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  1. Same here! Card isn't as old, but gave it a shot...no deal. Just thinking...hope they didn't pull a hard for that (99% sure they didn't).
  2. Just for kicks, I logged into my savings account for the first time since February to see if I could sign up for Electric Orange checking...and it wouldn't let me! "You do not have the correct account requirements for Electric Orange." harumph. fine.
  3. So was this initiated by you, or automatic? I started with a $500 limit in November and got an auto CLI to $900 sometime in Jan/Feb...I'm wondering if I should do a CLI request on the site, or if I should wait to see if they give me another auto-CLI...
  4. Can anyone explain the connection between Allied and Palisades? Allied called and left me a message "about a debt." I found their addy and DV'd them. Never heard from them again (well, except for 2-3 more calls after they received the letter...hello, violation!). Palisades showed up shortly thereafter. I have NOT received ANY communication from them, but when they appeared on my report, it showed up the first day as "customer disputes" - the day before I sent my DV! Very strange.
  5. Very smart, good find! Thanks for sharing. I wish my corporate Amex (in my name) showed on my reports, I wouldn't be so darn tempted to get one of my own!
  6. Still hasn't worked for me, unfortunately. Sounds like a YMMV deal.
  7. AUs help a TON. Add her to the ones that have perfect history and LOW util...like 10% or less preferably. Get her to ask for CLIs on her cards and/or pay them off. Dispute her baddies. I'll risk getting flamed and suggest blanket online disputes for anything out of SOL. Worked for me and others. Then focus on whatever sticks. I see absolutely no purpose for a secured card - if the goal is to increase scores, get married, and get a house, she won't need it. She'll be an AU on your cards by then and it sounds like you've already discussed finances post-marraige.
  8. Personally, I'd rather have history than limits. You can always (well...) get your CLIs if you play the game right, but you can't add history w/o resorting to AUs. Keep in mind FICO really only cares about utilization, not max limits. So, your scores don't care if you have a $750 or $7500 limit IF you have zero util. If you carry a balance, it can make a HUGE difference. Also, I do believe that many companies look at your other limits when granting theirs. This would explain my relatively high initial limits for Hooters/Walmart ($5000, $500) even though my scores sucked...I had AUs reporting with $20k limits at the time. So, it really depends on your situation and goals.
  9. Personally, I'd sit on those for 6+ months, get rid of as many baddies as possible during that time, and then start going for Walmart/Target/Hooters/etc. The best way to get more active TLs without inquiries is via AUs.
  10. Yeah, I've gotten EQ *B* (finally), but am still waiting on some more love from TU...
  11. It might as well have said "Please try again later, we're in a funky mood today." Don't worry about it too much - many of us have gotten it, and it never makes sense. I would try to call for recon, and if that doesn't work, try again in 30 days - you'll probably get it.
  12. I'd take the clean report any day.
  13. Umm...you mean CSC? Yeah, good luck. The secret is...be patient. Luckily for me, they FINALLY updated everything, but it did take some time.
  14. Once they can't call, it's pretty easy to ignore 'em for a month.
  15. How many other open TLs do you have reporting? Let us know if you apply for the card and get it!

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