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  1. IMHO, the banking industry has stiffed the American taxpayer for trillions, yet we're still licking their boots... There was once a "social contract" in this country, which has been broken by the elite, not the people. The economy is a train-wreck, and there is plenty of blame to go around. If I could find regular employment at a living wage (hell, ANY wage), I would gladly try to avoid welching. There are no jobs, and folks in my neihborhood have little interest in making repairs or improvements to the homes in which they live, in part, due to the fact many of them are living under a cloud of foreclosure. BTW, my gf has always worked, always paid, and never late. It was emotionally crushing for her to admit defeat and declare bankruptcy. It was humiliation for me to be unable to carry her. I'm sorry if my very first post was unseemly & glib. Perhaps I was just trying to bolster myself emotionally. Forgive me for offending the sensibilities of the list members, the moderators, and owners of this forum. Additionally, I mean no disrespect torwards football enthusiasts. I will continue to do my research. In the future, I will be more careful about how I go about phrasing my inquiries. I do not, am not, nor have I ever, encouraged or endorsed fraud.
  2. I've looked over and read some of the material here, and other online forms. Most folks seem over to get in over their head (hey, it happens), and want relief, and a chance to rebuild their credit. I don't care about my credit. It's been great, it's been terrible, it's been great, and I think it's about to get terrible again. It never made a material effect on my life whether my credit has been good or bad. Let's just say I live on the margins... Anyway, I have several thousand dollars on two cards. Chase, and State Farm. My bill is due in a few days, so I'm planning to not pay them, ever, as in never. I don't care to declare bankruptcy and all that is entailed. My gf has just gone thru a rather simple bankruptcy, and was pretty painless, but I think I should save that in case I get whacked with some crazy medical bills. So, disregarding the issue of credit worthyness or rebuilding credit, what is the best way to stiff these guys? My income has slipped, (handyman) in these last few years, so I need to get this off my back. I don't want to negotiate a 70% payback. I want to give them the finger for all of it. I own a shack, one small truck, and my tools, and a computer. No kids. No wife. No NFL package. Is there a thread I need to read that details the proceedure? I'm sure I'm gonna get sued, so I want to address that process propperly when I'm eventually summoned.

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