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  1. DTC ratios are only calculated based upon revolving credit where you have a credit line, thus...a debt-to-credit ratio can be established. Mortgages, student loans, and auto loans do not calculate into the DTC ratio because even though it is debt, you cant calculate the ratio w/out the credit factor.
  2. If you get anything higher than an 850 in the range, it's not a FICO score. And anything below 300, it's not a FICO score.
  3. Normally I don't judge...but that is rather irresponsible of you. No one pointed a gun at your head to take on debt and use credit cards. It was your choice...you entered into a contract saying that you are going to pay off your debt that you take on. Just man up and pay it off or negotiate some kind of settlement.
  4. ktjohnson


    All credit watch programs will generally report the same debt. The only difference will be the credit score. So if you are really bent on getting a true FICO score, MyFico is probabl your best bet.
  5. If you send them all at once, I think your chance of success is either 0 or 100%, assuming that the public records are accurate. Because the mail will probably arrive at the same time and will be worked at the same time. If you stagger them, your success rate might be more varied. But either way, you can always try again if you fail. But personally for me, I would stagger it.
  6. Hmm, what do you mean by a collection inquiry? I know that even if things are sent to collections, they are suppose to give you 30 days to respond before sending anything to the credit bureaus. But I know even a 30 day late payment can send your score dropping by almost 100 points if you are in the low 700s.
  7. I bank with BOA but I think I'm going to switch to using local banks. The charges the big banks charge on a monthly basis is absurd!
  8. I use Credit Karma to monitor my credit. Best of all, it's free forever.

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