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  1. Thank for the reply and your thoughts. Beyond the money he was just very difficult to deal with and ironically didn't goto the doctor over $30 copays and fear they would make him stop smoking or change his diet and was carried out clutching lucky strikes. From the bills I've seen the hospital went above and beyond to do what they could, but I was sure weeks ago it was over soon from his lifestyle. Anyway, He did have health insurance from his employer, but the hospital won't talk to anyone except an executor. My mom is so frustrated with him and the situation that she wants nothing to do with it, and I can't get any insurance or numbers info except the company name. My concern is collection agencies are going to be calling for the rest of our lives over this.
  2. I keep getting robo calls from ford credit. I can't block #s with the oldschool phone. Now they said to bring the car to the dealership. I am not going to do that because it is 20 miles away and I have no one to take me back during their hours. The car is in perfect condition and I see cars like it that are sold on the lot for almost the price they want, so they have little loss in my eyes. My neighbor also said if the car was totaled without insurance at this point it wouldn't be my problem. If I get another call from them I'm going to call the ford 800# and have it towed to the dealer, I'll say it has an intermittent mechanical problem and don't want to drive it to the dealer, is that a good idea? The car has a computer/bad valve body or trans issue anyway when it shifts from 2-3. I don't want to be haunted by calls for a month until they decide to repo it. I am also NOT SIGNING anything.This could be a trick to get me on the hook for the car. They told me I may have to sign some papers at the dealer. The other option is I may drive it till they repo it. Thanks for the great advice. I learned a lot about credit. I did research also for his other bills and found out without an estate there is nothing to take! Even if there was money, there is also about $25K that is exempt from the estate and immediately goes to family. A secured debt like a car lease is very low importance in an estate even if there are funds. But I guess there will always be collectors trying to score.
  3. My dad spent about 1 hr(at most) in the ER and got a 8 grand bill. About 1/2 was for CPR. I guess a grand finale to 600K cigarettes and being a fast food addict. If he has no estate who is responsible? I believe he has insurance but they won't even release medical records to me or my mom, so I guess there is no sense in pursing this. I'm not going thru the trouble to be an executor to deal with this. I hope credit don't follow people into the next world, he is probably gonna get dinged for a repo as well.
  4. Thanks, I will forward the death certificate. No one there mentioned to do that, I spoke to 3 people. I don't like the way they were saying I should pay though. They implied household members are responsible. They said if you are listed as a driver in the household you should pay. He is the one who signed.
  5. Hi, My dad leased a 32K ford car and died after making 6 payments. I live at the address and Ford is asking me to payoff the car (it is 27K) to finish the lease off. They asked for my personal info on the phone, I was pretty aggravated at the time and I stupidly did. My dad left no estate and all I own is a 97 Ford Thunderbird and a 96 Explorer. I'm concerned that are going to going to take those vehicles. Ford credit asked about the vehicles I own. I'm wondering now if they can put this on my credit report and if they can collect from me? I ended up arguing with them to the point that I told ford it was not my fault, he was supposed to stop smoking and eating massive amounts of fast food didn't, I jokingly said I wouldn't have given him the car. they don't care in the least. I pay all my bills on time and have a great credit score, I hope I don't get ruined for my stupidity at the time of loss. Now when they call they ask for me. I really don't want to bother with this because I had nothing to do with the purchase. Should I just ignore it? Will they just repo the car and leave me alone?

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