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  1. Yes, on Experian reports the First Report Date has changed, the Date Opened is still the same
  2. Our goal is to improve her scores and clean her reports. Is it normal for creditors to change the 'First Report Date' after a dispute, the 'First Report Date' on previous reports were an earlier date and year, now her current reports are showing a later date and year for 'First Report Date'.
  3. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. My DW has 2 repossessions on her following reports: 1. Experian only (TU was DELETED from our disputes in May 2016) CAG Acceptance Date Opened: 09/2012 Date of Status: 06/2016 First Reported: 10/2012 Recent balance $6,745 as of 06/27/2016 On Record until 06/2020 2. Experian & Equifax Wells Fargo Dealer Svc Date Opened: 04/2010 Date of Status: 06/2012 First Reported: 06/2012 Recent balance $6,732 as of 6/30/2016 On Record until 09/2018 These are from her previous marriage. Our 1st question is on the 2nd (Wells Fargo) account, we have previous reports that show First Reported on 05/2012 instead of 06/2012... should we dispute this item? Next question is, does anyone have any suggestions as to our next step for disputes? We have disputed with each of the CRA and Creditors on several occasions.... Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for responding. The account was first report in Jan 2012, we sent them a DV letter and they keep responding with a letter stating the balance of account and the apartment complex (OC). After reviewing account on Experian, I'm noticing the CA has terms reporting 1 MONTHS and still adding fees each month. She never signed an agreement with the CA for any terms, should we try to dispute for that reason with CRA?
  6. Good morning CB's My sister has a collection with Columbia Recovery Group for an apt in Nevada from 3 years ago. She has disputed the account with the CRA's and the collection agency, it has been removed from TU & EQX however, EXP still reporting and each month the balance is higher. When it first showed up the balance was $1,380.00 now the balance is $2,765.00. Anyone have any suggestions to get this final account removed?
  7. I'll request one tomorrow. If updated report by mail shows no negative accounts, is it possible they can get re-inserted within 90 days?
  8. Hello all, I submitted disputes to all 3 CRA about 45 days ago, EQX & EXP most accounts were verified so I'm moving forward with the next step. However, TU report I received by mail on 6/24/2013. When I pulled an updated TU report online, all negative accounts are gone... Does this mean there 'deleted'? my score from EQX for TU is 636... Please help me understand this or is this possible an error?
  9. I have a few charge offs that show past due amount with current month and year, is there any way to have these accounts removed?
  10. Hello all, I have a question about collections on credit reports and how they are reporting... can I ask the question here?

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