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  1. Curious to know if any of you know of any business cards that allow 85-100% of the credit line available for cash advances? Thanks In Advance
  2. Thank You Settle. So if she purchases something and pays in full before it is due will she still receive an internal score after 5 days after payment or only after the payment due date. Is there a number she can call to speak to a manager because when she called it was an indian and they said it had to go through a process of one billing cycle
  3. Settle you are dead on. My daughter applied online for a macy's account thinking she was applying for the amex account but was only given a store account. She called in to be considered for the amex card and they said she would have to wait one full billing cycle. When she calls in; who or what should she ask for? Her credit file is thin as you say. She has 3 authorized user credit cards and one fairly new student card. Will a manager look simply at here score or will they look at the overall picture?
  4. Thank you for your response and sorry that my post was misunderstood. As a stated above..... We were advised that SHE could apply for the macy's amex card online however was unaware that the amex card could only be applied for in the store. So she applied for the store card on her own merit and received an approval. Actually her being added as an authorized user has helped her in establishing her own credit and receiving higher limits than the typical starter limits that she would have received had she not been added to our cards If anyone has had any first hand experience upgrading from a store card to an amex card please advise and list the process. Thank you for ALL for your responses
  5. I don't think you understood what I said. She has her own macy's store card and her scores are over 700 due to her being added as an authorized user on 3 of my cards. So she is establishing her own credit; my question is how does she upgrade from her store card to an amex card.
  6. My daughter is a college student. I have added her to several of my credit cards as an authorized user to help her establish credit. We were advised that she could apply for the macy's amex card online however was unaware that the amex card could only be applied for in the store. I am interested to learn how would she go about upgrading to the amex card from the store card and if it is manually reviewed will she be eligible with simply authorized user credit once it is manually reviewed even if her scores are in the mid 700s. Settle can you comment on this?
  7. How did you guys know your accounts were flagged? Did they call you or did you call in? How many days after the account was opened did your account get flagged?
  8. What were your scores and how much did they approve you for.
  9. If you've just recently opened up an account with USAA and been approved for a credit card is it wise to apply for another credit card account or personal loan or will they shut down your account for too many new applications? How many credit card accounts can you have with USAA
  10. Does anyone know which credit unions besides PenFed give you a list of preapproved offers you qualify for when you log in?
  11. Congratulations. What does your file look like? How many tradelines? Oldest trade? Please do tell
  12. OIC thanks Foeplay and Karen. I talked to a guy yesterday who says he was instantly approved
  13. Karen how full is your credit history? How many accounts do you have and what is your oldest account? Anyone with a short or thin file get approved What number did you call

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