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  1. I have a letter from American Express that is 10 months old confirming that I was a victim of identity theft and that AmEx has taken "all necessary steps to close the account and remove any and all derogatory information regarding this American Express account from your credit bureau report." Nothing shows up from them on my credit report anyway. I have excellent credit. Apparently someone charged thousands of dollars to an account under my name 10 years ago, but even Amex acknowledges this was theft and not my fault. A year or so ago I applied for an American Express card, and I was denied, and they said on the phone this was because of a "previously delinquent account." I asked for an exception to be made due to this not being my account. They asked me to submit the letter that they sent me. I said, you mean you want ME to submit a letter to YOU, that YOU wrote? You're not organized enough to know that you sent me a letter? They said we can see on the computer that your identity was stolen and that this fraudulent account was not you and we can see we sent you a letter confirming that, but we would still like to see the letter we sent. I can't believe I want to do business with this company. What a disaster?! I can just see having to deal with their customer service being a complete nightmare for even a simple thing. What nerve to make me do work for Amex, like excuse me am I getting a salary for Amex? Do you want me to clean the Amex bathrooms too? Anyway, I would like still to try out having an American Express card. So I sent them the letter they wrote as they requested. I got another rejection. This time their letter referred to the closed account they referred to as a fraudulent use of my identity in the letter about which they said all traces of it would be eliminated from my life. So the new letter starts out "Reference: (account number they said they would completely eliminate 10 months ago)". This letter is in confirmation of our telephone conversation regarding the application for XYZ card from AmEx our office rec'd in your name. Your application has been reviewed by a Supervisor for possible exception. Unfortunately, your application will not be processed as an exception and we will abide by our original decision. In accordance with your request, the following are the reasons why your application was declined: American Express cancelled your previous card account(s) I am sorry but if this isn't the must F'd up company that exists that completely deserves to go bankrupt because of their own idiocy, then I am a flying pig with 19 horns and a jet engine for a tail. This is completely inane and stupid. Let's review: 1) I never had an Amex account 2) I apply for an Amex account 3) I get rejected 4) Amex gives me written confirmation that they agree I never had an Amex account. 5) Amex gives me written confirmation that all traces of the fraud account effecting me would be eliminated. 6) Nearly a year goes by 7) I apply again 8) They confirm #4 and #5 on the phone 9) They ask for the letter referred to in #4 and #5 which they themselves sent, but they make me do the job of an Amex employee and send them back the same letter because they are too stupid to find it, and too stupid not to need to see it even though they confirm the same points of the letter on their customer system 10) They reject me again, reason: Had an old account (which they agree I never actually had) I will tell you what else is inane and stupid...the fact that I STILL want an AmEx card after all that. It just really ticks me off that I can't get one. So two questions for the forum, and I hope someone can shed light: Does this make any sense to you? Is there a better way to go about applying for an Amex card or is it hopeless that I will ever get rid of all traces of this very old identity theft?

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