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  1. Didn't plan on saving for a year. Planned on using today, but either way. Busto in the points game ... live and learn :\ Doing 10x better than I was years ago, but still got plenty to leeeearn.
  2. Schucks. Great way to start Monday.
  3. Alright another problem here: I had 90k'ish worth of Amex MR points and now they are revoked. The ToC's state that in 30 days if they cancel the cards the points will no longer be available. Clearly I didn't know this and I was saving them as I thought they would be good for a year. Am I screwed here or is there anything I can do? Already called the CSR and they let me know everything. Couldn't "escalate me" and just said the points were gone and there's nothing he could do. Thanks.
  4. Never to late to order your reports. At least you'll have them. Sometime it will take up to a month or so to get them. Here's the last phone number I have to order them: 1-877-322-8228 By the way, it's free.
  5. Definitely not ugly, but those collections though .. Did you order your paper reports? Anything that has a DoFD of 2011 or 2012 I wouldn't even touch. What's the short and long term goal -- buy a car? get a mortgage? build a business? Good that you got some revolving credit and AU. Do you know your FICO from either TU, EX, or EQ?
  6. Less than a year ago I was settling with FP, and I still have an open collection from LVNV .. but they knew that when they pulled my CR. FICO score didn't go down from EX .. but that's the only one I had. EX FICO went up. I was told specifically by a customer service rep if I wanted to raise my spending limit. Then I would have to charge.pay.charge.pay.charge.pay.charge.pay.etc. I don't blame the rep. If I would have known about the two payment per cycle rule .. then I clearly wouldn't have done it. I did pay the $29. Doubt anything will happen. I'll def make the call to Amex and s
  7. Ok thank you. It was the only card with a good SUB I could get approved for. I used the uber credit each month. And I'm planning to go take 5-6 flights in the next 6 months .. so I was going to apply for the global entry, lounges, and other perks then.
  8. WTH is that? Nooo clue. They said if I paid it and I wasn't approved .. then I wouldn't be charged the $29 though! lol.
  9. Very very very very small amounts of M$. The spend was mostly for inventory for my business.
  10. Around six months ago I was approved for the Plat and the SPG. I've been maxing out the cards and then PIF multiple times each month. Today I got an e-mail that says they will cancel my accounts. No big deal, but I do have a few questions: I've already PIF the SPG. The Platinum is around $6.2k Here are my questions - Is this treated like a charge off or collection if I pay over time? They said I can setup a payment plan over 3 years @ 0% interest. - Will it still be revolving but show as closed each month on my CRs? Or will it just show six months worth of payment history? Little bit
  11. Little update here.. This has been a learning experience. There's soooo many sites out there that have personal information .. name, address, phone number, old embarrassing e-mail addresses, salary, estimated net worth, place of work, direct link to social media profiles, etc. for free without any sign up needed. Some are easy to opt out and suppress data from just requiring a online form to fill out, others requiring snail mail, fax, but at least the information is available. I'm about 50% through the list of 168 data brokers. Once done, I'll probably have to go through once
  12. Figured out how to use google -- Looks like sites like Privacy Duck opt you out and help remove name variations which is pretty clutch. There's plenty of others out there and of course you could manually do this yourself manually. $999 for the highest level or service thoooo
  13. Just ran my name on these and holy s*** they have a bunch of information? I've already frozen: EX, TU, EQ, and Innovas along with Sagestream IDA ARS and LexisNexis I believe a year back. I know there's plenty of other data aggragators out there. Is there anyway to get a list of them and opt-out/remove info? Thanks.
  14. Don't be embarrassed. I'm anxiously awaiting when this day will happen to me .. approx 5 years. Lol.
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