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  1. I mean inquiries, not collections. But inquiries can state "purpose: collection" or they can have Collection in the company name.
  2. If someone has mostly good credit but they have collection inquiries, their score should only be affected a little by these inquiries, and I think they would get instant approvals for some cards. Am I correct? But if their application is flagged for human review, the reviewer will see the collection inquiries, and consider it suspicious and very negative? By mostly good credit, I mean they have late payments but nothing worse (no collections, bk, charge offs, etc). (Or perhaps they have one or two older bad account but imagine their score is still low 700s or mid 700s from good accounts.)
  3. I am looking for the cheapest way to get a TU file number, but not a free annual report or free FCRA one through TU. (Long story about why I need it to be a paid one.) I need the file number to open a dispute. I can get one from USAA for $12.95, and I need an Experian report through them anyway, so TU would only cost $7 more. Could I get a file number through USAA? Does MPM or another place under $15? Thanks.
  4. I was wondering if there's a cheaper source than buying a credit report from TU. I need a source that gives a TU file number, because I think I need to dispute. I already used my free annual report. I can get TU for $7 extra through USAA since I already want to pay USAA $5.95 for Experian. Is that the best or does it not allow me to get the file number? Thanks.

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