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  1. Not sure of your specific situation, but several years ago the federal government stopped servicing their own federal loans and transferred them all to companies like Mohella etc.. to handle this for them. When they transferred these loans, the old trade lines became defunct. I had one of these, and after trying to contact them to see what could be done, I found some advocate group within the program that told me to challenge it, as there was nobody left around to return the inquiry. Mine dropped off needless to say, it was the one time the federal government didn't make something difficult
  2. Just to be different, I'm going with 8 and a side of chives.
  3. While your circumstances are your concern, when posting on a public forum, chances are you will get a response to each and every part of your post. There will always be trolls. Perhaps next time just keep it short and to the point you want answered.
  4. Can you expand on this a bit BW? Contemplating adding a friend to an old trade line of mine that I don't use anymore, but do not want any negative effects coming back to me since he is in the 540 range, and I plan to buy a new house next year.
  5. Anyone know of any downside to adding someone as an authorized user if you don't actually have a card issued for them?
  6. Cap one... I have 3 of there cards, and will be closing them next year as long as I remember to do it before the $39 fee hits. I have seen a couple complaints about Logix, but they gave me $14,700 with only a soft pull, and a 9% interest rate. Really have no complaints about them at all.
  7. If your planning international, might as well drop Southwest and Alaska. Although I prefer Alaska over the rest whenever I can take them.
  8. No such creature under my services tab. I have only had the card for 10 months, perhaps it takes 1 year?
  9. I have had a Hilton Honors card with them for over a year, balance always paid in full, a 701 Fico and I get the 7-10 day message every time I try a CLI with them. Only reason I keep it open is for datage as it shows 7/96.
  10. I don't even see a luv button to increase the CL on USAA. Am I missing something?
  11. I too have been with WF for years, and finally applied for a CC with them with a 701 Fico and was given a whopping $3K. BofA on the other hand which I currently did not have any banking relationship with, was kind enough to give me two cards, one with $10K and a second with $8K.
  12. And their "Once a member always a member" statement is not correct if your membership is closed. You will have to prove eligibility again. I found an old NFCU visa card I had from 2002, called them up with the number, they updated my info, and then went through eligibility requirements. Needless to say my 9 years of service was not sufficient.
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