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  1. We closed on our home in 9/2005. We have a 1st and 2nd mortgage. The Sr. loan is a 2 yr. ARM(8.5%) and the Jr. loan is a 30 yr. (10%) This is our first home, and we were thrilled to be able to get it w/ a BK in 2000 and blemished credit. We were doing really well improving our credit to get the house and after we got it. However, we ran into some unexpected financial/business problems about 6 months ago, and we almost lost the house and our credit, naturally suffered. We are in a payment arrangement w/ the mortgage co., and are working to improve our credit again. My question is
  2. ok, getting back to employee pricing... if anyone is interested- the gm employee discount on an '06 suburban is $7886 plus a rebate going on now(in the northeast for sure) for another $5000!
  3. We're looking to get an '06 Suburban. We are eligible for a GM discount and currently there is a $5000 rebate on this vehicle. Am I correct in understanding that if the CU will only finance 70% then the roughly 10k in discounts can be applied to the 30% we have to pay? Do CU usually only finance a portion? We have never dealt with a CU before and our credit, though much improved from just a year ago, still isn't where we intend to get it (EX 624-647). We have a 5 yr old bk7 and were offered 8% interest, which compared to our 16% Americredit loan sounds wonderful!! A step in the right dir
  4. I've read some threads of people not needing to prove income. Under what circumstances do dealers do this? Do you have to have really good credit and a large down pmt, or what? Why do dealers want a computer generated pay stub above all and anything else? Can't a sched. C be a substitute?? We'd like to get an '06 suburban. Currently self employed w/ no paystub, but will probably start using a payroll service to avoid these types of problems. We can show high income on a sched. c, but this has been a problem at the dealer, and don't know if we should go elsewhere or just make the ch
  5. we were sooo burnt from this experience, we're still kinda in a shocked/pissed mode! I mean they wasted days of our time picking out a vehicle and then lied and said we weren't approved and that we'd "get a letter"! well, they pulled about 10 different lenders and now 17 days later we got 1 denial letter from Wells Fargo. they said gmac flat out denied us, but we didn't get a letter...? we will definitely use another dealer, but we just don't know when to try again. are approvals really good for 30 days-even w/ another dealer? we are also trying to deal with a CU, so we're hoping to
  6. we recently tried to do the same thing, that is buy an '06 suburban with a gm discount plus the rebate and in the end we got jerked around and told we were not approved anywhere, only to later find out we were. we were really PO'ed but we thought that the dealership wasn't making any money on us because of all the discounts, plus not so great auto enhanced score (600), plus our trade in, so they screwed us. now we're in limbo, with no new vehicle and don't know what to do but pay down utilization and wait. anyone in the biz got any input on this? does this happen when discounts an
  7. I'm about ready to make a phone call and find out why!? I bet if if I didn't make my pmt. they'd report it lightening fast! This is my first real estate loan and I think it'll help my score if they'd report it!
  8. maybe the fraud alerts are the reason. i would call tu and ex and tell them that you can't get your scores and have the fraud alert removed (unless you have good cause to have the alert, that is)
  9. Where did you get copies of your reports from prior to this? Did you buy the FICO's at myfico.com? Were you able to buy them in the past?
  10. i liked true credit as well, but they cut me off of the daily pulls in feb, and now they won't even give me the option to sign up for it again! has this happened to anyone else?? it's very frustrating!
  11. I signed up for the free 30 day trial because I thought it allowed daily pulls, but I don't see how to do it. Does anybody else use this? Thanks!
  12. just to add a little more confusion to all of this, my story is about experian. i disputed a judgment (probably 5 years old). as soon as they marked it 'under investigation' i lost 15 points. they ended up deleting it and i never gained any of the points back. so, it had to be the age of the account that caused the drop.
  13. i see... are you able to email me the wells if i pm you my addy?
  14. fniguru, does gmac blacklist? in other words, if you didn't live up to your credit obligations with them in the past, are you always going to be denied credit by them?
  15. I'm near Pgh, PA. I want to see what scores=what rates and what you need to qualify. Thanks!
  16. If anyone can get me these, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  17. is this acct IIB? if so, i don't think they can take it per bk laws. they can't pursue collection efforts if you filed bk. edited because i see that you said it WAS IIB. i think the matter is therefore closed. however, the account should be listed as "closed" not open. i would dispute it as not mine and see what happens. a deletion is better than a paid collection and an IIB is better than an unpaid collection. my 2 cents
  18. I also wanted to ask if anyone got the regular card w/ a bk7, and if so, how old was the bk? thanks edited to ask: what CRA do they pull??
  19. they could have been a little more subtle, don't ya think? like maybe a new car loan or a house, but millions in loans! !?? lol
  20. If they are open and active accounts you can write them a letter asking them if they will report your good payment history to TU. I did this with an auto loan and it worked.
  21. Do you have one for gmac? If so, I'd like to see it. Thanks!
  22. After I received my card, I called the CS number to ask for an increase (from $200) and was told that they do not give increases until you have had the card for 6 months!
  23. I've had this mortgage for six months and it's still not reporting. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with them and had any input. Thanks!
  24. i believe that they will communicate with you (via letter) what their intentions are ie garnishment or accessing bank account, etc... this usually happens through the sheriff.
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