experiences.
  12. Yea, I don't get it. There are people who carry huge balances, have many many new accounts or derogs and some how manage to get massive increases. I don't know if they know how to convince the UW or what but it kind of makes me mad LOL. My aunt for example carries huge balances on her credit, always about 75%, has 4 derogs and her scores are in the upper 500-lower 600's. She was approved for Walmart and was able to recon the approval to 10k 5 minutes later with her average limit being 1000 at the time.
  13. Report them !~ They did it to me and after them NOT validating anything the Florida Attorney General ordered them that they could not collect at all anymore or I could sue for many reasons. So, instead they sold to another JDB without telling them it was validated so going through the same thing again.
  14. Logix is not very nice, my brother had to send them in paystubs, bank statements, letters from his work, tax returns among other things...this is AFTER he got the approval notice. After he sent in all that they denied him for too much 'new' credit. His scores were 720+, he had two credit cards that were atleast 1.5 years old, paid mortgage, 2 car loans paid off and makes 65k + a year.

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