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  1. I tried to make a large purchase with my card. It was blocked by the fraud department. So I called up and tried to get it unblocked. The guy said they were having some problem with their system. This was over a month ago. I have been calling back about once a week and they keep telling me the same thing. There is a problem with their systems and they cannot do anything with my account. Meanwhile I paid the annual fee and have no access to my card... Is this legal?
  2. yes. that is what I was asking. I could not find anything regarding defaulting on a npsl / charge card... But I guess its just a card with an advertised limit, and a hidden limit...
  3. What happens in that situation? Cant find info anywhere....
  4. what effect does BK have on your business? Do they take everything or are operations just as usual?
  5. For Amex: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=291326 For other issuers, I would recommend the same. That's from 2007. I cant even remember what my name was back then.
  6. I don't drink............................................................................
  7. I went back a few pages here, but never got to that point. its all over the place on myfico...
  8. at least I just learned about blispay. Something to think about when I got too many inquiries and have nothing better to do... also something I can recommend to people who are building credit...
  9. Where's bob wang? I remember he used to be all over this forum... On vacation? Whats his total CLs up to these days? 10 mil?
  10. ohh wow, rent money that people don't put on their tax returns can be counted. nice! also selling stuff and then depositing into bank, regularly, will count, nice!
  11. those were the good ol' days. felt like I had the internet all to myself. lol
  12. yea, it was just one of those days that I decided to see what is going on there.. I'm blown away at the activity there.
  13. all the auto loans there, MY GOD! I should start a repo business!
  14. its seriously a madhouse in that other forum. I'm worried about the whole banking industry at this point. seriously considering shorting bank stocks... it wasn't like that 2-3 years ago there. that forum sucked and was mostly dead, good info always deleted quickly. the mods don't care anymore, they let whatever go by now. things will really get ruined quickly. all this MS in the news and everything is really killing everything...
  15. some crazy activity in regards to penfed there. they will be the 3rd largest bank in no time. and then collapse with all that sub prime lending...

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