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  1. Nice, thanks all. Not even sure if the late payments will appear on my report. But if they do, it's good to know I'll be able to get rid of them.
  2. Does getting removed from someone's account as an authorized user remove the record from my credit report entirely? I'm listed on two accounts (Amex Blue and Best Buy Visa) of a family member and they just had two 30 day late hits. If I ask to get removed as an authorized user on these accounts, will the negative credit hits be removed from my credit report? Thanks.
  3. I'm trying to figure this out today. Actually wnt to their office Friday and didn't have any luck. Guess they're a big enough firm that when even going in person, I still couldn't see an actual lawyer. When I had luck getting two judgments vacated for myself, the firms were small enough that I could see a lawyer directly. At Pressler some guy (guessing a regular rep) met with me in a room that was recorded. Basically equivalent to calling I imagine. Looks like they had the address correct, but they couldn't generate any proof of a certified delivery. If they didn't get a certified delivery, think there's a case there? Other than that, today I'm heading to the court to get all the paperwork. Mainly to find iut who the actual lawyer was in hopes of then finding some direct contact info (assuming he/she is still working there).
  4. Good Afternoon All, A family member of mine has a judgment filed back in Sept of '08 from Palisades Collections and/or Pressler and Pressler law firm. The amount is under $800. I had him call to allow me to work with the account. So today I called in and tried to get it vacated for payment. I've recently had luck with this myself earlier this year on two old judgments. But of course, after placing me on hold for a while the rep said they can only show it as satisfied and paid in full. Which obviously doesn't do me much good. I received the same responses to the two judgments I had vacated for myself when I called at first, so I had to visit the offices in person. It was only when visiting in person that I was able to get them to agree to have 'em vacated for payment. Now I'm planning on doing the same with this one, but just wanted to see if anyone had any helpful info. Any good contact info for lawyers at Pressler? Being it's five years old already, will they really garnish pay or take other action (they've recently threatened to do so)? I'd usually just tell them to wait two years 'til it dropped off, but they need the decent credit for a home purchase next year. Any other advice? Thanks in advance.
  5. Yup, it was down. Damn Verizon security suite update reset my firewall settings. Sorry, should be back up now.
  6. I know, I know the site is down. Power just went out. I'll give it a couple hours and if not back on I'll start setting up generator.
  7. Hey I don't want to knock em too much, but that hard pull for a CLI pissed me off. I asked at least three different ways to make sure it'd be a soft pull and the rep assured me. To the point he began getting tired of me asking. Then when I call and complain, the new rep instantly tells me all credit requests are hard pulls. Kind of like I should know this (which I obviously did suspect), and my complaint was dumb. Thankfully they record all the calls. Check the tape. Remove the inquiry. Then teach your reps. Ha another thing about the CLI request was I had asked are they like Amex. As in only using a soft pull and having the ability for an increase after 60+ days. He said absolutely. When he comes back with the denial, guess the reason... wait for it... too early to request a CLI. Lol, so they did a hard pull when they technically couldn't do the CLI anyway. I mean damn, a couple simple questions both answered 100% incorrectly. Leading me to do the CLI request. Would seem like pretty basic knowledge for their reps to have. Hell, I bet half the people on this site know. Other than that, great credit union. Very happy to be a member.
  8. They definitely are a bit quirky. Good customer service for the most part and some nice loan products but I'm currently dealing with an issue with em. Called them the other day to inquire about the CLI process. Had asked if they're like Amex or Cap One in that they do a SOFT pull. The rep assured me it was a soft pull. So I decide to go ahead and try. Sure enough, I check my report yesterday and there's a hard pull. Dropped my EQ score 8 points. I just finished B* and EQ n TU were completely clear of inquiries. Don't really feel like doing it again now. So called and complained a bit. Said they'll listen to the recording and get back to me but they're not sure how they'll remove the inquiry yet.
  9. Thanks for the head's up. Router took a dump this afternoon and lost all the configuration settings. Should be good now.
  10. mmalone120


    Fyi, I applied for the card even before joining. Once I was approved, I then had to join. Probably no need to wait for packet unless something changed since I joined in May.
  11. Yup, that was me. On day 62 or 63 went from $7,500 to $22,500. Instant approval and CL updated within 10 minutes. Fyi had charged around $5k over the two months and PIF multiple times a day or two after charges. When I requested the CLI, balance was $0.
  12. Well that'll work out well then. Around the 90 day mark (this time next month) the new Amex credit line should be reported. So I'll wait til then. Probably. Find out for sure next month. Thanks. It's the Blue Cash Everyday.
  13. Good call. I just finished a round of B* so would prefer not to have any other hards for a while. If it was going to happen though, I'd definitely want to make sure the new Amex limit is being reported to get the max benefit from the hard pull.
  14. Not sure if I say this enough but this board is great. Never would've thought to ask for an Amex CLI so soon without learning to do so from this site. 62 days since opening the account, I was just approved for triple my initial credit line. Now up to $22,500 from $7,500. If anyone else has a relatively new Amex account, attempting a CLI of triple your initial line after 61 days really works. Painless and instant approval. Now does anyone know of any similar advice for a Discover IT account or DCU Visa? Both opened about the same time as the Amex (end of May). If not, I wonder if I should just wait until the new Amex credit line gets updated on my credit report and then try my luck with the Discover and DCU? Maybe they'll try to match or keep up with the Amex limit.

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