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  1. So my longest trade account is a cap one with a 30k limit. I paid it off last year and it sat basically untouched for a year. I recently went to re-fi my home and auto and found out my score had dropped by 60 points. I was assed an annual fee, didn't receive a bill and my autopay was turned off. Then was dinged with late fee's and derogs for 4 months until they got rid of all the fees and closed my account. I'm fuming. Anyway I call cap one, they say they can't help me over the phone but they want to make it right, they put in a request to re-open my account. And directed me to send a letter s
  2. ok I googled it and they just rebranded...But does it help that I never had a contract with Firefly?
  3. I had a 2nd mortgage and an auto loan with a credit union. I don't know if they went out of business but now the name shows up as firefly credit union. The accounts are 5 years old-included in bankruptcy in 2013. What approach should I take to get them off my credit? I tried disputing several times online and now I'm locked out of any more online disputes. Wondering if they even still have a record of my loans? Should I start by sending them a letter?
  4. fyi-for those wanting to buy a home again-fha guidelines are 2 years from sheriff sale date on a short sale, and 3 years from sheriff sale date on foreclosure. Unless related to a verifiable illness or job loss then it's 1 year and you have to give proof. =)
  5. thanks ya'll have my 3 reports and ready to send a letter not sure which one to start with...
  6. Credit union included in my bk keeps verifying. Had a 2nd mortgage and auto loan that were both re-financed 2 times. Have over 60 lates between the 4 accounts with them. I have disputed online several times as not accurate, never late, not mine, duplicate. Now I'm ready to write a certified rr letter but not sure if I should send to the CRA or the credit union and which letter to start with? So far after my bk I've done all my disputing online and these are the only ones left along with another small town bank. Thank you in advance for pointing me in the right direction. US FEDERAL CRE
  7. make sure to call the ones that you are late on and offer them payment in full for removal of late's on credit.
  8. I burned my local credit union during my bk now i'm 90 days out and have been disputing the baddies and now they verify everything. They're showing 4 different accounts only had 2 but refied them, all with 30,60,90, and 120's. What method should I use to get these baddies gone? I have only disputed online and have had a lot of others removed that way. Thank you in advance for your help!
  9. so i was impatient and haven't attacked this one yet...here is how far I've come with online disputes. The day I filed I disputed everything online with all cra's as 0 balance iib. Only thing still reporting a balance is my stupid car but am buying it back from them for 3k (loan was 15k) yipee!!! And a 6k student loan which is recent. Now experian and transunion show no collections 0 monthly payments and 6k debt. will wait on the capital one and my car loan then hit em with some crazy letters. btw-found a site that can send certified mail from your email, not very expensive and great for
  10. http://www.edcombs.com/CM/Special/Special296.asp found here here is a sample of whats on here Cavalry Port folio Services LLC7 Skyline Drive, 3rd Floor Hawthorne, NY 10532 Phone: (914) 347-3440 or (800) 501-0909 Fax: (914) 347-7537 CB Accounts, Inc. 1101 Main Street, Suite 300 Peoria, IL 61606 Phone: (866) 867-0179 Fax: (309) 672-9487 CBE Group, Inc., The 1309 Technology Pkwy Cedar Falls, IA 50613 Phone: (319) 234-6686 Fax: (319) 235-1996 CCB Credit Services 5300 S. 6th Street Springfield, IL 62703 Phone: (217) 786-4800 Fax: (217) 529-7185 CMB Accounts Service, Inc. 13
  11. Crapital ONE TransUnion Experian Equifax Account #: **** **** **** Condition: Closed Derogatory Derogatory Balance: $0 $0 $0 Type: Credit Card Credit Card Pay Status: Unknown Collection/Chargeoff Unknown 2 year payment history 2 30's, 2 60's, 1 90, 3 120's and 1 150, Experian is the only one reporting the payment history. What should I do? I can't handle waiting till the discharge! Should I send something to crap one, or experian? Thank you in advance for your help and credit sorcery! M
  12. the bank will need to approve the short sale...hope your agent is a short sale expert....make sure to get in writing that they will report your tl as paid, before signing off on the agreement. They don't want to own your house, foreclosures cost them a lot of money. Reduce the price for a quicker sale short sell or traditional its not going to sell unless the price is right.
  13. I received your letter on month/date. I dispute your claims in their entirety and I hereby request that you send full validation in accordance with the FDCPA. If I do not receive a complete validation within the next 14 days, I expect removal of this account from all Three major credit reporting agencies. If you cannot comply with my requests I will be forced to take legal action. All correspondence shall be via mail.
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