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  1. 17, WFNNB Express Student Card with a whopping $300 credit limit .
  2. That 236 E. Town Street is CBCS, which is a CA, not Verizon and DV'ing them, may be your ticket to get them off of your reports, unless you paid CBCS . Do a search for Verizon CBCS and you will see threads where people DV'ed CBCS, notified the BBB and OH AG offices and had them sucessfully removed. Good luck
  3. I only bank with CU's. No problems here. My CU's all participate in share banking, so if I need be, I can go into one and transfer money to the other. So, I can go into my local CU where I keep the majority of my money and transfer money to let's say Patelco, whom I have a credit card with and I've had no problems thus far.
  4. My TU report updated over the weekend. I also got B yesterday and today.
  5. I've called them and asked them to re-code the hard to a soft before and they've done it. Is there anyone else you can speak to?
  6. This recently happened to me as well . Despite making large payments with them in the past, and never having this happen, I got the same speech from them about making sure the money clears, even though they took the money out of my account within 2 days of making the payment They made the credit available in exactly 7 days. And I used the Juniper to site to pay.
  7. I paid off my account last September a d my reports didn't update until February. It probably wouldn't have updated then if I didn't complain. I called them one day and the first CSR that I spoke to insisted that they updated every month . So, I got a "supervisor" on the phone and she saw that it hadn't updated, and she put in a request to have it updated. I'm sure if one were late, they would immediately report. They seem to have a problem updating their reporting when people pay their accounts off. I'm sure my account will be closed soon as well.
  8. The security code is just the 4 digit number on the front of your card. If there is a CLI waiting for me, it usually shows up after I put in the code and asks if I would like to accept. If not, I get the form.
  9. Dog lover here I have a soon to be 4 year old Lhasa Poo (half Lhasa Apso, half Poodle). He turns 4 next sunday
  10. Typically, WFNNB pulls EX
  11. I'm addicted as well. I'll root for Jade even though her attitude sucks. We're from the same hometown

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