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  1. ..you're absolutely right. My oldest credit card is a Skypass toy card with the same $300 limit I've had since 2007. Also has a $50 AF. I managed to get it unsecured but that's it. Absolutely no CLI ever. I've seriously considered dropping it and never looking back. Trouble is I have no other cards that are that old by years. I use it for gas only and usually PIF it either right before or shortly after statement cuts. I have no other 3 digit limit cards. Afraid to close it however I am s-I-c-k of paying the AF. I've asked and always get rejected. Maybe it belongs in a fish bowl! Thanks for your help.
  2. So my friend just cleaned her credit and has a 733 TU and a 747 EQ. No credit cards showing but two of mine as AU. One stubborn collection on TU but no INQs, NO collections on EQ and 1 INQ 10/17. Did the Cap1 prequal an said she was preapprove for Platinum MC card 26.99% with higher CL after 5 payments. CK says she has very good approval odds for PNC Cash Rewards Visa. Looking for suggestions as to how to pull and what to get her the most bang for the buck. Thanks everyone.
  3. Thanks for the quick and thorough response. I went ahead and ordered the CLUE auto claims report just now and they said I'd receive it in 15 business days. I didn't even know it was possible for a consumer to obtain this information. My current insurance on the new(er) vehicle is $310 a month for 1 car with 1000 deduct comp/coll/underins/etc. When I checked around, it seemed that all of the rates were considerably less until I went to finalize the rate - in which the rate skyrocketed. This particular agent told me I qualified for $99 a month (or $129 or 143 depending on carrier). but of course when it went to finalize it doubled to almost $300 down and $210 a month. This is less, however, with no tickets, violations, at fault accidents, I was thinking my rate should have been substantially lower. Further, the car I chose is supposedly one of the least expensive to insure. So I was at a loss. When I asked the agent why, he told me of the LexisNexis info saying I had an AAF At Fault Accident in 2017. I told him it was untrue and I had evidence to support it. Anyways I really appreciate your response and info.. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi I was just informed from an insurance agent that the reason my car insurance is high is because I was listed on Lexis Nexis with an At-Fault accident last year. I was hit from the rear by a distracted driver and have the police report for the date in question which clearly shows he was the contributor and I was not. Yet when I went to obtain insurance my rate is almost triple what it should be. The claim itself was paid by the other insurance company, not mine. I'm at a loss. How do I get this corrected? Thank you.
  5. "Why isn't your friend doing the credit clean-up work herself?" ..because I always get suckered into helping people. My DH asks the exact same question. Will try the prequalifier. Thanks alot.
  6. So I've been able to remove most of the negative CL's from her reports. AAMOF everything was removed on her TU however one medical returned. In 35 days she went from a 520 to a 724 to a 650's because of the one acct that returned. I've added her as an AA to a Disc CC which posted onto TU but not EQ. I've heard people say that a hard pull has to be done before the line will actually post to EQ. Any ideas on that? Also she's wanting to get a credit line of her own. I've looked thru the database and see that Cap1 Venture may approve her with that score along with a host of store credit cards. On her TU there is 1 neg reporting and 1 inq and my CC posting as AA giving her the 650. Just looking for suggestions as to what she should apply for. Her end game is to purchase a vehicle using her own credit. Right now she's renting a very old 90's vehicle from a family member for $350 a month. Thanks!
  7. Same thing happened with my TU report. Lost 2 credit cards off of my report when they changed to the new Fico I believe, however they all show up great on DH credit report. Go figure!
  8. I had Amexand it changed my entire life. I loved Amex. Never missed a payment in several years. Then I got Amexed late 2013. I had to basically change my entire life back over it. I'd love to have Amex again. I still get a business app in the mail about every 6-8 weeks. But since being Amexed I don't think they'd give it to me.
  9. re-establishing my Credit Monitoring services, not USAA. According to USAA customer support I am still a member. However USAA treats the Credit Monitoring as a third party subscription. According to CreditMonitoring I am not a member, however they cannot restore my subscription unless I do it through the USAA website. The USAA website will not allow me access.
  10. Hi everyone when I go to the USAA website and attempt to access the CreditCheck & ID Monitor, I get the following: Product or Service Unavailable This product or service is unavailable to you due to one or more of the following reasons: Membership eligibility requirements Other information drawn from your Personal Profile Age requirements (must be 18 or older) State or foreign restrictions I'm just trying to reestablish my membership. When I call USAA they say there's no problem on their end and transfer me to CreditCheck. When I talk to CreditCheck they can see all of my information but say I need to go through the USAA portal to access CreditCheck monitoring. UGH! Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Her lien is reporting on public record and has been paid. She has two of them from the same institution - both paid off at the same time. One shows released - the other shows $500.
  12. My DH has finally broke the 700 barrier. According to CCT, she has a 713 Experian score as of today. Has no derrogs. Has 1 inquiry on her EX report 7/13 and one $500 lien on her report from 2010. On her Experian report are 3 credit cards she is AU however she doesn't have one of her own. Would she qualify for any credit cards or credit lines on Experian with this score / info? She currently has a high interest loan not showing on her report that we would like to pay off with a lower interest loan / credit card. Thanks for any and all comments.

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