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  1. So, I really appreciating you all responding so quickly. I moved from my parent's home right into my husband's home where he has lived since he was a teenager, so no, absolutely no other addresses for either of us. The one thing is that my husband has 2 names listed, his full, legal name, and then his first and missle name along with his firat wifes last name, but that s just on Experian, but a letter has already been sent in to correct that. I have my maiden name and married name. Can I get rid of my maiden name? An individual at Experian told me that since I have legally been both of those people, I cannot. We have already taken some really positive steps, such as decreasing our utilization on the one secured card we have from 70% to 20%. Will move that down farther as we can. My son just went through chemotherapy following a cervical vertebra break due to a tumor so I have tons of medical bills that I am fearing will begin showing up on collection . He had to be flown out of state and stupid things like the ambulance ride from the airport to the hospital was not improved by insurance, and a lot of the costs from out of state were approved at out of network costs putting us up at over $20,000 out of pocket. I sent some of those medical billing offices letters requesting to consolidate the amount owed so that we could comfortably make monthly payments before they ever hit a CA, but I have not yet heard back from any of them. I got concerned with my credit when the hospital was refusing to continue chemo unless we paid up our past due balance of $6,000+ and I could not get a loan anywhere. Thank God for family cause they really came through, but he is in remission now and if any of this comes back, I have to know that I can take care of may baby no matter what, no matter the costs, and without worry of denial or upfront payments because our credit worthiness is pathetic. I am putting my first letter together for the 2 CAs I know nothing about. Let me rephrase, I knew tha we defaulted on the OC once upon a time, but kind of thought that they fell of the face of the earth because I just never heard about them. No correspondence from the JDB. I was honsestly shocked to see them on the report. I will post the letter for those tomorrow. Again, I thank you guys. I guess I just kind of need the moral support. My credit is just something I have always tried to ignore because its daunting. Thanks.
  2. So, I have been really reading, researching, following all adivice on what to read, where to start, even printing all records, triaging, and everything just like psychdoc suggested through the seminars. I am stuck now. I am so afraid to start sending out my validations to CA because I am terrified of waking a sleepy tiger. Several of the accounts that I will have to deal with are past the SOL in Nevada, so I know that they cannot come after me by way of lawsuit, but I am just afraid that I will somehow get the laws mixed up, or coe out as looking like an salamander and end up screwing myself into ending up having to pay the CAs and still seeing them on my credit report. I am just afraid of carrying all of this out. Any advice? motivation? words of inspiration that can get me past this? It would be muc appreciated. I got to get this done!!! Thanks in advance.
  3. I am still new at all of this, I have printed off the Glossary of Terms from the Newbies section, the FCRA, and the FDCPA. From what I have read so far, utilizing the FCBA is difficult as it only deals with OC billing requirements. This is where I am confused, on several threads, State SOLs are discussed, but I do not know if state SOLs supercede the other rules. I am in Nevada and what I found is as follows: ACTIONS OTHER THAN FOR THE RECOVERY OF REAL PROPERTY NRS 11.190  Periods of limitation.   Except as otherwise provided in NRS 40.4639, 125B.050 and 217.007, actions other than those for the recovery of real property, unless further limited by specific statute, may only be commenced as follows: 1.  Within 6 years: (a) An action upon a judgment or decree of any court of the United States, or of any state or territory within the United States, or the renewal thereof. (  An action upon a contract, obligation or liability founded upon an instrument in writing, except those mentioned in the preceding sections of this chapter. 2.  Within 4 years: (a) An action on an open account for goods, wares and merchandise sold and delivered. (  An action for any article charged on an account in a store. © An action upon a contract, obligation or liability not founded upon an instrument in writing. (d) An action against a person alleged to have committed a deceptive trade practice in violation of NRS 598.0903 to 598.0999, inclusive, but the cause of action shall be deemed to accrue when the aggrieved party discovers, or by the exercise of due diligence should have discovered, the facts constituting the deceptive trade practice. So, does this only mean that an CA can only attempt to collect a debt for 4 years, or that they may only leave on a report for 4 years. Am I even looking in the right place? I appreciate any help, Please.
  4. I am new to all of this and reading over the laws has my head spinning. My question is it appears that the laws state that validation can only occur within the first 30 days of new CA obtaining account, am I reading/interpreting that right? I pulled credit report and see that I have a CA that I honestly never received any communication on. Actually 2, one that is like 4 years old and one from the beginning of this year. The one from this year listed as medical its actually a dental bill. I appreciate any help.
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